Control Your Dog in Busy Areas With The Mongrel Dog Leash System

I may be biased, but my dogs have always been well behaved on a leash. We work with them from the first day we bring them home to make sure that they walk well on a lead, don’t pull, and know how to heel when we need them to. That being said, not every dog is like that. Don’t feel bad…our newest addition, a 12 week old chocolate Labrador retriever, is not one of those dogs either.

Walking her in a busy areas is a nightmare, and that’s putting it lightly. She’s a puppy, so she does all the typical naughty puppy behaviors. She jumps, she pulls, and she tries to dart off into traffic when she thinks I’m not paying attention. Needless to say, she’s not ready for a retractable leash just yet, but something like the Mongrel Dog Leash System from EzyDog would definitely be beneficial.

The thing I like best about this leash is that it is made for all dogs. I could use it effectively for our puppy and continue using it with her as she grows. The first piece of the system is the 12-inch lead, which is ideal to use as a training aid to keep your dog within arm’s reach at all times. The strong handle has a durable rubber grip that won’t pinch your hand. The sturdy clip at the end can connect to your dog’s collar or to the leash extension.

Unfortunately, you have to purchase the leash extension separately, which I don’t really like. I like bundle packages that offer everything you need with one cheaper, convenient price, but that’s not the way they sell this leash system so I’ll move on. The leash extension adds an additional 24-inches of length to the leash. It’s equipped with EzyDog’s original shock absorbing technology, to save the strain on your arm and shoulder.

The best thing is that, when necessary, you can still clip the lead to the dog’s collar without having to take the extension off. Not only is that convenient, but the loop formed by the extension provides a second handle in case you need to hold on to your pet with both hands. This system covers everything from training to casual walks, and you can get both pieces of equipment for less than $40. If you compare that to the cost of a training lead and a separate leash it’s not much more expensive. Plus, you’ll get the added convenience that this system offers, which you wouldn’t have with two separate products from another brand.

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