Tortured Puppy Makes Miraculous Recovery
Photo: Unleashed Pet Rescue

Dog are very emotional animals. They will also do anything to please their masters and get a pat on the back for a job well done. The disaster happens when the people who are supposed to protect and show them love turn out to be the aggressors – heartless monsters who torture them.

Not everyone shows canines, or any animal for that matter, the love and respect that they deserve.

That’s very sad.

Now, meet Jax, a lucky-to-be-alive pit bull puppy who escaped the death call by a whisker. If it were not for the Good Samaritan who made a post about her on a local Facebook page, Jax would be no more. The lady recalls it as one of the saddest moments she has ever experienced to date.

Tortured Puppy Makes Miraculous Recovery
Photo: Unleashed Pet Rescue

The puppy was in very bad shape – gaping wounds to his neck and head. His body was swollen, his eyes shut.  She says she could barely recognize the puppy as a dog. He was clearly suffering, and looked like he was used as bait in those outlawed but secretive dog fights. When he began to wag his tail, she knew that there was hope.

She wanted to help, but wouldn't able to do it alone. The woman reached out for assistance with the help of social media. The puppy was taken to an intensive care unit where he spent two weeks. With time, his condition improved.

Initially, he used to struggle to wag his tail. But after a week, his tail wag was a little stronger.

Later, he started to enjoy her company, his spirit started coming back. The cute smile followed. He was released from the intensive care facility after two weeks and placed in a foster home.

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Usually, small dogs and puppies are used to test other dog’s fighting instincts in a dog fighting ring. Bait dogs are proffered as they help to build the confidence of the fighter dogs. When larger dogs are used, their mouths are often taped shut to prevent them from fighting back.

Dog fighting is illegal in all the 50 states. No one talks about it. In fact, the number one rule in the dog fighting ring is that no one should talk about it. But the most distressing thing about it is that if the dog survives, it might be used to fight again. And, if it is not taken back to another fight, it is taken back to the chain where they use it to breed more new fighters.

Tortured Puppy Makes Miraculous Recovery
Photo: Unleashed Pet Rescue

They never care even when the animals are bleeding to death.

These dogs are gentle and loving to the owners who are responsible for abusing and torturing them. The handlers manipulate and exploit the puppies eager to please nature, and the dogs are trained and conditioned to kill not people, but other dogs.

But not all dogs rescued from fighting centers have aggression towards other dogs.  About 60% of the rescued dogs are super aggressive and usually euthanized. The others are taken to foster centers to wait for adopters.

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