This Remote Dog Collar Lets You Control Your Dog’s Behavior with Your Smart Phone

Nick Bonge, President of High Tech Pet, demonstrates how the companies new remote dog collar allows pet owners to control their dog with the click of a button on their smart phone. The collar is compatible with both Android and iPhone systems.

The Bluefang Technology system turns your smart phone into a remote transmitter with a range of up to 400 feet. All dog owners have to do is purchase the collar, download the app, and they’re ready to begin training their dog.

There are two models of this collar. One is simply a training collar with automatic bark control and the other is a training collar with bark control and comes with a complete electric dog fence. This second model uses High Tech Pet’s state-of-the-art pulse proportional stimulus system.

The unique system intensifies the stimulation that the dog receives as they get closer to the boundary that you’ve set up. This allows the dog to decide for themselves how much stimulus is enough to keep him from leaving the boundary.

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