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Review: Spot Collar for Dogs – No Shock Invisible Fence Solution

There are certain places that we don't want our dogs to go. This is different for everyone. Some families let their dogs sleep on the furniture, others don't. Some families allow their dogs to explore in the garden, others don't. The Spot Collar for dogs is a new device hitting the market that will allow you to easily train your dog to stay out of those unwanted places without even having to be home with him.

Lots of dog owners are against e-collars. They believe that using an electric shock to train a dog is inhumane. That's why the Spot Collar doesn't shock your pet. It beeps and vibrates to give your dog a signal that he's entering an unwanted area.

The Spot Collar redirects your pet in a humane way.

The Spot Collar for dogs has been very popular in China, and it's getting ready to make its U.S. debut. Currently, the company is using a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for production. I was lucky enough to get to try one of these collars, and it has worked great to train our puppy to stay away from the garbage can.

Currently, the collar is only suitable for dogs with a neck size up to 13 inches, which counts out medium and large breeds. The Indiegogo campaign does hint that more sizes will be coming, but for now you can count this e-collar out if you've got a bigger dog.

Spot Collar for Dogs Review – No Shock Invisible Fence Solution

Spot Collar for Dogs Review

As you'll see in my video review, each collar comes with the Spot Collar itself, an extra band to make it smaller if you need to, a USB charger (which does not include the port that plugs into the wall) and one spotter.

You can purchase additional spotters if you'd like to keep your dog out of multiple areas.

One thing I didn't like was that the charger doesn't come with the USB port that connects to the wall. Most of us have a few of those kicking around anyway, but if you don't, you'll need one. The cord for the charger is also very short, which you'll see in my video. Not a deal breaker by any means, but a bit inconvenient.

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As I mentioned, Spot Collar does not use electric shock to correct your dog. When your pet approaches the spotter, the collar beeps and vibrates slightly. This is a humane e-collar that will redirect your pet without causing pain. It worked great for our little Molly!

There are two different radius settings, which you can easily adjust with the simple push of a button on the spotter. The radius can be set at 30-50 centimeters or 70-100 centimeters. When your dog crosses the invisible barrier, the collar activates immediately.

Spot Collar for Dogs Review

The band of the collar is made of a rubber material. I was worried that it would pull the hair on Molly's neck, but it hasn't bothered her yet, and we've been using it for more than a month. I still don't really care for the rubber material, though. I would prefer a nylon band, or if it was simply the Spot Collar device and you were able to attach it to the collar of your choice – similar to GPS and activity tracking devices for dogs.

The Spot Collar is very easy to use, and the collar itself is rechargeable. It will run for about 20 days on a full charge, but if you turn it off at night (which I do with our collar) it will last almost a full month on one charge. The spotter runs on a coin cell battery, and the unit comes with one battery included.

For now, you can keep tabs on when this product will be launching in the U.S. via their Indiegogo page. I'll update my review as soon as they launch. This collar is working great to help us keep our puppy out of the garbage, and I'm considering ordering a second spotter to keep her out of my flower bed.

Summary of Spot Collar Review

Spot Collar for Dogs Review
Photo: Indiegogo / Spot Collar


  • Uses beeping and vibration instead of electric shock
  • Easy to use
  • Collar will run for up to 20 days on a full charge
  • You can purchase multiple spotters to keep your pet away from many different areas. The collar will respond to all the spotters.


  • Only suitable for dogs with a neck up to 13 inches
  • Charger does not come with USB that plugs into the wall
  • Cord for charger is very short
  • Band is made of rubber, which may pull your dog's fur, especially if he has long hair

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spot-collar-for-dogs-reviewThe Spot Collar is an e-collar that beeps and gives off a light vibration when your dog goes near an area that you don't want him to be in. You place spotters in the areas you don't want your pet to go, like in the garden, near a trash can or on the sofa. When your pet gets close, the collar goes off your dog stays away.