If you’re the type of person who shops online, there’s a chance that you’ve noticed the influx of online sellers. 

When it comes to shopping for dog-related items, online dog shops can be the most convenient. They pack and deliver from assorted pet products to dog food. 

Although not all shops provide dog food delivery services for various reasons, there are a few exceptions. Aside from delivering wet or dry food, these shops also deliver fresh dog food.

Today, we’d like to discuss certain advantages and disadvantages of utilizing fresh dog food delivery services. Interested? Let’s read more about the topic below.

Why We Recommend Using Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services?

There are times that you find yourself having enough time in your day. Keeping up with your daily tasks such as laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cooking, and shopping. 

In contrast, there are days that we get swamped with work, and these daily tasks become a burden.

As a pet owner, you know days like these make taking special care of your pet challenging. If you just don’t have time to prepare your own fresh dog food or time to shop, then a fresh dog food delivery service may be the answer

New to this type of service?  This article tells you the advantages and disadvantages of a fresh dog food delivery service and why you need to try it.

1. Fresh Dog Food Is Better Than Any Types of Dog Food

1. Fresh Dog Food Is Better Than Any Types of Dog Food

Fresh dog food is a “human grade” pet meal that includes natural and fresh ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and various types of meat with no artificial preservatives.

Because of their outstanding results on a dog's physical and internal health, pet owners opt to switch to fresh dog food.

It's better in quality because they're guaranteed safe for your pets to eat and digest.

2. Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Are Customizable For Your Pooch

2. Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Are Customizable For Your Pooch

Recently, due to the influx of the scene with dog food and kibble, sellers now offer ranges of food varieties. You may use it to your advantage to customize your dog’s food to suit their palate.

Sometimes there is a chance that your dog might be allergic to some ingredients. There may also be instances that they would reject the food you’re giving to them, but do not worry.

3. Fresh Dog Food Is Always Pre-Portioned Before Delivery

3. Fresh Dog Food Is Always Pre-Portioned Before Delivery

Dog food subscriptions always have in-meal details on what, when, and how to feed your canine. Sometimes, they also provide dog owners with a scooper to feed your pet. 

They do this to prevent the owner from overfeeding their pet that commonly results in obesity and other complications. 

4. Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Help in Creating the Perfect Meal Plan for Your Pet

4. Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Help Create the Perfect Meal Plan for Your Pet

You may also customize a well-balanced diet for your canine according to their needs with their meal recommendations.

Here, you will mix anything your dogs prefer as long as it suits their needs and nutrition. With this in mind, you might want to share your dog’s dietary preferences to help create the perfect meal plan.

5. These Services Hire Expert Nutritionists

5. These Services Hire Expert Nutritionists

To ensure that they only provide healthy and balanced dog food, they hire expert veterinary nutritionists to guarantee equitable nutrition.

These experts help the company in ensuring their products fit their consumer's palate and diet.

Potential Inconveniences of Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services

Potential Inconveniences of Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services

Although there are several advantages in using fresh dog food delivery services, there can be disadvantages too.

Listed below are the potential inconveniences of fresh dog food delivery services. 

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a fresh dog food delivery service will help you decide if you can or even want to start such a service.  It’s a decision not to take lightly, especially if the cost and convenience don’t compare to your local pet store.

1. Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Might Be Costly For Your Budget

1. Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Might Be Costly For Your Budget

There is a high possibility that you might find your dog food subscription too expensive and out of your budget. Sometimes, fresh dog food costs way more than store-bought food and what you could create on your own.

They can be costly because of premium ingredients to maintain your canine’s nutrition based on their breed and activity levels. These service experts take into account your dog's size, age, and even gender.  Although this can make for an ideal nutritional plan, it comes with an extra cost.

2. It Likely Contributes To Waste Most of the Time

2. Extra Packaging Can Contribute To Waste 

Food packaging often comes as cardboard and plastic. Any dog food requires packaging. A fresh dog food plan for two weeks can come in fourteen pre-planned packs.  Each one creates waste once it's used.

Thus, it’s no surprise that this can become part of the environmental problem of their usage. Be mindful that you may be creating more waste than planned.

3. Dogs Relying On Fresh Dog Food May Often Go On Dental Trips

3. Fresh Dog Food May Affect Dental Health

When eating kibble, dogs also cleanse their teeth simultaneously due to its dry and crunchy texture. However, when dogs eat fresh dog food, you will probably have to clean their teeth more often. 

Unlike regular store-bought kibble, fresh dog food has a soft consistency to it. Once chewed, it leaves small pieces of food in between your dog's teeth or gums. 

With this in mind, expect to regularly brush their teeth, to avoid any problems with their oral health that you might be missing.

4. They’re Likely To Be Contaminated 

4. Higher Risk of Contamination

Fresh dog food companies guarantee that their products are 100% safe and thoroughly checked. Because the ingredients are fresh and not processed, they have a higher risk of contamination. 

In this case, find a company with a good reputation and that is FDA approved.

5. Fresh Dog Food Require Constant Refrigeration

5. Fresh Dog Food Require Constant Refrigeration

Fresh dog food is subject to refrigeration before consumption since they spoil faster than the usual dry goods. 

