Giveaway: Mutts And the City Hands Free Dog Leash System

Are you tired of juggling your dog's leash, car keys, cell phone and other objects while going for your daily walk? Have you been thinking of trying a hands free walking system? Mutts and the City offers an exceptional system that includes a hands free dog lead and belt with an attached pouch to store your belongings, and you have a chance to win this prize worth over $40 by participating in our FREE giveaway!

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If you don't walk your dog on a leash very often, you may not be interested in something like this. However, if you and your pooch are avid walkers, you're going to love this product – I promise! A hands free dog leash system is basically a belt with an attachable leash. You strap the belt on, attach the leash and you're all set to walk your dog while keeping both hands free.

Keep in mind that this hands free leash from Mutts and the City should only be used with dogs that are well trained on a leash. If your dog pulls, he could hurt you or easily pull you over with one good tug.

Mutts And the City Hands Free Dog Leash System Giveaway

Mutts And the City Hands Free Dog Leash System Giveaway

About the product you will receive

The belt that comes with this system is equipped with chrome D-rings on either side, allowing you to walk multiple dogs at once. If you have two well-behaved dogs that walk well together, this would get both leashes out of your hands. If you only walk one dog at a time, you will have the ability to switch the leash from the right to left side when needed.

Mutts and the City has also equipped the belt with a convenient nylon carry pouch. The pouch is very handy, but it does come off the belt if you prefer not to use it. The pouch is large enough to fit an iPhone 6, car keys, debit or credit cars, dog treats, poop bags and any other small item you may want to take along on your walks.

The belt also has a shock absorbing neoprene backing for added comfort and a quick release buckle for safety.

Mutts And the City Hands Free Dog Leash System Giveaway
Photo: Samantha Randall

The second piece of the Mutts and the City hands free dog leash system is the leash. Made of soft stretch nylon, it has a soft foam handle and a built in jerk reduction system.

You can walk both large and small breeds comfortably with this hands free dog leash. 

You can also use the dog leash separately if you don't need the belt. Of course, that takes away from the “hands free” aspect, but you never know when you may just need a standard lead.

To learn more about this product, you can read my extensive review here.

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Mutts and the City Hands Free Dog Leash Review

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