CARING FOR DEAF DOGS is surely a challenging feat.

Good thing that there are deaf dog accessories you can use to make life comfortable and somehow easier for you and your pooch.

There are lots of supplies and products meant for pooches with hearing difficulty that is already available online. No need to go hunting at the nearest store for one.

In this article, we listed down several of our recommended deaf dog accessories for you—from apparel to collars, harnesses, vests, and toys!

Deaf Dog Accessories: What Your Pooch Needs

Before we get to the good stuff, let's discuss first the basics of buying them.

What makes a deaf dog accessory a necessity and not just a waste of money?

Well, first, you want to make sure that the product that you are buying will make your dog feel more comfortable and secure.

It's easy for deaf dogs to feel insecure and nervous especially in an unfamiliar environment simply because they can't hear.

But having the right supplies on hand will help them be more relaxed and confident.

Second, you'd also want to be able to keep better control over your deafie especially since he can't hear your commands.

You'll never know when he'd just sprint away when he gets too nervous, so it's best to have an accessory that will help you keep him in check.

And the last and most important of all is an accessory that will help in keeping your deaf dog safe, especially when he's out and about.

As much as possible, you'd surely want to minimize the risks that come along with being a deaf pet.

Knowing what should be prioritized in buying deaf dog supplies will help you and your furry buddy maximize not only the accessory but also your bonding time together.

Different Accessories for Your Deaf Dog

There are, of course, different accessories that will be helpful for your pooch. Here, we listed down our top picks based on their function and necessity!

1. “Deaf Dog” White CollarDeaf Dog White Color Coded S-M L-XL Buckle Dog Collars

Get this on Amazon for $19.99

It's always best to let others know of your dog's condition especially when you're outside.

It helps them to understand your pooch's extra needs, especially during an emergency.

What's good with this “Deaf Dog” collar from Dexil Limited is its materials.

It's made from durable nylon and anti-corrosion triggers. The ‘D' ring also lets you hook it easily to any leash.

deaf dog collarPlus, the words are embroidered so you'd be sure it won't fade in the long run.

It's one of the top-rated deaf dog collars on Amazon because it is durable, comfortable, and easy to read.

This design is also available as a harness for $24.99 and a leash for $18.99 to $24.99.

2. Engraved “I am Deaf” Dog Collar TagIf It Barks - Engraved Pet ID Tags for Dogs

Get this on Amazon for $12.99

The perfect partner for your deaf dog's collar is a dog tag that's not only cute but functional too.

This highly-rated dog tag from If It Barks can be customizable with whatever design you want.

But most importantly, you can have your contact details engraved on the If It Barks - Engraved Pet ID Tags for Dogs back detailsback just in case the unimaginable happened.

Also, the dog tag is made from high-quality tumbled stainless steel and uses fiber-laser engraving technology that lasts longer than traditional engraving.

3. Soundless Slide-On Collar ID TagLYP Soundless Slide-On Collar Dog ID Tag

Get this on Amazon for $19.95

If you prefer something more sleek looking and where people can see your contact details immediately, try this Soundless Slide-On Collar ID Tag from Love Your Pets Store.

It's also completely personalized where you can put your dog's name and your name, LYP Soundless Slide-On Collar Dog ID Tag when wornaddress and contact information.

Don't worry, it's sure not to rub off on your dog's skin as it's made from a silicone plate and elastic base.

It's also available in different sizes depending on your dog's size and collar size.

4. Vibrating Dog Collar for Deaf DogsPETJOY Vibrating Dog Collars with Remote

Get this on Amazon for $30.99

One of the popular accessories you can buy for a deaf dog is a vibrating collar to help train them with new tricks and commands.

This particular vibrating collar from PetJoy is no-shock and friendly to dogs.

It also has 10 adjustable vibration levels and beeps.

The rechargeable remote control has a maximum standby time of 180 days while the receiver has 60 days.

PETJOY Vibrating Dog Collars with Remote detailsIt can also reach up to 1500 feet of remote control range.

Also, you don't have to worry about it getting wet in the rain or during swimming because this collar is waterproof.

You can check out our other recommendations for the best dog vibrating collars in this article.

5. Deaf Dog HarnessDogline Boston Step in Mesh Dog Harness with Deaf Dog Patch

Get this on Amazon from $11.99 to $19.99

For a more secure leash around your dog on your daily walks, you can opt for a harness like this that comes along with a “Deaf Dog” patch.

