Tractive Offers Dog Owners Piece of Mind

Another great product on display at the Consumer Electronics Show was the Tractive pet monitoring system. Tractive offers an entire line of pet monitoring products for both dogs and cats, and their products link to smartphones with both Android and iOS operating systems.

The device attaches easily to the existing collar and can track your pet’s exact location in real time. The free app that goes with the monitor also lets pet owners manage important information like vet appointments, allergies, vaccinations, and much more.

The battery lasts for 2-5 days and is easily recharged in just two hours. It is recommended for pets over 9 pounds and only weighs 1.2 ounces so your pooch will hardly know it is attached to their collar. Tractive works in more than 80 countries and can be purchased online or at many chain and local pet stores.

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