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65 Best Dog Halloween Costumes


Best Dog Halloween Costumes

One of the most patently hilarious and cutest things ever is to dress your dog up in a costume. We love Halloween, and we always look for the best dog Halloween costumes to dress up together with our pets. Wasn’t it scientifically proven that all canines look adorable in dog costumes?

The fastest approaching holiday right now is Halloween, and many of us will be looking for some of the best dog Halloween costumes ideas. I’ve got a full list of 65 best dog Halloween costumes that will turn your pooch into a scary surprise for party guests.

My Australian Shepherd, Walter, has made several Halloween appearances in ridiculously, absurdly hilarious dog costumes. Last year, he went as a taco. I’m not sure that he knew understand exactly what was going on, but he definitely enjoyed all the attention.

These dog Halloween costumes aren’t only for the spooky holiday. Other celebrations, birthday parties, parades, costume contests for pets and whatnot are good enough reasons to use these dog costumes to raise the level of cuteness around the place.

65 Best Dog Halloween Costumes

1. Hot Dog

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWe just HAD to start the list off with this one—for the sake of pun-makers worldwide, we couldn’t neglect our duties—because frankly, it’s cute, especially on wiener dogs (for obvious reasons).

The costume, made by casual canine, fits dogs that are 12-16 inches in length and has two buns and a line of ketchup (all made with polyester). The straps are adjustable and Velcro and, frankly, if you have a dog, at some point you should dress him or her up as a hot dog. Even though your dog won’t know why it’s funny—dogs can’t understand puns, sadly—you’ll get a laugh from the human crowd.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

Best Dog Halloween CostumesHonestly, when I first saw the picture for this costume, I was a little confused. For a second, I thought it was a picture of a very short, oddly proportioned upright dog with a giant head wearing a tiny pirate costume.

But then I realized that the costume fits on your dog’s forelegs and head (the torso of the costume goes down your dog’s front like a half shirt and the pants go on the forelegs), making him look like a little buccaneer; there’s even a hook and pirate hat to go with it. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with the maximum weight being 44 pounds. It’s also machine washable, meaning that even if your dog gets it dirty, you’ll be able to wash and reuse.

3. Lion

Best Dog Halloween CostumesAnother classic, this lion costume contains a fabulously poofy mane that fits all the way around your dog’s neck and head. It’s made of fake fur and polyester, and it’s also washable.

This will especially look cute on a golden retriever, as their fur is close to the same color as the wig. Put this on your puppy and watch the cuteness as you realize just how non-lion like he or she really is.

4. Minion

Best Dog Halloween CostumesBased on the Despicable Me movies from Universal Studios, the “minions” have inspired both love and hatred all over the country; love on the part of people who think they’re adorable, and hatred on the part of people who are tired of seeing their merchandise.

Whatever your position on the new minion trend, this doggy costume is adorable. It features the minion’s blue overalls that go on your dog’s torso and the goggles that go on the top of your dog’s head. It’s suggested for smaller dogs with a 17-inch chest and a 15-inch neck to tail length.

5. The Lady is a Tramp

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis costume, which looks remarkably like something the Jersey Shore girls would wear—Snookie especially—has a leopard-print dress with fake cleavage and a black wig that goes on your dog’s head.

It also has fur boots that go on your dog’s paws, making her look like a total diva. It’s especially cute on small dogs, who won’t understand why everyone’s laughing hysterically at them (especially their fake cleavage), but will probably like the attention anyway.

6. Superman

Best Dog Halloween CostumesIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your dog in a superhero costume! This costume has the Superman logo and tights that go down your dog’s torso, making him look like the man in blue (albeit a tiny, barking version).

It comes in several sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. Even your tiny puppy can feel like he has super-strength with this on. For a finishing touch, it also comes with a cape!

7. Batman

Best Dog Halloween CostumesAlong that superhero vein, if you’re more of a Batman person (I am!), dress your dog up as the Dark Knight. This costume comes in four sizes, from extra-small to extra-large, and it contains a chest piece with the Batman logo, the Bat’s headgear, and a long cape, complete with a utility belt.

For anyone who’s a total comic book nerd like me, this is the perfect costume to dress your dog up in. Sure, his or her missions won’t be as glamorous—barking at the poor mailman isn’t the same thing as saving Gotham—but hey, all superheroes start somewhere.

