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Lishinu – World’s First Intelligent Hands-Free Dog Leash

How many times have we been walking our dogs and wished we had an extra hand? Or feared bending over to tie our shoes because we might lose grip on our canine companion's lead? These occurrences are all too-real for many of us.

This situation occurred with Grega, one of the inventors of Lishinu, when his dog, Red, bolted while out on a walk. He was unable to grab the leash quickly enough, and he lost Red for four days. After the stress and anxiety he experienced, Grega did not want other pet parents to suffer through the same circumstance.

That's when he and his partner came up with Lishinu, a hands-free retractable leash that makes walking your dog…well…a walk in the park. This revolutionary new product is not only going to change the face of walking our dogs, but our pooches are going to be safer for it, too.

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What Is A Lishinu

Lishinu is a lightweight retractable leash that actually Velcros around the wrist for a hands-free way to walk and control our dogs when we're out and about. This invention is perfect for avid joggers, people who are constantly needing to multi-task or for those that simply want to keep their hands unfettered when out with their canine companion.

It features a completely and automatically retractable, reflective 3.5 meter (about 9.5 feet) quick pull and lock lead. It is button-free, so all you have to do is simply pull to tug the lead in the other direction. Lishinu then automatically locks just like a seatbelt, allowing complete control over your furry pet.

In addition, when this leash locks, it creates a clicking sound that a dog will eventually come to associate as the leash being shortened up; say goodbye to those sudden and jolting chokes on your dog's throat.

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The makers also took into consideration the times when you need to shorten your dog's lead, like when in a crowded area or walking through traffic or a parking lot. They've added a simple reflective handle-like extension to grasp when you need to keep Fido close.

What Is A Lishinu

The neoprene and ergonomically padded wrist attachment is not only comfortable, compact and convenient it can attach to most objects so you can enjoy a break with your dog, without having the leash around your wrist. Plus, it comes in four neon colors and six fashionable hues or you can pick-n'-choose with your choice of seven interchangeable Lishinu covers so you will always be stylin'.

Pet parents are raving about the convenience they now have when jogging, hiking with hiking poles or using their cell phones when out with their canine companions. Lishinu is going to make those other cumbersome and out-dated leases a thing of the past. This product is the wave-of-the-future.