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Santa Barbara Business Cleaning Up After Slobbery Dogs

Santa Barbara Business Cleaning Up After Slobbery Dogs
Photo: Gina Potthoff

Many pet parents deal with drooly slobbery dogs on a regular basis. It gets all over your house, on your clothes, and in your car. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it, but you can buy products to help you clean it up. One Santa Barbara company is helping pet owners clean up drool with their Messy Mutt Wipes.

Elizabeth Baker, a native of Santa Barbara, California, has a messy mutt named Bogart. He is a French bulldog with a bit of a drooling issue. Baker was working in Washington, D.C. when she got Bogart and was desperate to find the best way possible to clean up his drool.

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She ordered samples from every business she found online, but could not find a suitable cleaner that worked well and was reasonably priced. When she moved back to the West Coast she decided it would be a good idea to create her own product and begin a company.

Last month she began selling her wipes online and in a local pet store. She’s already gotten such great responses from clients that she’s already considering expanding the line.

Santa Barbara Business Cleaning Up After Slobbery Dogs
Photo: Gina Potthoff

Right now Baker is working full-time at Direct Relief, a Goleta-based business, as a program manager. She thinks of Messy Mutt Wipes as a fun side project, considering that she doesn’t have much business experience.

The wipes are alcohol-free and made from fiber, deionized water, lanolin, aloe vera, Vitamin E, and glycerin. They come in containers of 26 moist towelettes and can be clipped onto leashes. They are also small enough to be stored in a purse or the console of your car.

Bogart happens to be the model on every package of Messy Mutt Wipes. Baker made sure the wipes were gentle and natural because she wouldn’t want to use anything on Bogart that she wouldn’t use on her own skin. In fact, she tested the products on herself before perfecting the wipes.

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Messy Mutt Wipes are available online for $6 per container and can also be found at George Pet Store in Montecito. Baker also plans to get them into other local pet stores very soon. She has more product ideas, but she’s waiting to see how much demand there is in the area.

She says that Santa Barbara is a very dog friendly city and she’s excited to see where her first entrepreneurial adventure takes her.

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