More Tips to Stop Dog Barking

For every respectable dog owner it's a compulsory to comprehend the reason why their dog barks excessively. In natural circumstances, it's absolutely not uncommon for dogs to be barking more than you would like them to bark. The truth is, expecting dog barking to stop is like expecting a baby to stop crying.

Barking is the most common way for dogs in expressing their excitement, feeling of fear, loneliness, their urge for attention. It is their way of greeting or trying to warn the owner to be cautious if there's some sort of danger around.

But when dogs bark abnormally, we usually perceive it as something unusual has happened that our dogs attempt to convey in their own unique way. They are probably facing an uncommon situation or a strange human being they have never been in touch with before. Or they could just as easily be simply bored and in need of a new dare or stimulation.

However, speaking from experience I know that oftentimes, an unwanted dog barking becomes a nuisance for all family members, especially when it happens in the middle of the night when plenty of sleep is what we crave the most. At that point, we should prudentially analyze what caused our dogs to behave like that. If the reason for excessive barking is not a person that makes them feeling insecure, we can (and should!) simply train our dogs not to bark excessively anymore.

Before you go ahead and think of using any type of training dog collars, you might try some of these tips below.

3 Tips to Stop Excessive Dog Barking

1. Get your dog to exercise

More Tips to Stop Dog Barking Dogs

Just like us — the people, dogs also need exercise as they were born to work for a living. Stagnant state can possibly make them bored. For majority of dog breeds, exercise will keep them busy which is supposed to be their natural environment. Lack of activity might relate to such excessive barking behavior as some of those dogs get bored very easily and need a challenge.

So whenever you have a free minute, grab some to snack on, your ultimate dog backpack (you do have one, don't you?) and your loved one and go for a run, or a game of fetch in the park.

2. Train your dog

Just like with other tips on barking we have previously discussed, you should stay on top of our dogs' training. You must discipline them so they can get their own food and water; do some clicker training, leash training and so forth. And while you're at it, make sure to include some (no-)barking training, too.

With time, you'll find which training methods work best with your dog.

Some of those methods can be adopted easily by your pet, while others might never work. It's all just a matter of time and practice. The governing idea of this vast amount of training is to discipline the dog, and eventually they will learn that there are things that are good and things that are bad. That's the best way for them to learn to control their excessive dog barking behavior.

3. Express affection towards your dog

Affection and love of your pet should always be a part of one's dog training program. Ask them to “hush!” in a calm, soft, but firm voice. Shouting at them to “shut up” will only stimulate them to bark more as they think you are joining the club.

Try to patiently wait until your dog stops barking and gently treat them with affection as soon as they do stop. This trick will finally make them figure out that if they discontinue the noise they produce at the command “hush!”, they get attention and affection (which they obviously love). I've already tested it, it works!

Here is what you have to remember. Training your dogs to stop barking is not a one day process, it really does take time. It took me about half a year to finally figure everything out, but you can do it quicker if you follow all the tips I'm providing you with. And as long as you have patience and plenty of love for your awesome pet, you will soon find a way to communicate better with them and the training process should become easier at that point.


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