This fact might serve as a disadvantage depending upon your refrigeration availability and space.

Top 10 Best Fresh Dog Food Services That You Should Try

Top 10 Best Fresh Dog Food Services That You Should Try

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages, you want to give one a try.

Here is our list of the Top 10 Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services:

1. Ollie

New Logo and Identity for Ollie by Communal Creative | Identity logo, Lettering, ? logo

If you want convenient, customizable, and consistent meals for your canine, Ollie might be the one you're looking for

The brand aims primarily on dogs with very picky taste buds. Thus, if your dog is somehow like this, you may find Ollie as the most beneficial fresh food service you encountered.

Known for its consistency, the brand also has in-detail instructions on how to feed your pup. Their leftover food is also easy to store and refrigerate.

The subscription for this brand is top-tier; they're detailed to tailor-fit your dog's exclusive needs according to what they eat. Their products are also minimally processed to maintain your canine's nutrients to get towards their growth and development.

2. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer's Dog Raises $8.1M in Series A Funding | FinSMEs

The Farmer’s Dog offers a highly customizable food plan for your pet. Prices can vary depending on your canine’s age, weight, size, and breed.

Since their digestive tract will likely react to their new food, they might experience frequent gassing during the first few days after consuming the product—which one may consider typical. 

Thus, The Farmer’s Dog provides instructions to follow to help your dog adjust to the food. Following the instructions for easing the experience.

3. Nom Nom

Nom Nom may be the most versatile of the best fresh food on this list. 

Each meal comes in an individual serving size package.  Labeled with instructions and a detailed ingredients list.


4. PetPlate

PetPlate: Fresh Dog Food Delivery

The packaging for PetPlate is spot-on and doesn't require a lot of space in the storage area of your house. They come in yogurt container-type bowls with resealable lids that you may store and re-feed later to your canine.

Furthermore, there are multiple recipes on the PetPlate site to choose from if you feel like giving your dog variety.

5. Spot & Tango

What is The Best Low Sodium Dog Food? - Top 10 Best Dog Food

The fresh dog food from Spot & Tango always comes frozen to you, to ensure their long-lasting freshness. It also has single-serving packagings so that you do not have to worry about serving size for your canine. 

Spot & Tango always use whole and premium ingredients to create their fresh dog food packets. The food isn’t stinky and doesn’t have a strong odor, making it freezer-friendly and easy to serve later.

6. Just Food For Dogs

Company | JustFoodForDogs

If you have a canine with special dietary needs, you might want to check out this food delivery service. With its ingredients that centralize on potatoes, they’re best for indigestion and other stomach problems.

Did you know that to fine-tune your dog’s optimal diet, they offer check-ups for your dog's safety and nutrition? This service has a full range of veterinarians and experts to help with your dog’s unique needs. 

7. A Pup Above

A Pup Above | Fresh, Human-Grade Dog Food

What’s best about A Pup Above is that they’re easily identifiable every time they sense their owner serving it. 

Besides, their food contains next-level flavors, which we’re very confident that your dogs will love. The extra flavor also comes from their favorite cooking method, which we call sous vide.

Sous vide means “under vacuum” in French, which they use to describe the cooking method. The cooking process is vacuum-sealing the food on a bag, then cooking them under exact temperatures. 

A Pup Above also comes in frozen air-tight portions that make it easy to serve to your dog.

8. Hungry Bark

What Makes Our Brand & Community Special | Hungry Bark

When signing up for this food service, you may customize your pet's meal plan according to what they offer and recommend. In this way, you'll save time and effort in thinking about what to feed to your pet.

Besides, your pup will certainly not feel bored about what they eat through this method since their meals contain many flavors and mixes they can gobble up. 

Lastly, Hungry Bark offers the safest packaging, which can store dog food for long periods.

9. Evermore 

Subscribing to Evermore fresh dog food delivery service is a must-have if any of your canines suffer from allergies, potential or concurrent. 

We highly recommend this product because it uses grass-fed meat and other organic ingredients to feed dogs. They come in various sizes that you may use to either provide exclusively or even as their supplements.

10. Jinx

JINX | Premium Dog Food | Made for Modern Dogs – Jinx

According to a customer review, the fresh dog food produced by Jinx is quite similar to its regular kibble variants. 

Although you might find it challenging to use it at first due to its strict serving per weight, its quality is reliable and is something that your pup may gobble up within one meal.


As fur parents, we always tend to worry about our responsibilities in taking care of our pets. Although there are different options regarding their diet, we always want to serve them the most nutritious but satisfying food.

Hence, if this article convinced you to subscribe to any of the fresh dog food delivery services mentioned above, make sure to give it the benefit of the doubt. 

As much as possible, gather more information about these services one by one. Ensure that your preferred services are available in your area.

Furthermore, know your financial condition. Subscribing to these services costs quite a lot since it depends on your dog's feed portions, preferred meal plans, and more. 

Although these delivery services are not for everyone, rest assured that they can be more convenient to use compared to other dog food brands. 

However, don't be discouraged. Taking care of your dog is not measure through your pet services subscriptions. 

Making sure that they're eating and living well is what matters the most.

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