8. The Pope

Best Dog Halloween CostumesNo disrespect to the beloved Pontifex, but this costume is pretty funny. It comes with a large Miter (which, to be exact, is actually worn by a bishop or abbot but this is a dog’s costume so we’re already not playing by the rules), a white cassock, a Papal mozzetta with a cross on it, and a stole with paw prints.

Hopefully, Pope Francis would find this dog-version of the papal Regalia funny and inoffensive. The name of the costume, fittingly, is “Holy Hound.”

9. Pikachu

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis doesn’t just have to be a costume; it’s also good for pajamas, sweater-wearing, and cold weather. It’s made of comfortable fleece in the pattern of the beloved Pokémon character Pikachu, and it’s made for small dogs that can pull the Pikachu look off the best.

If you have kids at home who are big fans of the Pokemon anime, then having your dog dress up as one of their main characters will make the Halloween that much more special for the child.

10. Stegosaurus

Best Dog Halloween CostumesFor those of you, like me, who are not up on your dinosaur lingo, the Stegosaurus was the one with the long tail, long neck, and ridges on its neck.

This doggy costume comes in a shiny green, gray, or multicolored pattern and covers your dog’s whole body, making him or her look like a dinosaur with big spikes on his or her back. There’s even a little headpiece for the dinosaur, but instead of a ferocious, oversized lizard glaring back at you, your dog’s cheerful face will poke out.

11. Darth Vader

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWell, it was only a matter of time before we started with the Star Wars costumes. People love to dress their dogs up like beloved fictional characters, and Star Wars is no exception. Dress your dog up like the masked, heavy-breathing franchise villain we’ve all grown to know and (maybe?) love.

This pet costume contains headgear, the Vader costume, and even includes the cape as well. It’s for smaller-sized animals who, hilariously, are the least intimidating candidates possible to pull off this costume.

12. A Taco

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis is what we dressed up my dog as last year, as I stated before. This costume is a little different (my grandmother made my dog’s in a fit of post-retirement boredom) because it’s only for small or extra-small dogs.

Pugs look especially cute in it. It contains a fake taco piece that goes across your dog’s torso. There’s even a little hat to go with it. If you have a pug, he or she will look great in this. Pugs, for some reason, seem to be able to pull off food-themed costumes the best.

13. Hammerhead Shark

Best Dog Halloween CostumesDress up your dog as the reason most of us don’t go into the ocean past our waistlines. This costume is sold by the Animal Planet, actually, which is the same channel that a terrifying documentary about the Megalodon “Monster Shark,” which I’m not fully convinced is actually extinct.

Admittedly, this shark costume looks much less scary when it’s on your dog. It has a foam-padded body that goes along your dog’s torso. The costume also includes a headpiece, fins, and a tail.

14. Triceratops

Best Dog Halloween CostumesAnother dinosaur-themed costume, this one consists of a headpiece with giant horns on it. It attaches with a Velcro strap under your dog’s neck and comes in sizes from XS to XL.

This one is also made by Animal Planet, who seems to have a penchant for getting us to dress our dogs up as terrifying creatures. It’ll look especially cute on a bulldog or pug, which have the faces for it.

15. Peacock

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis costume is very flashy. You might be wondering why you would want to dress up your dog as a bird, but this is actually really, really pretty.

The plumage tail is brightly patterned and the costume itself is sapphire. There’s even a little beak. It’s plush, so it’ll be super comfortable. Your dog will feel like the Belle of the Ball in this attitude-filled outfit (peacocks always seem to have an attitude, to me, but maybe I just haven’t met enough).

16. Sailor

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThe picture is of a cat, but this pet Halloween costume fits many animals of this size, including dogs and cats. This pet outfit contains a hat and a little nautical bow, making your dog the captain of the party.

This one of the best dog Halloween costumes runs a little small (as you would expect from something aimed at cats), so it is works best for tinier dogs. The costume works for both dogs and cats, and the pictures people posted of their pets in these—especially cats, which always look bitter— made me tear up from laughing so hard.

17. Yoda

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThe next few best dog Halloween costumes are going to be from the Star Wars series, so prepare yourselves, geeks! This adorable Yoda dog costume goes on your dog’s forelegs and head, wearing Yoda’s garb.

The best finishing touch is the Yoda’s ears, which pull off the whole effect. This is a must-have dog Halloween costume for any Star Wars fan or anybody looking for a quality dog costume. If you’re a true fan of the franchise, you – as well as your Fido – will highly enjoy this pet outfit as it fits great on most small to medium dogs and seems to be of decent quality.

