The Retractable Dual Doggie Leash Makes It Easy to Walk Two Dogs at Once


This non-tangling retractable leash from Wigzi allows you to walk two dogs simultaneously, while still maintaining individual control over each dog. The spinning action of the Dual Doggie leash works to prevent tangles for an easier, more enjoyable walk for everyone.

The leash leads and the brake buttons are color-coded to match each leash, so you’ll always know which dog you’re controlling. The Dual Doggie also gives the walker the ability to stop just one or both dogs at the same time. The struggle to hold two leashes and keep them tangle-free is a thing of the past with this leash.

The only downside to this product is that it is only suitable for small and medium sized dogs. Each leash can hold a dog up to 35 pounds. Each leash is also 10 feet long to give your dogs plenty of space to roam.