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Small Pet Food Manufacturer in Texas Ships All Around the World

Small Pet Food Manufacturer in Texas Ships All Around the World
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The Texas Farm Products facility located in Nacogdoches, Texas has a much greater reach than their little community ever imagined was possible. During a Texas AgriLife Ag tour this week, it was reported that the small company actually ships a good deal of their pet food to many different countries around the world.

The recognition has brought great attention to the important role that agriculture plays in the economy of the community around Nacogdoches. The tour’s aim was to show people in the local community exactly what happens at the facility and help them fully appreciate its contribution to the local economy.

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Lone Star dog food is the company’s most well-known brand, but folks who took the tour realized that 80 percent of the production at the plant is actually for labels other than the familiar brand. Along with Lone Star Pet Food they also manufacture Precise Pet Food, Star Pro Pet Food, ANF Pet Food, fertilizers, and feeds for many different farm animals.

People in the community do not realize the international representation that Texas Farm Products has. During the day of the tour, one of the shipping containers was filled with Lone Star dog food that was headed for Taiwan. Josh Adams, vice president of operations for Texas Farm products, said that the facility is certified as an export facility and that they ship to 38 countries around the world.

Small Pet Food Manufacturer in Texas Ships All Around the World
Photo: petmd.com

Each shipment must meet the individual country’s standards, and Adams says that Texas Farm Products is one of the very few companies in all of Texas that can ship to all 38 of those countries. Asian exports are strong, but some countries are tougher to ship to.

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For example, it is impossible for the company to ship to any European countries at this time. They have adopted strict restrictions on genetically modified organisms, which are found in almost all American grains. Texas Farm Products employs about 165 people, and they have distributors all over the region.

The company is one of only a few third generation, family owned businesses in the state of Texas. They have been manufacturing pet food since 1930. Their goal is to manufacture safe and affordable commercial and companion animal food that is well-balanced and nutritious.

Since dogs have a selective pallet, the company sends its products to a test facility outside of St. Louis to be tested. They have over 150 formulas that are packaged more than 400 different ways. The company is always looking for more ways to grow and expand.

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