Should My Dog Sleep with Me?

If you’ve been wondering should my dog sleep in bed with me, the only real “answer” that I can give you is that it’s up to you. I guess I should also start by saying that I happily sleep with cats and dogs (and my husband and sometimes a child or two) in bed with me every night.

With that said, more research is being done on this topic as we speak. According to research , about two-thirds of pet owners feel comfortable sleeping in bed with their dogs at night.

Due to the intimacy that you have with your pets, they will usually want to sleep close to you. Likewise, it may make you feel more comfortable to be close to them as well. Some pet owners feel safer when their dogs are near. Others just take comfort in being close to their beloved pets.

No matter what the reason, it does seem that it is more beneficial to sleep with your dogs in your bed or at least in the same room. Keep reading to discover the science behind this heartwarming behavior.

Should My Dog Sleep In Bed with Me?

should my dog sleep in bed with me

Many pet owners wonder, should my dog sleep in bed with me? There really is no concrete evidence to prove that sleeping in the same bed with your dog is either a good thing or a bad thing. The choice is really up to you.

A recent study was done by the Mayo Clinic to see whether people sleep better or worse when they have a dog in bed with them. The team of researchers – made up of pulmonologists, psychologists, and statisticians – analyzed the habits of 40 healthy adults.

These adults did not have sleep disorders. They all had their dogs sleep in bed with them or somewhere in the bedroom every night. The evaluation period lasted five months, and in one of the weeks both the owners and their dogs had to wear devices to monitor their sleeping habits.

The results showed that sleeping with dogs, whether in bed or just in the room, worsened people's sleep and caused many to wake up several times during the night.

One of the factors that was most affected by sleeping in bed with a dog was the posture in which the owner slept. Although the quality of sleep turned out to be lower than that of a person who does not sleep with animals in the room, it's not necessarily a reason to kick your pooch out of your room.

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dog sleeping next to owners feet

The results of the study done by researchers at the Mayo Clinic explain that people who slept with dogs in their bed achieved 80% sleep efficiency. Those who slept with pets in their bedroom, but not in their bed, achieved 83% sleep efficiency.

According to the experts, normal efficiency is between 85 and 89%. Once your sleep exceeds 90%, it is considered to be very efficient. As you can see, the difference in your sleep efficiency with a dog in your bed/bedroom isn't much.

There have also been studies that found when dogs are allowed to sleep with their owners, they may experience increased issues with separation anxiety. Animals can be a source of conflict and stress in relationships between couples. Having your dog in bed with you can generate intimacy problems.

With that said, sleeping with pets makes some people feel safer and calmer, which will lead to an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. If you're looking to answer the question should my dog sleep in bed with me, it's really quite simple. Do you feel better when your dog sleeps in your bed/bedroom?

If the answer is yes, then there is nothing wrong with having your Fido sleep next to you. However, if you want more information on how to get a dog to sleep in his own bed, I’ve done a video guide on that topic that you can see here.

So, my final thoughts are this: research seems to agree with common sense. If you or your pet have health problems that would make it unsafe to co-sleep, don’t do it.

If having your pet in bed with you is causing problems with your domestic partner, don’t do it. But, if you're happier and your dog is safe and happy, then there seems to be no scientific reason why you shouldn’t co-sleep with your pets.

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