18. Bantha

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis Star Wars character, the Bantha, contains the woolly beast’s horns and is complete with a Tusken Raider on its back with a little leash. It’s also one size, with the size fitting medium dogs. This looks especially good on furrier pets, who can pull off the “woolly mammoth” look pretty well.

Personally, this is one of my favorites on this list of best dog Halloween costumes as I’m a big Star Wars fanatic myself. Definitely worth taking a look at!

19. Raptor

Best Dog Halloween CostumesRaptors are supposed to be terrifying, and apparently back in the dinosaur ages, they were, but that’s changed now that you can dress your dog up as one.

This costume is foam-padded and has arms and a tail. The raptor’s “body” is your dog’s torso and the legs are your dog’s forelegs. The foam headpiece has bright white fake teeth and yellow eyes that would probably be terrifying on any other animal except a dog. Dogs can make raptors adorable.

20. Mexican Serape

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis dog Halloween costume works best for pugs (or dogs of very much similar size), and it contains a bright Mexican serape (a type of shawl) and a little hat that perches very jauntily on your pup’s head.

These Mexican best dog Halloween costumes are great for most small animals, including cats, and will brighten up the environment fast. The company making this, Rubies, has been creating pet costumes since the ‘50s and this is one of their best-sellers.

21. Headless Horseman

Best Dog Halloween CostumesI read this story when I was a child and it was terrifying. Then, when I got older, I went to a Headless Horseman Haunted House and was even more petrified by the story. But, now that I see that costume on a dog, it’s much less scary.

Your pet plays the part of the horse which, instead of being fiery and consumed by an inner darkness, has now become your drooling, happy dog. There is a rider with a harness attached to your dog’s back with a harness, making this the kid’s version of the Sleepy Hollow legend.

22. Wonder Woman

Best Dog Halloween CostumesPack some girl power into your dog’s costume by dressing her (or him) up as the legendary Wonder Woman! Another classic character from DC comics, this costume comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large. It contains a shiny red skirt and blue top with the WW logo on it.

There’s even a gold waistband to boot. If you have another dog, you can dress him or her up as Batgirl (or Robin). It’s a pretty simple pet costume and may not be the highlight of this list of best dog Halloween costumes. It’s still a great addition to your family of pet costumes for the Fido to play around with on Halloween.

23. Marilyn Monroe

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis tragic starlet has already been memorialized a hundred times over. Now, you can dress your dog up like her with a blonde wig, shiny white dress, and fake cleavage. It’s 100% polyester, so it’ll be a comfortable fit on your dog’s skin.

If you have another dog, you can dress him up as JFK to make the perfect couple (though whether JFK and Marilyn were or weren’t together as a secret couple is still hotly debated amongst historians).

24. Giraffe

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis giraffe costume comes in a jumper and has warm, soft fur making it not only a costume, but also something your dog can wear if he or she gets cold (think footie pajamas—kinda—for dogs).

It’s for tinier breeds with a chest measuring 12-14 inches and 8-9 inches in length. There’s a little tail and perky little ears, too. The front closes with Velcro, so it’s easy to snap on and off.

25. Skunk

Best Dog Halloween CostumesFinally, here is a situation involving a dog and a skunk that doesn’t end badly. Dress your dog up as the one animal that can make your life a living nightmare if you encounter it: a skunk. It comes in a wide variety of sizes from XS to XXL.

Made in polyester, this black and white striped skunk costume looks reasonably realistic if seen at a distance, so it would make a great prank to play on your neighbors. It even contains the bushy, badger-like tail at the end and the ruff of hair on the forehead.

26. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWho doesn’t remember the days of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles popularity? For fans of the show, there’s also some of the best dog Halloween costumes. In particular, this Raphael teenage mutant ninja turtle is everything that we TMNT fans could’ve asked for.

It has a fake shell and a green costume with the red eye band and brown knee pads Raphael wore. While your dog might not be as fierce or sword wielding as the great Raphael was, this is still a pretty cool costume.

27. Butterfly

Best Dog Halloween CostumesGive your dog wings with this monarch butterfly costume. It includes an adorable polka-dot headpiece with an antenna. On the back are two pretty monarch wings that attach via a harness.

They’re also foam, so they’re durable enough that they won’t rip trying to put them on. The best part? Cute little antennae.

