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SmartLink Feeders and Waterers Are Ideal for Busy Dog Owners

SmartLink Feeders and Waterers Are Ideal for Busy Dog Owners
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For dog owners that work outside the home or are away for hours at a time, feeding and watering their pet can be a concern. Some people have neighbors that will help tend to their pets, while others pay to have a pet sitter check on their furry friend. Automatic dog feeders and waterers are a much easier way to care for your pet while you’re not home.

OurPets has created SmartLink intelligent pet bowls that use Bluetooth technology to feed and water your dog throughout the day. Both products work with the help of a SmartLink Tag that can be paired with the pet bowls. The bowls only recognize the tag that is paired to them, so these products are also ideal for multi-pet households.

SmartLink Feeders and Waterers Are Ideal for Busy Dog Owners
Photo: OurPets

When your dog comes near his automatic food or water dish, the technology allows the bowl to read the tag and it will dispense food or water for your dog. The SmartLink Waterer dispenses filtered water from a reservoir that you must keep filled. The water is dispensed through a two-tiered waterfall design, meaning your dog will get to drink clean, running water instead of standing water that has been sitting all day.

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The SmartLink waterer activates the water cycle every 30 minutes throughout the day to keep your dog’s water fresh. Data is sent to your smartphone via the Bluetooth module in the waterer. It allows you to keep track of your dog’s drinking behavior such as duration and frequency. This could give you an early clue as to when your Fido isn’t feeling himself.

You’ll also be notified of the water temperature and when the reservoir needs to be refilled. If the waterer needs attention you will receive notification on your phone as well. If it stops working in the middle of the day you will know to go home early or send someone to your house to put water out for your dog.

There are two sizes of the SmartLink waterer available – the small size holds 64 ounces of water and the large holds 128 ounces. The device has a removable stainless steel bowl that is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It comes with one SmartLink tag, but you can purchase additional dogs if you have a multi-pet household.

SmartLink Feeders and Waterers Are Ideal for Busy Dog Owners
Photo: OurPets

The SmarLink feeder works with the same Bluetooth technology. When the pet that is wearing the paired tag comes to the feeder, the top will open allowing your dog to eat. This could help with dogs who like to steal another dog’s dinner and it may also help with resource guarding behaviors and food aggression.

If you have one dog in your home that has to have a special diet or just two dogs that eat different types of food, it would make your life much easier to have these feeders. You would know without a doubt that each dog was only able to eat the food that he requires and he would not have access to the other type of dog food.

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Take it from a dog owner with children, these SmartLink products from OurPets would be very effective at keeping children from getting into the dog’s food and water. Our son loves to put our dog’s food in his water, which drives me crazy! Since these devices will only open when the paired SmartLink tag is near, this would make it much less likely that your child would have access to the open food and water dishes.

You’ll also be notified via the smartphone app of your dog’s eating behavior. The feeder will report when your dog eats and how long he stands at the feeder. This will help you track how much and how often he is, which could tip you off if anything is out of the ordinary. You’ll also get low battery warnings and notifications when the SmartLink feeder needs attention.

The feeder holds 1.5 cups of food, and it has a removable stainless steel bowl as well. The bowl is dishwasher safe. The SmartLink feeder also comes with one SmartLink tag and there is an AC adapter that is sold separately if you prefer not to use batteries.

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