Dogline Boston Step in Mesh Dog Harness with Deaf Dog Patch tealThis Boston Mesh Harness is soft and comfortable for dogs.

It also has an easy step-in design that makes putting it on and removing it from your dog as easy as 1-2-3.

But don't worry, escape dog artists won't be able to shake it off just like that thanks to its Quick-Release buckle and Hook and Loop double enclosure.

Oh, and they also come with reflective stripes for night walks! This harness is also available in 8 different sizes and 10 vibrant colors.

6. Deaf Dog VestDogline MaxAire Mesh Vest for Dogs and 2 Removable Deaf Patches

Get this on Amazon from $13.99 to $19.99

This dog vest from Dogline is definitely good for heavy use.

It's made from breathable mesh and durable nylon. You can be assured that your dog is secured without sacrificing comfort.

Dogline MaxAire Mesh Vest for Dogs and 2 Removable Deaf Patches when wornIt also comes with 2 removable patches with eye-catching reflective lettering that makes them visible even in low-light conditions.

Available in 13 colors and in different sizes, this vest can definitely fit your pooch snuggly with its adjustable straps and quick-release belly buckle.

7. Deaf Alert Leash

Get this on Amazon for $11.99Native Pup Service Dog Leash, Blind, Deaf Alert Accessories

There are also dog leashes available online that indicate your dog's condition like this Deaf Alert leash from NaturePup.

It's made of durable polyester and has a heavy-duty metal clasp for secure connection to the vest or collar.

What's more, its color is surely noticeable so you won't worry about losing him in the dog park.

Most buyers are giving it positive reviews, mostly for its durability and sturdiness, value for money, and ease to hold.

8. “Deaf Dog” Warm Coat

Get this on Amazon from $23.99 to $24.99Deaf Dog White Warm Dog Coats S-M M-L L-XL Waterproof Reflective Fleece Lined

Of course, you'd want your deaf dog protected from cold during fall or winter so getting this warm coat from Dexil Limited is a must!

The interior material is made from fleece, so you'd be sure they'd still be pretty warm and toasty even during your outdoor activities.

It's also waterproof and features reflective strips to easily spot them even at night.

However, this warm coat is only suitable for medium to large-breed dogs.

9. Deaf Dog Removeable Patches

Get this on Amazon for $8.52Hook Patches for Service Dog Vest

If you already got a collar, harness, vest, or leash at home, don't sweat it.

You can just purchase a deaf dog patch like this to attach to them.

This patch from Industrial Puppy features reflective and bold lettering on black background for safety and visibility.

Hook Patches for Service Dog Vest detachable

Both patches have a hook backing for secure attachment and yet easily removable.

It can be used in different available vests that you have at home.

They're also durable and long-lasting, made from high-quality and weatherproof polyester.

10. “I'm not ignoring you, I'm Deaf” Triangle Bandana

Get this on Amazon for $12.99I'm Not Ignoring You I'm Deaf Triangle Dog Bandana

Who's to say deaf dogs can't be stylish with this cute and comfortable bandana?

Made of 100% cotton, this bandana is durable yet lightweight.

I'm Not Ignoring You I'm Deaf Triangle Dog Bandana colors

What's more, it's available in One Size Fits Most so you'll not hesitate whether it's for gifting or for your own pooch's use.

It's also available in assorted designs and colors!

11. GPS Tracker 

Get this on Amazon for $49.99Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

If you and your deaf dog are trying to live an active lifestyle a.k.a. weekly hiking or trekking or going into places, it's also best to invest in a GPS tracker so you'd know where to find them in case something happens.

Not only that, some deaf dogs can be quite the escape artists too!

And because of their condition, you can't just call out to them because they can't follow your voice.

But what you could do is track them and go to them instead.

This GPS tracker from Tractive is one of the buyers' favorites on Amazon for its accuracy and features.

It is waterproof, has live tracking and location history, and you can even use it in over 150 countries.

12. Calming Pheromone Collar

Get this on Amazon for $21.99ADAPTIL Calming Pheromone Collar for Dogs

Deaf dogs, especially those who were not born with the condition, can get anxious and overwhelmed by the new sensation.

Experts and dog owners swear by this pheromone collar from ADAPTIL, a non-medicated calming solution for dogs.

It mimics a mother dog’s natural nursing pheromones which helps dogs feel calm and comfortable.

Keep in mind that it only has to be worn so the dog's body heat can activate it.