28. Elephant

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWe may complain that our dogs are loud sometimes, but at least they’re not at elephant level. However, just because they don’t roar like an elephant (and thank God for that) doesn’t mean they can’t look like one with this cute, blue and pink elephant costume.

Patterned with silver hearts on a light blue plush, this outfit is great for small dogs. The pink floppy ears provide the finishing touch.

29. UnderDog

Best Dog Halloween CostumesYour pooch can be his own superhero in this UnderDog dog outfit complete with a cape and a little red shirt that has a big white “U” on it (a spin-off of the other superhero logos).

This may not be the most well-crafted or the best dog Halloween costume, but I’m sure some dogs need their own superhero, and what better hero than one that is a giant pun? Unfortunately, this pet costume is only for tiny dogs between 14 and 23 pounds, making your pet a pint-sized pooch about to save the world.

30. Jockey Horse

Best Dog Halloween CostumesComing in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large, this costume comes complete with its own little fake rider, saddle, and harness. The costume also doubles as a harness that you can attach a leash to.

Walk around your neighborhood with your dog and see if you can make him or her the topic of several confused, “What is that dog wearing?” conversations. Piece of advice: for this costume, buy a size larger than what your dog is. It runs small.

31. Security Dog

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis one of the best dog Halloween costumes would look so cute on a Pomeranian who doesn’t seem much like a beefy security dog. This is pure comedy gold that I’m giving away here! This dog costume comes in sizes XS to L and contains a black vest with the bright word “SECURITY” on the back of it.

You don’t even have to make this a Halloween thing; you can put it on your Fido when he or she is out in the yard and see if it actually keeps people away (probably not), or have your pooch protect smaller dogs in a dog park.

32. Ewok

Best Dog Halloween CostumesYay for the geeks and myself, because we have more Star Wars dog costumes on this list! Even though I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes, I’d like to speak highly of these Star Wars themed best dog Halloween costumes.

The Ewok pet costume is based on the furry little bear-like creatures from Star Wars. It comes with the little ears, headpiece, brown smock, and brown robe to transform your pup into a full-blown space alien. Pomeranians or other smaller, fluffier breeds will look best in this—they already have the furry look going for them!

33. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Best Dog Halloween CostumesTake your dog “off to see the Wizard!” with this cute, Gingham dress costume for dogs. This best dog Halloween costume has a dress, arms, and a little brown wig with braids like Dorothy wore. There’s even a little basket attached to it.

With this dog costume, Toto becomes Dorothy. Doesn’t really make much sense, but saving a tiny little Dorothy dog will spark up your party—now all you need is a Yellow Brick Road!

34. Banana

Best Dog Halloween CostumesOddly popular amongst humans, dressing up as a banana is a Halloween classic, more than any other fruit. Now, your dog can get in on the fun with this Chiquita Banana costume. Chiquita, a company with a bit of a shaky past, has gotten it together so this shouldn’t be too controversial.

It’s a body piece that goes along your dog’s torso and is recommended for dogs between 24 and 32 pounds. If you want an even bigger laugh, you can put on the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song and give him or her some maracas.

35. Ghostbusters

Best Dog Halloween CostumesJust in time for the upcoming release of the all-female version of Ghostbusters, this costume comes with a jumpsuit and an inflatable ghost-fighting backpack. The jumpsuit even has the Ghostbusters insignia on it.

The largest size fits up to a 20-inch chest and a 22 inch neck. Let your dog be a member of this iconic ‘80s movie which has two of the most amazingly hilarious things ever in it: Bill Murray and ‘80s hair.

36. Batgirl

Best Dog Halloween CostumesSince we showed you the Batman costume, we HAVE to give you the girl power side of it as well. Batgirl, the most awesome sidekick ever in the history of sidekicks (with the exception of maybe Robin) takes on an adorable twist in this costume with a black skirt, black top, and bat-ears head piece, all complete with the bat insignia.

There’s even a detachable cape on this best dog costume, just in case the outfit doesn’t feel “Batsy” enough to you. Perfect for your female pooch!

37. Batdog

Best Dog Halloween CostumesOne more bat-themed costume and then we’ll cool it. This costume makes your dog into his or her own Batman character by being… (drumroll please)… Batdog! These best dog Halloween costumes with a bat theme come with furry bat ears and their own, perky bat wings.

It’s quite possibly one of the best dog Halloween costumes on this list, or rather the most appropriate one. The wings are foam and are attachable with a harness. It comes in sizes extra-small to large and can transform any plain old dog into an unstoppable force of antiheroic power.

