This 3-In-1 Dog Toy May Be All You’ll Ever Need

Dog toys should challenge your pet and exercise his mind. They should be entertaining in order to keep his attention for long periods of time. Simple toys, like ropes or balls, are great for an interactive game of fetch or tug, but what about those times when you aren’t home or don’t have the time to entertain your pet? He needs a selection of toys that are designed for independent play as well.

These Puzzlement dog toys from KONG offer your pet a puzzling challenge with varying degrees of difficulty to engage his problem solving skills. These toys consist of a stuffed animal toy with long limbs and a puzzle ball around them that allows you to push the head, arms and legs inside the ball. Both the toy and the puzzle ball are made from soft material so you won’t have to worry about your dog hurting himself as he bites and scratches to get at the stuffed toy.

The varied textures of the Puzzlement toys will entice your dog and keep him entertained. He’ll also be drawn to the crinkle and squeaking noises made by the toy. You can purchase Puzzlement toys in four characters and two different sizes. The greatest thing about them is that they can be used in tug or fetch as interactive toys, but your pet can also enjoy them independently when you are occupied.

Our dogs are certainly spoiled, like most family pets, but we also try to stick to a budget when it comes to the products that we buy for them. I try to buy versatile dog products so I can get the most for my money. Puzzlement toys are essentially three toys in one. They can be used for tug, fetch or as a puzzle toy for your dog to use on his own. You can purchase this one toy instead of buying three separate toys for tugging, fetch and independent stimulation and brain training.

I’m not sure how durable Puzzlement toys from KONG are, so you shouldn’t leave your pet alone with the toy if he is an aggressive chewer or if he likes to shred things. You can find these toys wherever KONG products are sold, which is in virtually every large and small pet retail store in the world, and via almost every online pet retailer as well. Unique toys are great, but if your dog loves it and ruins it within a few months you may have a hard time trying to find a replacement.

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