According to statistics, around 68% of households in the US have a pet, with 90 million dogs in those households. That’s a lot of dog hair to deal with and many of those dog owners also suffer from allergies. One of the best ways to keep your home clean of dog hair and to prevent allergic reactions is to get an air purifier. In this article, we will review five of the best air purifiers for dog hair available on the market.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

The main reason for getting an air purifier for dog hair is to prevent allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. According to WebMD, around 30% of adults and 40% of children in the US have allergies. Additionally, one in five people have either allergy or asthma-related symptoms.

These statistics how prevalent these problems are and dog owners are especially vulnerable to flare-ups due to dog hair, dander and odors. Common symptoms of allergies include sneezing, runny nose, congestion, difficulty breathing and watery, itchy eyes.

However, preventing allergies is not the only benefit of having an air purifier. As a dog owner, it will give you fresh air and filter any bad odors. A good air purifier will also keep your home cleaner, which means that you won’t have to clean as often as you do now.

Air purifier for dog hair

Air Purification Technologies

All of the benefits that come with air purifiers are a result of different air purification technologies. Let’s take a closer look at a few different options that are used in high-quality air purifiers.


High-Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA, is the most common air purification technology used in all air filtration products. The main reason is because it is the one of the most effective methods in trapping airborne particles.


Although HEPA filters are very effective, they can’t get all of the contaminants out of the air. For this reason, many air purifiers on the market combine several purifying technologies. These units are called multi-stage air purifiers and they often include activated carbon filters.

Activated carbon is great at removing volatile organic compounds, gases and odors from the air. These filters use a process called activation to change the structure of the carbon by heating it or with a chemical process. This makes carbon filter air purifiers more efficient than just HEPA brands.


Although ultraviolet (UV) radiation is rarely used as a purifying technology, it is sometimes included as an option in some multi-stage air purifiers. This technology uses a type of UV wavelength (UV-C) to destroy particles and not just trap them as mechanical filters do.

The downside lies in the fact that this type of radiation can be harmful to humans. That’s why only a handful of air purifiers use this technology and they do it in a very efficient manner.


This purifying technology uses physics instead of standard filters. There are metal plates with a negative electronic charge included in the air purifier, which is creating an attraction between particles and the plates.

These “filters” don’t have to be replaced like HEPA filters. Instead, you only have to clean them regularly and they’ll be as good as new.


The last air filter method is ozone purifying technology. Ozone has similar particle-destroying properties as UV-C technology. However, it can also lead to various health issues when humans get overexposed to it.

If you decided to go with an air purifier that uses ozone, you must use it properly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions or you may risk your health.

mom and son with allergies

Tips on Using Air Purifiers for Dog Hair

Air purifiers can be very effective in reducing dog hair, dander and odors but they may not be as effective if you don’t use them properly. Here are a few tips that will help you in getting the most out of your air purifier.

Find the Right Place

You can’t just stick the air purifier in the corner and expect to see great results. While you may do this do keep it out of the way, it won’t be as efficient as it would if you find the right place for it.

For example, most air purifiers maximize their air purifying power if they have at least 18-24 inches of clearance on all sides. It is best to place the air purifier close to the center of the room or in a spot where your dog often spends his time. This way, the purifier will pick up and clean most of the particles before they scatter to other parts of your home.

Keep the Outward Air Flow Free of Obstructions

Similar to the last point, you don’t want to obstruct or block the outward flow of clean air. If there is an obstruction to this path, the fresh air will constantly recycle on itself without getting spread across the room.

If the air filters out of the top of the unit, don’t put your air purifier under a table or something else. In some units, the air comes out on the side or on the front, in which case you shouldn’t block those pathways.

Keep the Air Purifier On

For an air purifier to operate at peak performance, it is necessary to keep it running 24/7. This device is not like a cooling fan that you can turn on and off as you need it. Most models are extremely energy efficient, so there is no need to be worried about it running up your electric bill.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

While it’s not possible to keep windows and doors closed at all times, it is important to keep them closed as much as possible to give your air purifier a chance to clean the air inside the room over and over again.

When your doors or windows are open, the clean air can escape and outdoor pollutants can flow right in, making it harder for your air purifier to keep the air free of contamination.