38. Giant’s Cheerleader

Best Dog Halloween CostumesIf you’re a Giants fan who wants to show their spirit (they’re a good team, it’s within reason to celebrate), check out this Giants cheerleader costume that attaches to your dog’s forelegs and torso.

It’s made of polyester and the Velcro closures make it easy to snap on. The cute little skirt and Giants top will make your pup ready for game day! It’s so much more festive when your dog can join in on the football fun too.

39. Woolly Mammoth

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThough perhaps not as majestic as the Bantha dog costume we showed you before, this woolly mammoth one is still a pretty ferocious one. It’s a plush costume for pets that includes a tail, feet, and a headpiece with a trunk and tusks.

Bring the formerly extinct Mammuthus primigenius back to (almost) its former glory with this cute costume for your dog. Make sure the Halloween in your state comes with cold weather, as this pet costume looks quite big and warm for most canine breeds.

40. Sunflower

Best Dog Halloween CostumesQuite possibly the cutest pet costume out of all best dog Halloween costumes listed here! Show your pet that he’s your sunshine with this cheerful sunflower costume. It’s not a complex outfit; it’s just a cute flower headgear that circles your pup’s head.

Puppies would look especially cute in this, since they’re little balls of sunniness anyway. It even has cute little red sunglasses and green leaves. It comes in sizes large and small.

41. Orca

Best Dog Halloween CostumesOrcas don’t get enough credit for being terrifying; they’re just as bad as sharks, they’re just nicer to look at. Whatever your personal opinion on sea creatures, there’s no denying that this costume is completely adorable for your dog.

This costume is foam-padded and lays along the top of your dog, making him or her look like a little black and white Orca, just with a less-scary face. There are fake white teeth and somewhat terrifying blue eyes to add to the overall effect.

42. Beetlejuice

Best Dog Halloween CostumesTurn your dog into Adam Maitlin, one of the main characters of the perennially terrifying and disturbingly amusing Beetlejuice film. Your dog will find his inner Tim Burton in this pinstriped dog suit and bright, wild gray hair.

These Beetlejuice best dog Halloween costumes consist of a shirt/jacket combo, a satin necktie, and a wig. These are best for smaller dogs and will be sure to freak out any house guests you might have over for a Halloween dinner. That’s exactly what you want, isn’t?

43. Tootsie Roll

Best Dog Halloween CostumesOther than your dentist, who doesn’t love Tootsie Rolls? These Halloween dog costumes will bring the hunger in you once you use the outfit on your attractive, small pooch. This pet costume will make your dog look like the famous candy with this cute little body costume and with adorable silver twists at the side.

Though dogs can’t eat Tootsie Rolls for obvious reasons, that doesn’t mean they still can’t be part of the chocolatey, stick-toothed fun on a Halloween party.

44. Zebra

Best Dog Halloween CostumesTake a walk on the safari side of things with this zebra costume. It has a mane, ears, and a bodysuit with stripes on it. There’s even an attached little tail to pull the whole thing off.

Zebras are beautiful, if strange-looking, creatures and your dog is too—sort of. If you want to name your new zebra-dog after a character, say that it’s the zebra from Madagascar (kids love that movie, so any little trick-or-treaters will be delighted).

45. Unicorn

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWho said unicorns had to be fake? Make your dog mythical with this unicorn costume that has a light-up collar attached to it. It also has a rainbow mane, golden ears, and a cute little horn.

There’s also a white cape that goes along with it to add to the effect. This looks especially good on white dogs, since they already have the fur for it. It also comes in sizes geared towards smaller dogs.

46. Tuxedo

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWhether a tuxedo makes you think of a celebrity, a penguin, the Godfather, or any number of other famous tuxedoed people, this doggy tux costume will help your pup become the pet of the hour.

Complete with a suit, bow tie, top hat, and leash, these best dog Halloween costumes will ensure your dog looks like the James Dean of dogs. It’s not just a costume for pets that’s good on Halloween alone; this will be a cute addition to your Fido’s wardrobe for whenever you have an occasion. Dogs like to be dapper too!

47. Luau

Best Dog Halloween CostumesMake your pup Hawaii-ready with this luau shirt as one of the best dog Halloween costumes. This pet dress-up consists of a cheesy Hawaiian shirt that would make every middle-aged dad everywhere green with envy at the sight.

