15 Reasons You Should Start A Dog Blog Right Now

Dog blogs have become very popular in recent years, and more pet owners are looking into starting their own pet blogs. Knowing that there are so many successful doggy bloggers out there, it can be a bit daunting at first, but it's actually very quick and easy to get started.

Reasons You Should Start A Dog Blog Right NowYou'll need some writing skills. While this may come naturally to some, others might want to brush up on their ability to structure coherent sentences by taking a class or reading some articles and books on copywriting and content (it's all free online!) But don't think that you cannot start a dog blog simply because your grammar isn't perfect.

Obviously, some experience with dogs – whether it's dog grooming, dog training or generally caring for them – is going to be necessary.

You're going to need topics to discuss on your dog blog, and it's always best to speak from experience. In this instance, the more you know about canines, the easier it will be to get started.

Not sure if you should launch your own pet blog about dogs? The following are only a few reasons why you should start a dog blog right now. I’m sure by the end, you'll think of a few more reasons.

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Reasons to Start Your Own Dog Blog

Reasons You Should Start A Dog Blog Right Now

1. A Creative Outlet

Writing about something you enjoy can bring a lot of happiness. Make sure it’s something you love and won’t get bored of. Having a creative outlet is a wonderful way to get your inspiration pumping. When that inspiration comes, be sure to have your pen and paper near for any future blog post ideas!

2. Passion and Love of Dogs

If you have a passion for dogs, starting a blog is definitely something you can consider. You might have a day job that you aren’t quite as passionate about, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start something that gets that love out into the world.

Have the passion, take action, and watch the magic happen. Whenever we pursue our passions, something incredible happens. We become happier and lighter. We start to feel fulfilled. So, if dogs are your passion and you enjoy writing, a blog will be an amazing venture for you.

3. It’s Free (with No Commitments)

With so many platforms to choose from, it’s hard to say that it can’t be done. You don’t need any capital to start your doggy blog. All you need to do is find a blog site that you like and set it up to your liking. Then, you can begin your journey into writing about everything about dogs, and you're not obligated to do anything you don't want to (unlike with starting a large pet-related business).

4. It’s So Easy to Do

With today's available resources and tools, it's extremely easy to jump into the game of blogging about pets. You don’t need to know how to set up a website. All you need to do is watch a YouTube tutorial on the blog site you choose, and presto, you’ll be able to start your own blog in no time!

5. You Learn New Things

With such a large community, you’re bound to run into like-minded bloggers who have the same passion as you do. By following their pages and reading what they put out there, you’ll gain even more knowledge. There’s so much to learn about dogs at the end of the day that it will inspire you to write even more.

You’ll also be doing research on your topics. This research will lead you to new things and new ideas. Every day will be a new opportunity to learn even more.

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6. The Community Is Amazing

There’s something to be said about dog people. They all love the same animal, and they’re very supportive, especially when it comes to up-and-coming new bloggers. You’ll never feel alone, and there will always be someone you can ask a question or two of. These people run in packs and shows. You’ll have an endless source of resources at your fingertips.

For pet bloggers specifically, a website like Blog Paws is especially a great place to start.

7. Activism and Support

If you are an activist in your day-to-day life, a blog will be a great accessory to get your word out there. To write about what matters to you will show in your blog. You can stand against cruelty towards animals and make a change in doing so.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”       – Martin Luther King

We need more people who want to save the world, and a blog is a safe space to do so. You can link to rescue sites and help get dogs adopted. You can write about horrible cruelty cases and follow their stories of healing in a weekly post. You'll be able to put word out there that things like this happen every single day.

You will inspire people to want to get involved and help out where they can. You will reach a lot more people and hopefully make small changes because we all know small changes will eventually lead to big changes.

8. Inspire Others

You can inspire dog lovers from all over by starting your own blog. It’s not just a Facebook page where you share cute pictures and videos that others have made. Your blog is your very own space where you can write about your favorite internet celebrity dog or what dog food you think is the best.

9. Advice (for Them and for You)

If you have a lot of knowledge of dogs and don’t just want to write about what Tank did the other day, you can start an advice blog. People are always looking for answers online, especially from experienced dog owners who've gone through similar things and can share their own first-hand tips and advice.

If you’re clued up on behavioral issues, you can write weekly posts about problematic behavior and how to correct it. Maybe you’re a dog trainer in your spare time. Sharing your tips on easy training will go over well in the blogosphere. Having an open discussion with your followers will be an amazing experience for all parties involved, and you yourself can reap the benefits of getting tips and advice from your own dog blog readers.

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10. Educate and Spread Your Knowledge

If you know a lot about a certain breed, agility training, or even baking your own organic dog treats, you can definitely educate others on these and many other related topics. It's not a simple list of tips – it's extensive details written like a textbook that dog owners can refer to for reliable information. People always want to learn new things, especially when it’ll help them and their dog. Teach what you know, and you’ll have followers in no time.

11. Share Your Personal Story

Perhaps you have an amazing story that needs to be told. People love reading about what dogs have done, especially if the story has a happy ending. Rescues, service dogs, disability – these are all stories that can be told.

If you have a special rescue dog, tell his story to the world. Stories need to be told. Dogs are amazing animals, and each one has a unique life, just like us. Who knows how many people your story may inspire?

12. Connect with Other Dog Owners

Starting your own dog blog will help you meet other pet owners. You will get to know their stories, and they will get to know yours. At the end of the day, you are writing for them, so keep that in mind. Never insult a certain dog breed or speak badly of another dog blog.

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13. It’s Just Fun

If you’re reading this, it's possible that you already enjoy the process of writing and have a love for dogs. I’m here to tell you that it’s a lot of fun to start your own dog blog. You get to plan out what topics you’ll be writing about, what your blog will look like, and what audience you want to attract.

Half of the fun is in the planning, so make the most of it. This is something you’ll want to do long-term if done right. So, jump in with your head and your heart and make the most of it.

14. Earn Some Extra Ca$h

Yes, you can make money writing a dog blog. There are many ways to get your blog to make an income, but it takes time and patience. You’ll need a lot of followers, and your content has to be amazing.

When you’ve gotten to the point that you know your blog is successful, you can look into the different ways to monetize it. Some of the ways to generate income include:

  • Competitions and giveaways
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Ad networks

…the list is endless. You just need to find what works for you.

15. Finally, Do It for YOU

Do it for the love of dogs, and do it for yourself. Do it because you enjoy writing. Don’t do it because you just want to make money. Use that passion and inspire those who need it. Inspire yourself and learn new things. Get to know like-minded people, and love it every step of the way. Like life, dog blogging isn’t a sprint but a marathon.

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James has been a certified veterinary technician for the last 8 years in Birmingham, UK. After working with many dogs, he's changed his focus to writing, building businesses and researching subjects on canines and products created for dogs.