Giveaway: Spot Collar Training Collar for Dogs ($40+ Value)

Does your dog get into places he doesn't belong? Does he like to get into the garbage or dig up your flower garden? The Spot Collar from DogSync is a training collar for dogs that doesn't use electric shock to correct your pet.

This product is so easy to use. It gives you a simple way to keep your dog out of unwanted places whether you are home or not. Many pet owners do not condone the use of electric shock collars, and this is a great alternative!

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The Spot Collar redirects your dog in a humane way. If he gets too close to an unwanted area, the collar will beep and vibrate to show your dog that he is not welcome. It's been very popular in China, and the company is getting ready to debut the product in the U.S., but we're giving you a chance to win one now!

Spot Collar Training Collar for Dogs Giveaway

Spot Collar for Dogs Review

About the product you will receive

The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive the Spot Collar itself, 1 spotter, an extra band to make it smaller if need be, and a USB charger (which doesn't include the port that plugs into the wall). This collar is suitable for dogs with a neck size up to 13 inches, which counts out medium and large breeds.

You can buy additional spotters if you'd like. All you have to do is attach the spotter to the area that you don't want your dog to go (like your couch, bed, garbage can, etc…) With the quick push of a button you can adjust the radius setting on the spotter. The radius can be set at 30-50 centimeters or 70-100 centimeters. If your dog crosses the invisible barrier, the collar will activate immediately.

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Spot Collar Giveaway
Photo: Samantha Randall

The Spot Collar is very user friendly, and the collar is rechargeable via the USB charger. It runs up to 20 days on a full charge! The spotter gets power from a coin cell battery, and it comes with one already included.

As I explain in my video, DogSync is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for product development and launch in the U.S. I'm thrilled that we get to give one of these collars away before they are available on the U.S. market. I'm not sure what the official price will be, but you can get one through the Indiegogo campaign for $40. I'm assuming they will be a bit more expensive than the Spot Collar hits store shelves.

You can check out my extensive written review and watch my detailed video review of the Spot Collar for more information.

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The winner of this giveaway will be drawn on July 30th, 2016. This giveaway is for US residents only.

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