If you’ve got multiple dogs, chances are, you know how difficult walking them be. This is especially problematic if using separate leashes on your walk. Thankfully, many double dog leash is available on the market.

They help owners with multiple dogs enjoy the outdoors without being overwhelmed with controlling numerous dogs.

If you’re in the market for a new dog leash, consider purchasing one of the following double dog leashes.

Dual dog leash

What is a Retractable Double Dog Leash?

The retractable double leash is a spooled line of the leash (typically made of cord or nylon) stored within the handle.

It allows both dogs to walk out beyond the standard leash lengths and often has a locking mechanism that controls the distance they are allowed to travel.

The average leash will extend between 10 to 25 feet, depending on the brand.

These leashes can pose some problems, mainly when a dog is prone to pulling or lunging.

The cord or nylon leash can also be dangerous if they become wrapped around the dog or human’s legs, resulting in rope burns or bruising.

Never let a child use a retractable leash when walking a dog as it can put increased strain on the body should the dog pull (even small dogs can build momentum).

These leashes are an optimal solution for owners who want to give their dogs a bit of freedom outside while keeping the animals under control.

This is a fantastic solution for those dogs wanting to sniff and enjoy outdoor spaces.

You should only use these leashes with dogs that don’t pull, are not aggressive, and do not have a naturally occurring work drive (as a double retractable leash can imitate a sled or pulling-drive).

Best Double Dog Leash Retractable Options

1. The Wigzi Double Dog Leash Retractable 

Wigzi Two Dog Retractable Non-Tangling Dog Leash...
1,895 Reviews
Wigzi Two Dog Retractable Non-Tangling Dog Leash...
  • The WIGZI dual Doggie dog...
  • Two dogs, zero tangle! WIGZI...
  • The dual Doggie Retractable...
  • Comfortable and safe! The slim...
  • Makes a great gift for owners...

This Wigzi 2 Dog Retractable Leash is built with multiple dog owners in mind, with many convenient features that pet owners will love.

This dual dog leash is a non-tangling option with individual control of each dog. Each lead attaches individually to the dog, giving each pup his own pace, power, and space.

The built-in detangling function limits twisting and knotting between leashes, pivoting and turning to stay untangled throughout the walk.

Additionally, each dog can be individually controlled and locked into place with separate locking mechanisms.

This means you’ll be able to keep one dog on a tight leash while the other roams a bit further out if needed.

This leash is also beneficial to owners with dogs of differing heights. As each dog has their own lead, it won’t be pulled or lifted when another dog reacts to something.

double leash

2. The Happy Dog Double Ended Retractable Dog Leash

This leash is perfect for any owner wanting to walk both dogs at once while remaining in complete control.

The Happy Dog Double Ended Retractable Leash offers superior control and security found with single dog leashes while controlling two dogs and once.

With a built-in anti-tangle device, the pivoting head prevents dogs from getting knotted or stuck between themselves.

In contrast, the individual locking device keeps dogs under your control instantly, without impacting both dogs.

You’ll be able to keep the dog that pulls close by your side while allowing the other dog freedom, which is especially useful when on walks in busy places.

Available in three colors, complete with a high-quality rubber grip, this leash is built to last throughout any weather. This product is North American made, complete with an ergonomic design.

3. BingPet Dual Double Dog Leash Retractable

BINGPET Dual Retractable Dog Leash for Dogs...
703 Reviews
BINGPET Dual Retractable Dog Leash for Dogs...
  • 🐕VALUE PACK: Includes one...
  • 🐕CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are...

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty product that can hold serious weight, look no further than the BingPet Dual Retractable Dog Leash.

This leash offers 26-feet of extendable elastic rope with a nylon leash covering.

It also has a reflective strip that helps others see your dogs in poorly lit conditions. The BingPet leash allows two dogs to attach to the leash while still giving them space to walk separately.

This leash is built on a coupler system, with a single lead splitting into two separate leashes.

As a result, you’ll only have to control one locking system to limit the distance they can travel with the touch of a button.

The high-powered flashlight is perfect for late-night or early morning walks, always keeping your dogs in your line of sight.

The flashlight can easily be detached and manually held if needed.

grandado double dog leash

4. Grandado Double Head Dog Leash Automatic

Built to hold two dogs without causing strain on your arm, this automatic dog leash is perfect for owners of small to medium size dogs.

It has an anti-tangle swivel that limits knots and intertwining between the two leashes, a high-quality braided line, and an individual line locking system; each dog can be individually controlled, depending on your comfort level.

This locking system helps keep your dogs comfortable while giving you control on walks while keeping your dogs in control throughout your hike.

You’ll also find a built-in, high-powered flashlight that’s perfect for evening strolls or nights with limited visibility.

This leash also comes with a built-in waste bag system, meaning you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Available in a multitude of colors, there’s something for everyone.

What is a Double Dog Leash Non-Retractable?

A double dog leash is a non-adjustable leash that holds two dogs at a stationary distance.

Typically, these can be designed as a coupler (a single leash that splits into two leashes) or a leash-based design (two single leashes built into one handle).

This leash is ideal for those always wanting to keep their dogs under control, either directly ahead of them or at the side on walks.

Best Non-Retractable Double Dog Leash

1. iYoShop Dual Dog Leash

iYoShop Dual Dog Leash, Double Dog Leash, 360...
20,730 Reviews
iYoShop Dual Dog Leash, Double Dog Leash, 360...
  • The iYoShop Advantage: 31 inch...
  • Heavy Duty Design: Climbing...
  • No Tangle Design: 360° swivel...
  • Shock Absorbing Bungee...
  • Comfort Padded Handles:...

Built to withstand a beating, the iYoShop Dual Dog Leash is designed to hold tough regardless of breed.

