frankie and toby weight loss journey

Weight loss journey with BetterVet: 12 weeks

Toby – Starting weight = 28lb | Current weight = 23lb | Goal = 23lb | Reset Goal = 22.5lbs on 4 oz gently cooked food twice a day plus  a half of a chicken  jerky treat*

Frankie – Starting weight = 48lb | Current weight = 40lb  | Goal = 38lb | Reset Goal = 40lbs

on 8 oz gently cooked food twice a day plus a half of a chicken  jerky treat*

*Food and treats provided by Goodness Gracious

Dr. Cimino’s POV:

Toby and Frankie’s weight loss journey provided both physical development for them as well as an emotional experience for me.

As a dog mom, I want to shower them with love, affection, and comfort.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think of all of those things? 


In our minds, food is love.

There is something deeply comforting about coming home after a long day to my dogs’ exuberant greeting.

Toby and Frankie are always eagerly waiting, and in addition to exciting conversation and belly rubs, there were always treats.

It is a joyful shared experience that makes even the worst day better. 

Surely, this connection is what we are all looking for with our dogs.

On the flip side, I am also a very well-trained, experienced veterinarian who is fully aware of the negative consequences of overfeeding our dogs.

And when I reflected, I realized that I too had fallen down the “food is love” rabbit hole that so many of us struggle with.  

Even if overfeeding is overloving, I still needed to get Toby and Frankie back on track by making better food choices for them and providing a regular exercise routine.

Twelve weeks ago we found ourselves collaborating with Goodness Gracious to get Toby and Frankie into a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s what I learned:
– Accountability is key: measure their food and track their activity (we love the Whistle collar).

– They are still well-loved, even with fewer treats.

– Toby’s positive energy level has soared.  He is so much more playful and confident.

– Be malleable, if the goal needs to be adjusted, make a Plan B!

– Frankie will never give up on trying to find a treasure in the trash 🙂

What I see now after three months of Toby and Frankie’s new lifestyle, are two very happy, well-fed, well-exercised, healthy dogs. I am thrilled we took on this challenge, and look forward to a continued commitment to making better choices.

Frankie Weight Loss Journey

Frankie’s POV:

I feel great! Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I go on at least two big walks a day now!

And if I’m not on an on-leash walk, I’m partying at the pickleball court, on a trail hike, or at the dog park.

We have a lot of fun these days, and you know, my brother Toby is really coming out of his shell.

Like, he’s actually making friends at the park!

Not like him.

I’m not sure I’m interested in him becoming more popular than me, but I'm not convinced that will happen since I tend to be a lot more fun. And, I think I’m way cuter too. 

I will tell you that I could stand to have a few more treats in a day, or maybe an ice cream when it’s hot.

But, shhhhh, there’s a secret spot I look to every day, and every once in a while…Jackpot!

Toby Weight Loss Journey

Toby’s POV:

I would tell you more about how I feel about my new lifestyle, but there are some bums that need sniffin’ at the dog park!


Frankie’s goal weight – 40lbs as a goal, increased food and then cut back, balance of food and exercise

Toby is restricted for about a half-pound away – freely humping, has confidence, at the park, coming into his personality, nutrition, feels better, 28lbs now 23 goals for 22.5lb

A Whistle collar keeps dogs and dog parents on track, continuing to use and balancing 

Frankie walking goal – 76 minutes

Toby walking goal – 44 minutes

Whistle comes up with the minutes of activity based on breed, size, weight, 

How long they slept, itched, how much activity.