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Is This Wearable the iPod of Pet Insurance?

Is This Wearable the iPod of Pet Insurance
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Anyone that knows anything about business will tell you that Apple knows how to market products. iPhones, iPads, Apple computers – it seems like everything that company touches turns to gold. But have you ever stopped to think about the iPod and its umbilical link to iTunes? Apple used the iPod device to attract people to iTunes which will ultimately build an ongoing customer relationship for the company. Now, one wearable device is trying to do the same thing for pet insurance.

Nearly half of the households in the U.S. have a dog and more than 35% have a cat, but only 2% of pet parents have any type of pet insurance. Some pet owners don’t realize that pet insurance exists, and many that do know about it don’t realize how affordable it can be. Some pet parents are confused by the pet insurance options that are available to them, and they aren’t sure if the cost is worth the coverage they will receive.

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Is This Wearable the iPod of Pet Insurance
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A new pet product has recently hit the market that is acting like a Trojan horse to get pet parents to sign up for insurance for their Fido or feline. Anthony Dubbaneh, creator and CEO of Nuzzle, believes that his product may change the way that dog and cat owners see pet health insurance. The device is a smart collar for animals that allows their owners to keep track of their location and activity level through the accompanying smartphone app.

Not only will the app help owners track their pet’s activity, but it can also help them sign up for pet insurance with a quick tap. The Nuzzle is a water-resistant pet tag that comes with a collar and can also be attached to your dog’s existing collar if you choose. It contains a GPS radio and some simple sensors, allowing you to keep track of your dog throughout the day. The app allows you to set up a geofence perimeter, and it will alert you when your dog leaves the designated area.

Nuzzle will also record your dog’s activity level throughout the day. If his energy level dips or greatly increases, you’ll be aware of the change and can consider consulting your veterinarian. The tag also contains a temperature monitoring device in case your pet becomes overheated and an impact detection device in the event that your pet gets hit by a car. There are many similar products on the market right now, but the Nuzzle stands out from the crowd.

For starters, many similar devices are attached to the collar that they ship with, but Nuzzle gives pet owners the ability to choose the color and style collar that they prefer. Nuzzle is also specifically designed with easily-changeable batteries and there are no monthly fees for the service. You can buy the device for about $150 and the app is free for users to download. The only monthly fee would come from signing up for pet insurance.

Is This Wearable the iPod of Pet Insurance
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Pet insurance is most often marketed through direct mail right now, which looks like any other piece of junk mail and is usually tossed in the trash. The industry needed a way to market pet insure that was compelling and original – enter the Nuzzle. They market a useful product and it opens the door to a conversation about pet insurance with consumers; not just any consumers, their niche market – pet owners.

Creative marketing like this has the potential to drive sales of the Nuzzle through the roof and also educate more dog owners about pet insurance. By pairing two products together that are both geared toward the health of animals, it is a benefit to both sides. Not to mention, educating pet parents about the benefits of health insurance for companion animals is a great feat on its own.

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