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ZenCrate: The Smart Crate for Anxious Dogs

ZenCrate The Smart Crate for Anxious Dogs
Photo: ZenCrate

Two business partners have invented a therapeutic den for dogs suffering from anxiety. It is known as the ZenCrate and provides a revolutionary treatment for a sometimes impossible-to-solve issue.

For dogs suffering from seemingly incurable anxiety, there is new hope on the horizon. It comes in the form of the newly invented ZenCrate, now available for pre-order. This unique dog crate works by effectively acting as a safe space for your dog, providing immediate and chemical-free relief during times of stress and anxiety.

It provides features such as noise cancellation, vibration isolation, and reduced light to calm your dog and reduce anxiety quickly. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety or fear of loud noises (such as fireworks and thunderstorms). This condition is a notoriously difficult one to resolve among dog owners, often causing frustration when none of the conventional methods seem to work.

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ZenCrate The Smart Crate for Anxious Dogs
Photo: ZenCrate

Existing treatments, until now, have typically come in the form of anti-anxiety medication and tightly fitted vests. These are not ideal for several reasons. Many people are not comfortable giving their dogs medications for anxiety; these medications oftentimes have negative side effects.

While the close-fitting shirts and vests are a more natural approach, they also fall short. They are not always observed to be effective, and they are not always available in the correct size for exceptionally big or small dogs.

With both medication and anxiety shirts, the owner must be there to administer the treatment. With ZenCrate, the dog can choose self-administration. This is one of the innovative features which sets it apart from any other known method of anxiety treatment for canines.

ZenCrate The Smart Crate for Anxious Dogs
Photo: ZenCrate

In addition, the effects of the ZenCrate are immediate. The same cannot be said for medication, which must process for about 30-60 minutes before the dog feels any difference. Some prescription medications need weeks to build up in the pup's system before becoming effective.

The ZenCrate combines modern technology with ancient techniques to deliver fast, homeopathic relief to your frightened or anxious pup. The crate automatically detects when the dog enters it, and instantly starts playing calming music. The ZenCrate’s acoustics cancel outside noise, keeping the music inside and preventing the dog from hearing the noises which are causing distress.

Features such as light reduction and confined geometry also aid in keeping the animal calm after entering. One of the cooler features of this crate is that it has technology designed to dampen vibrations, which reduces the vibrations felt by stressors such as thunderstorms and heavy machinery.

One of my favorite features is the Wi-Fi enabled camera, which allows you to see you dog from your smartphone, and check in with him whenever you want. The developers were even smart enough to give it a battery backup system in case a storm knocks the power out!

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ZenCrate The Smart Crate for Anxious Dogs
Photo: ZenCrate

Memory foam beds provide luxurious comfort, and make it so that your dog will want to be in this crate. This is extremely important, as the main goal in crate training is to make the crate a welcome and positive space.

The ZenCrate was inspired by co-creator Jonathan Azevedo’s dog Charger, who suffers from a serious fear of thunderstorms. Being located in Florida, where thunderstorms occur daily, Azevedo was faced with the impossible dilemma of knowing his dog would experience severe anxiety every single day. None of the conventional methods worked, so Azevedo paired up with his business partner, Chris Lightcap, to research anxiety in dogs and design the smart crate.

I absolutely love this idea. I have encountered many dogs with anxiety and have counseled many owners experiencing frustration with the issue. In a lot of cases, the problem seems to be impossible to solve. Training, essential oils, medications, anxiety vests, toys; these are all attempted solutions that I have seen fail time and time again in the attempt to calm anxious animals.

The most frustrating part is that a lot of animals experience their stress when the owner is away from home. Sending your dog to daycare or hiring a daily dog walker can be costly, and not every human or dog is comfortable with those situations. I personally would never administer medication to my pets for anxiety or distress, as I prefer a much more holistic approach to such afflictions.

In my own life, I have found that mindfulness and music go a long way in helping me stay calm, and I want the same chemical-free options for my animals as well. This crate seems to be a one-time investment into a lifetime of calm for any dog (or cat!), and can be used for numerous animals throughout your entire lifetime.

Azevedo and Lightcap launched a Kickstarter.com campaign in 2016, and the ZenCrate is now available for pre-order. If you place your order now, you can receive your crate as soon as April. Crates come with optional features, but start at $450.00.


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