Did you know that 27% of people have chosen fall as their favorite time of year? If you enjoy this time of year, there’s no reason you can’t share all the things you love about the season with your furry best friend. You’re not limited to hiking with dogs in the woods, either. Here's a number of more creative and unique activities and events that offer excitement and enjoyment for you and your dog.

1. Have a Cute Photo Session

As the years go by, we sometimes forget that our dogs are aging with us, but much faster. One regret many pet owners have is that they didn’t take enough photos to commemorate the time they got to spend with their fur kids. A great way to celebrate the fall is to create a Halloween or Autumn themed doggie photo shoot.

Dress your dog up in cute scarves, sweaters, and sprinkle some maple leaves around them. Add a few gourds and pumpkins for a festive touch. Have them printed up in different sizes so you can put the pictures in a frame or put them in a scrapbook. Or, use them to promote your pet's popularity on social media.

2. Dog-friendly Corn Maze or Pumpkin Patch

Your dog can help you pick out a pumpkin and navigate a corn maze if there’s a canine-friendly one near you. Generally, these events also include fun activities like apple bobbing and have plenty of snacks for both you and your dog. Snack on a funnel cake while your Fido chows down on a stick of healthy beef jerky, and everyone wins!

Participate in a Doggy Costume Contest

3. Participate in a Doggy Costume Contest

One of the best things about having a dog is the simple joy of getting to dress them up. If your pup is a mischievous one, give him a cape and some horns for an adorably devilish look; or, find and pick one of the more unique Halloween dog costumes to stand out.

For owners of a Pomeranian princess, all she needs is a dress and her royal crown. When picking out dog costumes, just remember that the outfit should be breathable and comfortable for your dog. Don’t try to force the pet into something that’s too tight.

4. Dog-Friendly Bar Crawl

Believe it or not, dog friendly bars do exist! Autumn is the time of year that brew and imbibement festivals are most prominent. Since you’re going to be outside enjoying the fresh fall air anyway, find out which bars will welcome your dog too. Check your local paper or online event sites in your area to see who is offering a canine-friendly fun time.

Just remember to be on the lookout for other pet owners who may be having a little too much fun. Sadly, some dogs are left behind at these events, whether intentionally or not. Stay alert for dogs that seem to be loose or without an owner, and make sure your pup gets home safe too.

Grab a Puppuccino

5. Grab a Puppuccino

If you’re stopping by Starbucks to get your favorite limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte’, get a Puppuccino for your dog too. It’s essentially just a cup of whipped cream, and they’re free at most locations. Just don’t give them too many – exceptionally yummy snacks like these should be a special, once a week kind of treat for the dog.

6. Fido Friendly “Tail” Gating

We all know that Americans love dogs, coffee, and autumn weather, but football is one of the main reasons for the season to exist for us. This is the one time of year that football fans get to go crazy painting their faces, having cookouts, and wearing their favorite team jersey. If you do decide to take your dog with you, don’t forget to bring a jersey for them too so the pup feels as part of the team.

Let Your Dog Partake in Festive Treats

7. Let Your Dog Partake in Festive Treats

While you’re chowing down on candy, apple pie, macaroni salad, mashed potatoes, and the usual fall food, keep in mind there are some things your dog can eat and share with your as well. Turkey, green beans, light plain foods and most importantly pumpkin are safe for your Fido to eat with their usual food. Just be sure to give it to them in small amounts or it could upset their stomach.

8. Take Dogs with You on Hunts

Not every dog is built for athletics, but if you're a hunter and also happen to be an owner of a Golden Retriever, Black Labrador, or a Blue Heeler (among other athletic breeds) there’s no reason that they can’t accompany you on your yearly hunt.

Coming in second to making their human happy, a dog’s favorite thing is to be given a job to do. What better way to make them feel happy and included than being given a chance to bring you back your bird? Don’t forget to prepare well for the hunt, and then reward the dog with a piece when you cook it up.

Let Dogs Play in the Leaves

9. Let Dogs Play in the Leaves

Remember when you were a kid and you loved to pile up the leaves, then jump in? Dogs are just as enthusiastic about playing in the leaves as you were. Now both of you can be kids again, so grab your rake and get to piling up those leaves.

If you have a dog who likes to eat inedible things, or a puppy who is still going through the “put everything in my mouth” phase, you may want to forego playing in the leaves. Or at the very least, dog a very good inspection of where your pup is going to be playing.

Mold, mushrooms, and rotting matter all have the potential to be lurking nearby. While eating the leaves themselves may just cause a little diarrhea for the dog, mushrooms can pose a huge health risk to dogs. Let your pup romp around so long as they know what’s fine to eat and what isn’t; there are always nine other great things you can do.

10. Take Advantage of the Cool Weather

The 10 Unique Things to Do With Your Dog this FallSince dogs are covered in fur, they relish the feeling of running through a cold breeze. Winter is coming, and some days the temperature might be too low for either of you to go outside.

So while October and November are still here, take your pup camping, hiking, or for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Go somewhere you haven’t been, and let your pup come along to. Try a new dog park and meet some dogs you haven’t met.

Autumn only comes once a year, and it’s only a brief few months between the spring and the winter. Take advantage of what the season has to offer not just for you but your pooch as well.

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Latasha Doyle is a writer, wife, and a fur mom living outside of Denver, CO. She has always been an animal lover and adopted her dogs, Clyde and Webster, in 2008. Latasha and her husband also have four cats for a complete and friendly family.