What's Wrong With My Dog - The 5 Best Symptom Checkers Online

It's normal to be worried about your dog if you notice some changes in his health or behavior.

If the issue doesn't appear urgent, knowing what is wrong with your dog can help you address the problem better and help him get well faster before making a trip to the vet.

So the next time you wonder, “what's wrong with my dog?”, try a canine symptom checker to help you pinpoint the potential problem.

While online dog symptom checkers should not be a replacement for a vet checkup, they can still provide valuable insight and advice.

So, here are some of the best symptom checkers for dogs you can find online.

PetMD Symptom Checker

PetMD Symptom Checker

The great thing about PetMD is the fact that they have a very extensive database for pet health information, probably bigger than any other site.

They are also a part of a worldwide network of veterinarians who create content for this website, which means that professionals deliver their information and can be trusted.

Their symptom checker is extremely easy to use.

All you have to do is choose the type of pet you have, dog in this case and then click on the affected body part.

After you select the body part, you will see a list of the possible ailments on the right. Check the symptoms your dog is showing and you will get a list of articles related to those symptoms.

This can give you some idea on the possible medical issue your dog has.

PetMD has more than 2.000 articles on pet health issues, which is more than enough to get you started.

While there are other good symptoms checkers out there, PetMD is probably the best one.

Vets4Pets Symptom Checker

Vets4Pets Symptom Checker

While this website doesn’t have a lot of great content on dog health since there are no articles to read, it does have a very good symptom checker.

Since they deal with many different pets, you first have to select the type of pet.

Once you choose dogs, you can then choose the symptoms. However, you can only select one symptom at the time and there are only around 30 symptoms you can choose.

When you choose the symptom, you will then get additional questions.

After you answer them, you will get advice on your next steps and if the situation seems urgent, they will provide you with the location of the nearest vet.

PetsWebMD Symptom Checker

PetsWebMD Symptom Checker

This is a part of the well-known symptom checker for humans, WebMD, dedicated to pets.

It is full of amazing content and you can find any health-related information on this website.

As far as their symptom checker goes, it is very extensive and allows you to choose from many symptoms, sorted by alphabetical order.

However, the checker only allows you to choose one symptom at the time.

When you select the symptom, you will get to the article about that symptom, possible underlying causes and treatment options.

The symptom checker also allows you to browse possible health conditions and behavioral problems, once again in alphabetical order.

Pet Coach Symptom Checker

Pet Coach Symptom Checker

Previously known as PetEducation, this website is also a great resource for dog owners when it comes to the health of their furry friends.

There are many great articles written by veterinarians and their staff which focus on canine health issues and provide a lot of insight.

The symptom checker is similar to the one on PetsWebMD, but it is not nearly as extensive since it only lists around 20 most common symptoms.

However, that is enough in most cases and when it is not, you should consider going to the vet anyway.

When you find and choose the symptom your dog is experiencing, you will open a helpful article with possible health conditions and advice on further steps to take.

K9-Wellbeing Symptom Checker

K9-Wellbeing Symptom Checker

This is another website where you can find reliable information regarding canine health. However, that information is not backed by vets like on PetMD, which doesn’t mean it isn’t trustworthy but it does lack a bit of credibility.

Their symptom checker has a lot of symptoms listed. However, you can only search one symptom at a time, which doesn’t always provide you with the most accurate results.

The symptoms are organized in alphabetical order and each symptom has a list of multiple links to the articles about the most common health issues associated with that symptom.

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What's Wrong With My Dog - The 5 Best Symptom Checkers Online

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