This pheromone collar can last up to 30 days.

Toys for Deaf Dogs

There are actually various types of toys that will help not only relieve your deaf dog's boredom but also stimulate them physically and mentally.

To cope with their hearing difficulties, dogs usually rely on their other senses to be able to navigate around like their sense of smell, sight, and touch.

One good tip in buying toys for deaf dogs is to make sure that they will help heighten their other senses.

These are the different types of toys you can consider for your deafie:

  • Tactile Toys
  • Puzzle Toys
  • Nosework Toys
  • Visually Stimulating Toys

13. Crunch Veggies Chew Toy

Get this on Amazon for $6.26 to $10.99Petstages Crunchcore and Crunch Veggies Dog Chew Toy - Crunchy Cracking Sound Dogs Love

This is a tactile toy (or toy that stimulates their sense of touch) that your dog can chew for as long as he wants, thanks to its durable build.

What's unique about this toy is it mimics the sound and texture of an empty water bottle which dogs sure enjoy.

But unlike water bottles, it has two inner core layers to retain its shape.

Chew toys like this also help redirect dogs from chewing stuff and furniture at home.

This comes in the classic, pepper, or carrot design and is available in different sizes.

14. Dog Puzzle Feeder Toy

Get this on Amazon for $11.99Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys

Puzzle toys are good for mental stimulation, so getting a puzzle feeder toy like this will definitely benefit your deaf dog.

Not only will this exercise their brains but their sense of smell too.

Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys diff designSuitable for smaller dogs and puppies, this will also encourage them to eat at a slower speed.

This interactive puzzle toy from DR CATCH is available in different designs and layouts.

15. Surprise Destroy Them All Sweet Shop Dog Toy

Get this on Amazon for $10.33Surprise Destroy Them All Sweet Shop Dog Toy

Another toy that will surely stimulate your deaf dog's sense of smell is this fun and interactive toy from Outward Hound.

Surprise Destroy Them All Sweet Shop Dog Toy treatsHow this works is the dog is meant to destroy the sweet treat toy to reveal the second, and then the third toy inside.

It can definitely satiate their curiosity and their need for physical activities too as you can use them to play toss and fetch!

16. Rubber Flying Disc

Get this on Amazon for $11.99KONG - Flyer - Durable Rubber Flying Disc Dog Toy

Nothing's more classic than playing frisbee with your dog, right? And yes, deaf dogs can play them too!

This will not only promote their instinctual need to play, but it will also train their sense of sight.

KONG - Flyer - Durable Rubber Flying Disc Dog Toy actualThe KONG Classic flying disc is made from natural rubber which makes it durable yet forgiving during fetch.

Whether your deafie is a small dog or a large dog, you can get the perfect size of this toy for him.

FAQs on Deaf Dog Accessories

Are vibration collars good for deaf dogs?

Generally, vibrating collars are good for many kinds of training dogs, especially dogs that have difficulty in hearing.

Once they got the hang of it, different patterns of vibrations can be associated with different commands.

It also doesn't hurt as it only sends a buzz to your dog's neck, letting them know what to do next.

However, there are dogs that aren't comfortable with vibrations. While some may find it tolerable, others can panic because of the unfamiliar sensation.

With this, it may be best to resort to other training methods instead to not aggravate their anxiety.

Do dog whistles work for deaf dogs?

Depending on your dog's actual condition, there are some with hearing difficulties that can still feel or pick up the high frequency caused by the shrill sound of a whistle.

But this is on a case-to-case basis—you may need to test it for yourself to see if your dog actually responds to it.

You can check out our recommendation for the best training whistles for dogs.

If he does, then good for you! Make sure to reward him for a job well done. This will surely make training easier for both of you.

Can a deaf dog hear a clicker?

Unlike the whistle with high-frequency noise, the sound from a clicker is more subdued. Chances are your deaf dog won't really hear it.

However, dogs can see it—they can follow your movement when you're using the clicker.

Because of this, you can still use it in training, especially as a marker to signal they did a good job.

This will work best if you hand them a treat right after the clicker so they'd know it only means good things to them.

Deaf Dog Accessories—Final Thoughts

When living and training with a dog that has hearing difficulty, don't skimp on getting them deaf dog accessories because they are surely worth your money.

After all, the collars, harnesses, vests, and even toys for deaf dogs won't only make them entertained or look cute.

They are also definitely going to be helpful in letting deaf dogs live their best life!

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