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Can You Install A Dog Door In A Sliding Glass Door?

Can You Install A Dog Door In A Sliding Glass Door
Photo: Balcony Pets

We have three dogs, and one of them is always on the wrong side of the door. Thankfully, we also have children who actually enjoy getting up to open the door and let the dogs in or out every 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it's still annoying and affects the temperature control in our home.

Everyone knows there are dog doors for traditional doors and walls, but can you install a dog door in a sliding glass door? I was excited to find out that you absolutely can! This week I was doing research for my own family when I came across The Apartment Pet Door from a company called Balcony Pets.

The name is a bit deceiving. In fact, I almost didn't look at this sliding dog door product because of its name. It's not actually a dog door for apartments; it's a dog door that fits in the track of a sliding glass door, which is different from what I've seen before.

Can You Install A Dog Door In A Sliding Glass Door
Photo: Balcony Pets

The thing that drew me in about The Apartment Pet Door is that you can add a dog door to your home without having to modify anything. We've thought about adding a dog door to our front door, but that involves cutting a hole in the door. If you decide you don't want or need the dog door anymore, you'd have to replace your entire front door to get rid of it.

With this product, you simply fit it into the track of your sliding glass door and can easily remove it when/if you don't need it anymore. According to the company's website, the installation is easy too! It seems like all you have to do is snap it together and install it into the track of your exiting door.

I don't have experience with this door, so I can't say that the installation is really this easy. It seems like a “too good to be true” product, but reviews do show that buyers agree that The Apartment Pet Door only takes about 10 minutes to install.

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Can You Install A Dog Door In A Sliding Glass Door
Photo: Balcony Pets

The door available now is actually the second generation. The company listened to concerned customers and made two major improvements – increased durability and stability.

They revised the lower panel of the dog door to include vertical supports that enhance its strength. They also added a sliding glass door thumb lock to the installation process. It goes on the opposite side of the sliding glass door to hold The Apartment Pet Door in place.

Better still, anyone that bought the first model of this door can request these upgrades for FREE! That's great customer service! This dog door requires no tools for installation and can be easily removed if you are moving are wish to take it along while traveling.

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