The Sloughi dog breed is a loving pup with its owners, but aloof toward strangers. Learn more about living with this hound breed!

Intelligent and quick-witted, the Sloughi dog is distinguished by its noble, dignified stature. Elegant and racy, yet strong and muscular, it is built to run.

This medium to large-sized pooch does not belong in a central city or an apartment. Instead, it belongs in a rural or suburban setting with access to safe areas to run off-leash.

The Sloughi is sleek, tidy, and quiet, but its stubbornness can make it a poor choice for new dog owners.

Originally bred to hunt a variety of games in North African deserts, it is a sighthound with an ancient lineage nicknamed the Arabian Greyhound.

Today, the Sloughi breed makes a loyal companion, if raised carefully and properly.

Skilled at using smell to locate prey, owners must take this into account and be ready to socialize and accustom their dogs to livestock and cats from an early age.

In 2016, the American Kennel Club recognized the breed. It ranked 193rd on AKC’s list of the most popular dog breeds of 2021.

Sloughi Dog Breed

Sloughi Dog Breed Standard 

Height and Weight

Males grow up to 26 to 29 inches while females stand 24 to 27 inches tall. They weigh between 35 to 50 pounds.


This breed has a short, silky, dense coat.

The hue of the hair varies from light sand to red sand (fawn), with or without brindle, with or without black markings, and with no invasive white markings.


Although the Sloughi, Saluki, and Azawakh share a similar appearance, they are distinct breeds with their own standards and come from different geographical locations.

The Sloughi dog has a bony body covered in strong, lean muscles, with a long, wedge-shaped head and small drop ears.

Arabian greyhound

Sloughi Family Life

The Sloughi breed develops strong attachments to its owner or family from an early age. Since it forms a tight bond with its people, this pup is difficult to rehome.

This pooch is yours for life once you bring it home.

It is wary of strangers and takes some time to warm up to new companions because of its history as the hunter and protector of Saharan nomads.

In the same way that it shared the tents of nomads for thousands of years, the Sloughi dog breed must live indoors with its people.

This dog has a very high hunting drive since it has been bred for millennia to hunt wildlife.

If it is introduced to cats, small dogs, and other animals at a young age and comes to understand that these creatures are not prey, it can get along well with the other family pets.

However, Sloughis may not show the same consideration for the neighbor's cat or other small animals they encounter outside.

When on prey, they have an unwavering focus, incredible speed, and amazing stamina.

They are athletic dogs, like the Greyhound, but remain calm when not in motion.

Sloughi dogs tend to be quiet and err on the side of independence rather than getting involved in every aspect of household life. But that doesn't mean your pet won't enjoy spending time with you.

Sloughi breeds can make wonderful pets for those who consider the sensitive nature of dogs.

They make devoted friends and are ideal companions for families with older kids who can respect a dog's space.

Like all breeds, no matter the size, always teach children how to approach and treat dogs.

Sloughi dog breeds can be great buddies but no matter how friendly, you should never leave them all by themselves with a child.

Sloughi Dog

Sloughi Dog History

A relatively new addition to the American breed scene, the Sloughi is native to North Africa.

Its history goes back several centuries, making it difficult to pinpoint when exactly the dog first appeared.

What is known is that the breed was cherished by the Berbers, an African native group, and was also adored by the ancient Egyptians.

Due to their ability to hunt pigs, foxes, and hares despite harsh North African conditions, Sloughis have long enjoyed popularity in their native land.

They are extremely athletic, quick, and cunning when necessary.

With a few still present in other parts of North Africa, they are now mostly found in Morocco.

The first Sloughi dog in the United States, by the name of Tagiurie el Sian, arrived with owners Kaethe and Carl Rodarty in 1973.

They were followed soon after by Carole Cioce, who in 1979 brought two Sloughis from Germany.


Sloughi Breed Health

Although typically a healthy breed, the Sloughi breed can experience various health issues, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and wobblers syndrome.

The American Sloughi Association recommends that all breeding dogs have their eyes certified through an OFA eye exam within 12 months before breeding and DNA testing screening for detection of progressive retinal atrophy.

A Slough dog breed may also encounter Addison's Disease. This ailment affects your dog's adrenal glands and stops them from releasing the required quantity of hormones for maintaining electrolyte balance.

Since Addison's Disease typically doesn't manifest until middle age, your pet with this genetic abnormality could be able to bear puppies before it's discovered.

Sadly, there is currently no breed-specific gene marker testing available.

While it is impossible to shield every dog from inherited issues, the danger can be reduced with the right treatment.

The majority of Sloughi dogs live healthy lives, often until the ages of 12 to 14.

