Best Dog Illness Symptom Checker Online

Dogs require almost as much attention to their health as humans do. They get ill, they catch nasty diseases and viruses outside or from other dogs, and they develop all types of health issues as they age. It's important stay on top of your dog's health, and using the best dog illness symptom checker can often be incredibly handy.

You don't always need to consult a site to see that there's something wrong with your pooch. Oftentimes it’s obvious that your pet needs to go to the veterinarian right away; however, those vet visits can be very costly. This is when the best dog illness symptom checker can come in handy so we can pinpoint what exactly is the issue with our dogs.

Unfortunately, our canines can't tell us how they are feeling or help us understand the severity of their illness. Occasionally, what looks like a minor health issue can be a symptom of something far more serious. It's up to us to monitor our dogs' health, notice any symptoms of illnesses and decide whether or not our Fido needs to see the vet.

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In recent years, many cat and dog websites have been popping up on the internet to help pet owners decide if their dog’s symptoms are serious enough to evoke a trip to the vet, or if it’s okay to wait and see if the illness passes on its own. Some of these best dog illness symptom checker sites can be quite dependable, but much like anything else, there are a lot of unreliable sources out there, too.

What's the Best Dog Illness Symptom Checker?

How to check dog health symptoms

Below is a list of some of the most dependable, accurate and tested best dog illness symptom checker sites you can use to try to diagnose your dog.

Keep in mind that these sites cannot give any definite answers, and it is up to you to consult with a licensed veterinarian if your dog has a serious medical problem.

We'll start with the most popular dog symptom checker that appears to be the favorite of majority of dog owners, according to their input online.

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PetMD's dog illness symptom checker has quickly become one of the most well-known websites for pet health information. They are the largest source of dog and cat based health information in the world, and are part of a worldwide network of veterinary professionals.

Best Dog illness Symptom Checker

The content on petMD's website is created by veterinarians and then approved by petMD’s own veterinary team, so you know you can trust the information you receive.

It is extremely easy to use the symptom checker on the petMD website as well. First, you select the type of pet that you have, in this case a dog, and then they show you a full body outline of the animal and you just click the area that is affected.

A list of ailments will pop up and you can select all the symptoms your pet is showing. When you’re done selecting, it will compile a list of articles based on the symptoms you chose, providing you with some ideas on potential medical conditions your dog has. petMD offers over 2,000 articles on dog and cat health issues, which is a great place to start reading.

Take a look at these informative articles below on how to prevent many potential health problems your dog may develop:

Let's move onto the second best dog illness symptom checker in case you didn't find the one at petMD's website too helpful.

K9-WellBeing's dog illness symptom checker also offers a very reliable source of canine health information and an accurate dog illness symptom checker. They provide a long list of symptoms dogs have, organized in alphabetical order. All you have to do is scroll down to the symptom your dog is having, and there you will see a list of links to articles about common health problems associated with that symptom.

Best Dog Illness Symptom Checker for Pets

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The biggest con of using's website is – unlike petMD's site – this one only uses one symptom at a time. But as we all know, sometimes our dogs may be exhibiting more than one ailment, so it would be beneficial if we could input more symptoms in this system.

Also, unlike petMD's symptom illness checker, the information on this website is not backed by veterinarians. Although it seems like their articles are sound, and I'm sure they have done their best to research all the dog health information using trusted sources, it still doesn’t come from experienced vets, and that to me is a con.

PetEducation's dog illness symptom checker also supplies fast and accurate answers based on your dog’s health symptoms; however, they only offer a list of 23 of the most common symptoms that dogs often experience. Chances are your dog’s symptoms are on the list, and if they aren’t it would probably be best to seek professional attention anyway, but there is a wider selection of symptoms on the previous two sites.

Pet Illness Symptom Checker at PetEducationPetEducation's site by itself is a great resource for dog owners on pet health. It is a division of Drs. Foster and Smith that run one of the most popular online dog supplies website. Their dog illness symptom checker is backed by over 2,500 articles written by the veterinarians themselves and their staff, and these articles focus on canine health issues that they have personally had experience with.

Diet and supplementation is an important part if we want to keep our pets healthy. See these articles below written by a certified and currently practicing DVM to learn how to care for your dog if you want to keep his health in top shape and decrease the number of times you have to visit a veterinarian:

What is Best Dog Illness Symptom Checker for Pets

Caring for a sick dog

It is extremely upsetting when your puppy or adult dog becomes sick. Perhaps the most frustrating part is that they aren’t able to tell us exactly what is bothering them. Early intervention in pet healthcare is completely reliant on the observations of the dog’s caregiver.

Caring for your dog's health can get expensive once you start paying for those vet visits. If you are worried about the expense of your dog's healthcare, you may want to consider pet health insurance.

A small fee every month could save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in emergency vet bills down the road.

Take a look at these articles for more tips on how to save money on dog healthcare and how to care for a dog when you're on a tight budget:

Going back to the dog health symptoms, in most cases, these signs of illness in dogs usually aren't tremendously extreme in the beginning, thus it’s tough to tell if a vet appointment is necessary right away.

Running your dog’s symptoms through one of those online illness symptom checkers can save you an unnecessary trip to the vet, or possibly show you that the trip should be scheduled sooner rather than later.

When in doubt, never trust an online resource; always speak to a licensed veterinarian and have your dog looked at. Many canine health conditions can become severe if not treated right away.

If your dog's illness symptoms seem to be progressing quickly, it is best to seek professional help right away. You may be thinking about the expense of an office call, but if you let things progress and your pet needs surgery or an overnight stay at the clinic, your bill is going to be a whole lot higher.


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