Get your dog into the tropical spirit with this cute island look. Halloween may not be the time for Hawaiian theme, but the comedy that comes with this T-shirt for dogs cannot be negated. Throw this on your pooch and note the reactions of the party people!

48. Octopus

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWatch out for yet another creepy creature of the deep: an octopus. Octopi have gotten a bad rap ever since Ursula came onto the scene and terrorized Arial. This octopus, hopefully, will be a way less scary individual (I KNOW I’m not the only one who had nightmares as a little kid over Ursula). It’s much less threatening.

The costume is a pretty purple with spotted tentacles and a cute googly-eyed headpiece. The sizes are from XS to XL, and the medium fits a 16-inch length, so gauge from there.

49. Elvis

Best Dog Halloween CostumesYou can’t have a collection of the best dog Halloween costumes without the king of Rock n’ Roll in the mix. With the black wig, novelty glasses, and flashy pet costume, your canine can look like the reincarnation of Elvis, minus the drugs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the famous voice.

That doesn’t mean your pooch isn’t still cute though. These Halloween dog costumes come in sizes of small and extra-small, so if your dog is pint-size, he or she will be perfect for this. Unfortunately, no medium sized pets can fit into these outfits.

50. Bunny Rabbit

Best Dog Halloween CostumesDogs love chasing rabbits and terrorizing them, but with this costume, you can call a temporary truce. This pink, plus costume has pink and white fur and floppy white ears and a cottontail.

The fabric is so soft that this could be something warm for your dog to put on in the wintertime when it’s cold outside. This costume comes in extra-small to extra-large, though this company’s clothing runs small, so buy a size up from what your dog normally is.

51. Slime Ghost

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWell, we showed you the Ghostbusters costume; now it’s time to see a ghost. One of the most well-remembered and truly icky ghosts from that franchise was the Slime one. This costume is a bright green jumpsuit with arms and headgear that has the big pink tongue and bulging eyes.

Your dog can recapture the utter grossness of this ghost (as I remember, it wasn’t even scary; it was just nasty), hopefully without actually living it. If you have another dog, you can dress him or her up as a ghostbuster to make the pair complete.

52. Bumble Bee

Best Dog Halloween CostumesBabies always look cute in these types of costumes, so why not dogs too? This bumble bee dog Halloween costume comes in black and yellow stripes—obviously—with headgear that has adorable round-tipped antennae on it.

There are even mesh wings to compliment the whole look of your dressed up Fido. The sizes range from XS to XL, so most canines will fit into this dog costume. Your pooch will be a busy (and barking) bee with this ensemble.

53. Tarantula

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis is the type of costume that Ellen DeGeneres used on her show to prank people with. It has a spider’s back that goes on top of your dog, with eleven hairy, gross legs coming off the sides of it. Albeit, it is a clever prank—people see just this giant spider crawling straight towards them; it is so traumatizing (and funny for the person pulling the prank).

Needlessly terrify houseguests with this tarantula costume. The creepiest part about this costume is how realistic the fur is to a spider’s hair. If you want to go the extra mile, buy fake spider webs to put around your house, too.

54. Princess

Best Dog Halloween CostumesYour dog can finally get the recognition she deserves with this princess costume. Your house can be the castle and your dog the spoiled ruler (probably true for some of us) with this getup. It comes in a pretty pink color with a pointed hat, ribbons to tie onto your dog’s paws, and a fluffy tulle-like skirt.

It ranges in sizes from XS to 2X, so it can fit a wide range of dogs. Your puppy’s princess dress awaits!

55. Pink Crayon

Best Dog Halloween CostumesWhy pink among the best dog Halloween costumes, you say? Because pink is an awesome color and crayons are fun too. Get your dog into this random, colorful Crayola dog costume appropriately titled “Tickle Me Pink,” a personal favorite color of mine.

But don’t worry if pink isn’t your thing, you can also buy a costume for dogs in “Screamin’ Green” and Blue. These dog Halloween costumes come with a torso covering and a little pointed hat to top it off.

56. Skeleton

Best Dog Halloween CostumesIt’s time to get extra spooky with this skeleton costume for dogs! The reason this is one of the best dog Halloween costumes is because it’s a glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume (!) that features printed glow bones on a black jumpsuit.

If your dog has black fur, this will go really well. Just turn the lights off and watch your dog transform into a spooky “Jack Skellington”–the canine version, of course.

