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Safe Made Holds Their Pet Products to Children’s Toy Standards

Safe Made Holds Their Pet Products to Children's Toy Standards
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It is just as important to pay attention to the products that you give your dog as it is to pay attention to the products that you use yourself. Making sure that the products you feed, use, and provide for your dog are safe is crucial. Sadly, there are not many regulations on dog products just yet, but Safe Made holds their products to a higher standard than most other companies.

In recent years, children’s products have been scrutinized for not being as safe as parents thought they were. The same is true for dog products. Voluntary standards have been around for some time, and recently the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) made many of these standards mandatory for children’s products and toys.

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The founders of Safe Made could not understand why pet products didn’t have to follow these same safety regulations. To many of us, our pets are like our furry children. We think of them as members of our families. So why weren’t products designed for them getting the same attention as products designed for children?

Safe Made designs and produces pet products and toys that are not only fun, but also avoid the hazards that other similar products on the market may pose. In fact, their toys are tested to the American Society for Testing and Materials guidelines for the safety of children’s toys and the CPSIA standards for phthalates and lead. Likewise, all of their bowls and feeding aids pass the FDA’s guidelines for food safe dishware.

Safe Made Holds Their Pet Products to Children's Toy Standards
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Safe Made has also worked with experts to create their own toxicology risk assessments and use and abuse testing that is specifically designed to simulate how pets chew and play with their toys. Their products are all made with safe, non-toxic materials and they are built with quality in mind so they are well-made and more durable that most similar products.

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Not only can consumers order Safe Made products from the company’s website, but the site also provides pet parents with up to date information on pet safety and health information about dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals. They offer a ‘pet safety corner’ that discusses topics like food toxicity, poison prevention, pet first aid kits, and other basic safety tips for pet owners.

They also have a section on their website dedicated to healthy recipes for animals, as well as a page that gives owners tips and tricks on purchasing products that are safe for their pets. Safe Made also claims that all of their products are veterinarian tested and approved.

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