Tuggo is a Water-Filled Toy That Lets Your Dog Play Tug When You’re Not Home

Most dogs like to play with pull toys. Tug-of-war is fun for them and allows you to actively play with your pet. But what about when you're not home or if your dog wants to tug but you don't have the time? The Tuggo Dog Toy was invented for these situations.

The Tuggo is a simple variable tension tug-o-war toy that is designed for one dog to play with, but it can also accommodate two tuggers if need be. The dog toy features a 10 inch ball, which is molded from hard plastic, with a rope through its middle. The ball can be filled with sand or water to create various amounts of tension suitable for your individual dog’s needs.

If filled with water the toy will provide about 20 pounds of resistance, and you can increase that amount if you choose to fill it with sand. The toy's patent-pending, unique design allows the rope to be pulled through the ball freely without leaking water or sand! Both the ball and the rope are extremely durable and can stand up to tough chewers and aggressive tuggers.

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