57. The White Rabbit

Best Dog Halloween CostumesAnother classic character among these best dog Halloween costumes, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland has its own dog costume now. This beautiful pet costume is red with a light blue ruff and a card of hearts design of the back.

There are also two pink, fuzzy ears to add to the whole effect. Now all you need is a little timepiece and the outfit will be perfect! You can also find a Mad Hatter’s costume for yourself and accompany your pooch on your Halloween party.

58. Geisha

Best Dog Halloween CostumesThis beautiful kimono dog Halloween costume has a pink bow on the back and is patterned with black and mauve flowers. It is made of soft brocade, so it won’t be harsh on your dog’s skin. It’s best for small dogs (Poodles, Pomeranians, Maltese, etc.) and most likely the female part of them.

This dog costume is also machine washable which is great if you wish to keep it for future parties and holidays with your Fido. This pet costume will quickly bring out your dog’s stylish side!

59. Prisoner

Best Dog Halloween Costumes“Ruh-roh!” as Scooby Doo would say. Send your dog to the doghouse (sorry, had to make another pun there) with this prisoner costume. These cute best dog Halloween costumes have black and white stripes on them, and a label that reads “PRISONER” on it.

The poet costume maker describes it as the “perfect look for canine criminals,” and we’d have to agree. Put your Fido into the shoes of a criminal mind for Halloween and see how this affects your party’s mood for the day. These dog costumes measure in sizes from XS to XXL, so your dog will definitely fit.

60. Tiger

Best Dog Halloween CostumesAllow your pup’s inner ferocious beast to come out with this tiger costume. Okay, well, maybe “ferocious” is an overstatement.

This cute costume is made from soft plush fabric and is a jumpsuit in a striped pattern with little rounded ears. The costume is easy to put on and take off because of the snap-straps. It’s the perfect costume for a party or even just for keeping warm during the draftiness of winter.

61. Fire Marshal

Best Dog Halloween CostumesYour dog might not respect authority, but with this costume he can BE the authority. These red and attention grabbing best dog Halloween costumes come with a red jumpsuit and a fire-hat to make your pooch look like a Fire Marshall.

If you have a Dalmatian, this pet costume is a must-have. There’s even a cute little flame symbol on it. Find a hose, get a real firefighter’s uniform for yourself and both of you will be ready to rock the Halloween in appropriate dress-ups.

62. Iron Man

Best Dog Halloween CostumesPossibly one of the best superheroes of all time, this Marvel character can come to life for your dog. This jumpsuit is red and gold and has the iron man’s form stamped on the back. There’s even a little hood, so your dog can pretend that Iron Man’s head is his.

The coolest part? There are LED lights on it that light up so you can see the full effect. Note that sizes on these Iron Man best dog Halloween costumes only run as small, so unfortunately, only your little pooch will be able to play the tough one this Halloween.

63. R2D2

Best Dog Halloween CostumesFinally, we come to the last of Star Wars character dog costumes in our set, and it’s a big one – R2D2 dog costume. This costume for pets has a robotic-printed jumpsuit that will make your Fido look like the spitting image of one of the world’s favorite robots.

The outfit also has a little cap hat on it to look like R2D2’s. The largest size fits dogs with a 28-inch neck and 24-inch chest (circumference-wise), which is large enough for most dogs. Keep up the geeky spirit on Halloween!

64. Dewback

Best Dog Halloween CostumesAnother Star Wars character, the Dewback, is a giant Tatooine reptile. It’s also now a costume for your dog, complete with a little stormtrooper on his back.

If I remember my Star Wars lore correctly, dewbacks were always fat and pretty slow moving, but they could be fast if they wanted to be. The costume itself, in addition to the Stormtrooper, contains a green jumpsuit and a little Dewback headpiece. It’s one size fits all, and it is best for medium-sized dogs.

65. T-Rex

Best Dog Halloween CostumesTo finish off with a roar, this T-Rex costume will transform your dog from canine into carnivore. The outfit comes patterned in brown and orange scales with ferocious white teeth on the headpiece.

There are even tiny little arms that come out from the sides to finish off the character. The size can fit larger dogs, such as hounds, though sizes may vary.

Whether wacky, cute, or weird, these best dog Halloween costumes are great for all occasions, holidays, birthdays, whenever. Have fun with your dog by transforming him or her into crazy creatures or other wild characters. Happy shopping and, most importantly, have fun on upcoming Halloween!