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WonderWoof Brings Fashion to Dog Technology

WonderWoof Brings Fashion to Dog Technology
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Betsy Fore could not figure out why her beloved dog was gaining so much weight. She was gone to work all day, and she wondered what he was up to while she was away. Her solution was to create the WonderWoof Bow Tie for dogs. It is a bow shaped activity monitor that clips onto a dog’s collar.

The WonderWoof Bow Tie communicates with the WonderWoof app. The bow tie is equipped with an accelerometer that sends information to the app about the dog’s activities during the day. The bow tie uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the app.

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The app features a scheduler that allows pet parents to input appointments, playdates, medication reminders, and any other useful information that they would like saved. The app also alerts owners when their dog is out of range, which is great if you frequent the dog park or take a lot of off leash walks. The app also lets users connect with each other to discuss issues with their dog, get advice, set up playdates, or just connect with other dog loving humans.

WonderWoof Brings Fashion to Dog Technology
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The WonderWoof uses a rechargeable battery that connects with a Micro USB and it lasts about a week before it needs to be charged again. An LED indicator will light up when the WonderWoof’s battery is running low. The device is fully waterproof, so it’s great for active dogs and dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors.

The aesthetics are definitely what sets WonderWoof apart from other activity monitoring products for pets. The app uses a bright pastel template and is well designed and very user friendly. The bow ties come in six funky colors with fun names including Bad to the Bone Orange, Dogquamarine Blue, Candy Cane Pink, Hounds Grey, BowTie Black, and Puppy Purple.

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Not that you need incentive to play with your dog, but WonderWoof gamifies tending to your pooch by allowing you to earn bone bites and badges when you and your dog reach certain milestones. The activity monitor will track your pet’s eating, sleeping, and activity whether you’re playing with them or stuck in the office.

Users will receive updates on their phone throughout the day so they can keep tabs on what their dog is up to. You’ll know when your pet is active during the day, and it could help you track what time the dog walker comes as well. You can use the information to track any differences in your pet’s behavior too, so you’ll always be on top of your dog’s health.

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