It’s made with high-density stitching, half-inch thick climbing rope, and a design to withstand 150 pounds of pulling dogs.

This leash also has a 360-degree no-tangle swivel, designed to keep your dogs separated at all times. The coupler design contains a high-grade metal design, complete with a one-inch double bungee extension for each dog.

The shock-absorbing bungee extension helps absorb shock from energetic and rambunctious dogs without pulling on you.

Under extreme conditions, the bungee lead can expand from 20 to 35 inches. This leash is designed to keep your dogs safe, comfortable, and secure from the start of your walk until the minute you return home.

mondou double dog leash

2. Mondou Aspenpet Adjustable Double Dog Cushion Grip Lead

Available in two different sizes, the Mondou Aspenpet Adjustable Double Dog Cushion Grip Lead is perfect for small or medium-sized dogs wanting to walk together.

This nylon leash features a nylon lead with a cushioned handle. The cushioned grip makes pulling and handling more manageable without cutting into the skin.

The coupler system is designed with anti-tangle technology, swiveling quickly when dogs switch sides or move around.

What’s unique about this leash is the adjustable individual leash system.

You can extend or retract the individual leads using the sliding system, which works well for dogs that walk nicer at different distances.

This also works beautifully for dogs of differing heights. With the extendable system, you’ll never have to worry about your smaller dog being dragged behind.

3. Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. No Tangle Double Dog Leash Coupler

Leash Coupler - Two Dog Leash Splitter to Split...
1,768 Reviews
Leash Coupler - Two Dog Leash Splitter to Split...
  • Tangle Free: No more getting...
  • Easy to Use: This dual leash...
  • Adjustable Length: The...
  • Durable & Reflective: Made...
  • Caldwell’s Pet Supply: Our...

If you’re looking for a simple attachment to turn virtually any leash into a double lead, the Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. No Tangle Dog Leash Coupler may be just the product you’re searching for.

Built with an extra-strong coupler, you’ll have additional control and support for both of your dogs. The design is entirely tangle-free, regardless of how active your dogs are.

Thanks to the nickel-plated hooks and strong alloy ring, you’ll remain in control the entire time. Finally, this product is solid regardless of the weather.

It holds firm in the rain, the snow, and various wet conditions, without suffering from rot, mold, or mildew.

5. Filho Metal Double Dog Leash Coupler

Filhome Metal Double Dog Leash Coupler, Chew Proof...
292 Reviews
Filhome Metal Double Dog Leash Coupler, Chew Proof...
  • MATERIAL: Dog leash splitter...
  • SIZE XL: 13.8 inch for each...
  • NO TANGLE: Comes with 2...
  • HEAVY DUTY: Heavy duty metal...
  • FOR TWO DOGS: Control both...

Sometimes it’s easier to attach a splitter (also known as a coupler) onto the leash you already have, which is why we love the Filhome metal dog leash coupler.

This dog leash splitter is made of high-quality metal, making it chew-proof, tarnish-proof, and virtually indestructible. The solid chain link design is built to withhold even the strongest puller.

The no-tangle swivel clip hook keeps both dogs separate, limiting knots and twists in the lead. It offers strong tensile resistance while remaining flexible to any dog collar or harness.

walking two dogs

Our Final Thoughts to Consider Before Using a Double Dog Leash That Is Retractable

Does your dog pull?

If your dog naturally likes to pull, a retractable leash may not be the best option. As your dog reaches the end of its lead, it’s more likely to pull against its collar to extend farther out.

This can put pressure on the coil system of the retractable leash and can also add large amounts of pressure to its neck.

Dogs also have a hard time understanding leash distance; as he starts running toward the end of the leash, the dog expects the freedom to continue.

When he reaches the end of the lead, it chokes him as he’s not expecting it. This pressure is increased when a dog pulls, which can cause serious potential health issues.

Do you have children?

Retractable leashes with multiple dogs can be pretty enjoyable, but the cord or nylon the dogs are attached to can quickly wrap around the legs, arms, or neck of a small child during their movements.

These leashes can cause serious injuries rapidly and should be used with caution around children, other dogs, and other people.

Can I keep my dogs safe?

Trying to navigate one dog on a walk through the city can prove problematic at times.

Adding a secondary dog can increase the chaos. It’s important to remember that a retractable leash isn’t the best decision when walking near roads, traffic, or pedestrians.

If a dog has a high prey drive and picks up a scent, he may dart into traffic to chase the smell.

The reaction speed with a retractable leash is often slower (as there are more steps involved to pull the dog back in), which can pose serious safety risks to both dog and owner.

Are my dogs aggressive or reactive?

All dogs have the ability to react aggressively toward other people and animals. Unfortunately, discovering which dogs are friendly and which aren’t can occur too late.

Many owners allow their dogs to wander when on a retractable leash, putting them at risk for approaching unfriendly people and dogs.

If you’re going to use a retractable lead, it’s important always to lock the leashes when approaching other people or other dogs.

Likewise, monitor how both dogs are behaving on the leash. At times, the pups may feed off each other’s energy – which means if one dog typically pulls on the leash, both may learn the bad habit.

What if the hardware breaks?

Although it’s not a common problem, the retractable dog leash is a piece of equipment that can malfunction or break.

This is particularly true if using the leash under damp, wet, snowy, or muddy conditions. Mud and water can impact the longevity of the spooling system, causing the lock to become faulty on occasion.

As such, it’s always a wise idea to have a plain nylon leash as a backup.

How big are my dogs?

Specific retractable leashes are designed for small breed dogs, while other heavy-duty products are built to withstand a severe beating (but would weigh down a chihuahua).

Make sure that you pick a product designed for your dogs’ weight and size. Too heavy of a dog can break the leash, and too light of a dog can cause strain on the neck.

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