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How to Care for Sloughis


Sloughi breeds are moderately active, even if they are often calm inside the house. They are polite house dogs with strong prey drive when in pursuit.

These graceful, extremely athletic dogs need plenty of exercise. They will benefit immensely from engaging in dog sports like lure coursing and agility training to help them release their physical and mental energy.

Daily long walks are advised. It's even better to take them someplace where they can run free of the leash because they enjoy showing off how quick they are by zipping around on their long legs.

Of course, fenced-in zones are essential because of their intense prey drive.

A secure area where the dog can run free is required for at least two hours of daily exercise.

Do not be misled by this runner's resemblance to the Greyhound into thinking they will be content with a 20-minute trundle twice a day because they are an endurance runner, not a sprinter.

Despite being an athletic breed, Sloughi dog breeds are more than content to curl up on the couch at home as long as they get enough exercise.


The Sloughi is an independent, loyal, and intellectual breed.

It thrives with kind owners since it is sensitive to correction. This dog needs to be trained using strategies that are both clever and considerate.

Any breed can't benefit from harsh or coercive training methods, but sighthounds are particularly negatively impacted.

With the proper training and the right person, this adaptable breed is completely capable of participating in a wide range of performance activities, including agility, obedience, barn hunting, and more.

The Sloughi dog is trainable and responds well to praise, but it has a stubborn side that occasionally gets in the way.

This reserved pooch takes some prodding to open out, especially among people they don't know and other dogs.

It is therefore very advisable to enroll in socializing and training sessions as soon as possible.

This can aid in teaching your pup appropriate social behavior and preserving preferred qualities over time.

The Sloughi breed should never be overly timid or hostile. To help ensure a happy and well-adjusted pet, choosing one from a reputable breeder and proper socialization from a young age are crucial.

A well-socialized and well-bred Sloughi dog breed becomes a reliable, kind, and incredibly loving family member.


Sloughis’ short, smooth coat makes grooming them rather simple. They require very little upkeep.

Weekly brushing using a soft bristle brush or hound glove should be sufficient with occasional baths to keep the hound smelling fresh.

Trim the nails every once in a while, as long as the nails don't grow too long to the point where you can hear them clicking on the floor.

Check the ears for signs of infection. You may want to wipe them out to spot potential problems.

Brush the teeth daily to improve general health and breath.

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Diet and Nutrition

Sloughi dogs should thrive on premium dog food, whether it is manufactured commercially or made at home under the guidance and consent of your veterinarian.

They are not typically prone to becoming overweight or obese. So, feel free to give healthful treats while being careful not to overeat.

The greatest diet for your pet is one that is high-quality and rich in protein.

However, to avoid any issues, consult your veterinarian to determine meal portions and suitable dog food based on your dog's age, weight, and activity level.


Ideal Owner of Sloughi Dogs

Sloughi breeds need a lot of activity to keep them happy and healthy since they have tremendous levels of energy.

So, for couch potatoes, go for a breed that moves at your pace instead. If you can't tolerate the physical exercise, this pooch will leave you behind.

But if a pet owner can keep up with it, then this dog will make a wonderful, devoted companion.

This breed is best suited to a life where it can gallop freely and spread its legs wide in a safe place almost every day.

Without a set daily exercise routine, it will not do well in apartment living.

black Arabian greyhound

FAQs about Sloughi Breeds

Does the Sloughi dog breed shed?

Sloughi dog breeds don't shed much and have short hair, but they aren't hypoallergenic dogs.

In terms of grooming, they will require simple routine baths, nail trimming, and teeth brushing like other dog breeds.

How much does a Sloughi dog breed cost?

The average price of a Sloughi puppy is between $1,200 and $2,000, depending on the pedigree and availability in your location.

Expect to sign up for a waitlist to adopt a puppy because this breed is rare and does not always easy to come by.

How fast can a Sloughi dog breed run?

It is a very athletic dog. This breed can run as fast as 42 miles per hour.

arabian greyhounds

Sloughi Dog Breeds Summary

Looking for dogs that are robust but elegant? Look no further than the Sloughis.

If you are fond of dogs with fast running ability, they could be the right canine companions for you!

Aside from being athletic, these fur babies bond very closely with their humans.

So, are they the dogs that you desire?

People purchase Sloughi dogs without the ability to commit to the lifetime of these animals. If you want to bring a dog home, consider adopting one.

There are many Sloughi breeds in need of fostering.

Still, gather more information before getting a puppy to see compatibility with your lifestyle.

You may visit various breeders and see the dogs yourself. Find a reputable breeder who will show health clearances to prove that the dogs are clear of health conditions.

The American Sloughi Association has been around since 1989 to protect and promote the breed.

Members in every state will be your point of contact if you are considering adding Sloughi dog breeds to your home.

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