Change the Filter As Often As You Can

Regular filter changes are necessary because an air purifier is only as good as the filter is. If his filters are dirty and clogged, the unit will not operate effectively.

Most air purifiers for dog hair come with a filter change light. This light indicates when you should change the filter as the manufacturer outlines in the user manual.

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How to Choose the Best Air Purifier for Dog Hair

Now that you know how an air purifier can help you with dog hair, allergens and odors, let’s take a look at some of the most important features to consider when you shop for an air purifier.

Coverage Area

The size of an area that an air purifier can keep clean effectively is called the coverage area and it is probably the most important factor you need to consider. How big the coverage area you need will depend on the size of your room. 

If you are not sure what coverage area you need, you can take measurements to determine it. First, measure the length (L) of the room, and then measure the width (W). After this, multiply the two numbers to get the total area of the room. Choose an air purifier that has a coverage area that slightly surpasses the area of the room.

Particle Removal Efficiency

In addition to the coverage area, there are a couple more factors you should consider before buying an air purifier. These factors are particle removal capacity and clean air delivery rate (CADR).

Particle removal capacity shows how effective an air purifier is in removing particles of certain size. For example, most HEPA filters remove 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is extremely efficient.

Meanwhile, CADR measures the overall capacity of the unit and describes how much air it can process in terms of cubic feet per minute (CFM). Look for the higher ratings when you consider CADR – that means that the unit can clear more air over a certain period of time.

Filtration Type

We’ve already mentioned what air purification techniques exist – now it’s time for you to choose between units with a different number of stages and filtration techniques.

Today, most air purifiers are multi-stage but they can have a different number of stages and each of them can combine different purification techniques.

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Filtration Life

Most air purifiers come with filters that have consumable elements in them, which means that they need to be replaced regularly. How long will the filter last depends on a few factors, especially on the amount of use and the type of filter.

In general, HEPA filters are changed every 2-3 years, while filters with an activated carbon element can last up to 3 to 5 years. As we already mentioned, some air purifiers have permanent filters, like ionic systems that only need to be cleaned regularly. There are also some HEPA filters can also be washed and used indefinitely.

However, most manufacturers will recommend filter changes and suggest an interval after which you should change your filter. This is based on “regular use”, so it may not be suitable for everyone. If you feel like you are using your model frequently, it is perfectly fine to change filters more often.

Ease of Use and Portability

Although most household air purifiers are designed to be portable and easy to use, some are just more convenient than others. 

We suggest choosing units that can easily be picked up and moved to another area. Also, go with those models that are simple to use and don’t require any advanced tech knowledge to operate.

Noise Levels

Compared to air conditioners or box fans, air purifiers are not that loud. However, they do emit some noise. The level of noise is determined by the size of the fan and the overall design of the air purifier.

That being said, most air purifiers produce noise in the range around 50 decibels, which is quieter than the sound of the regular conversation. However, some people find a soft background noise soothing and helpful for falling asleep.

Best Air Purifiers for Dog Hair

Now that you know how to choose the best air purifier for dog hair, it’s time to look at some of the best models that are available on the market.

Winix HR900

1. Winix HR900

Amazon: Find It Here

This is, without a doubt, one of the best air purifiers for dog hair that you can find. However, it is one of the more expensive options. That aside, it is fine-tuned to provide protection from dog hair and other pet allergens and odors thanks to its 5-stage air cleaning system.

Winix HR900 contains two pre-filters, one true HEPA filter, an Activated Carbon filter, plus the unique PlasmaWave technology that can kill airborne germs, bacteria and viruses. The Activated Carbon filter removes odors and keeps your home smelling as fresh as possible.

We had absolutely no issue with this air purifier, as well as the majority of users. However, there is a handful of reports that claim that the unit is not very effective.

Pros: Easy to Use, Multi-Stage, Coverage Area Up to 300 Square Feet, Remote Controller Included, Smart Auto Mode, Plasma Wave Technology

Cons: Expensive, Some Users Found It Ineffective

Levoit LV-PUR131

2. Levoit LV-PUR131

Amazon: Find It Here

One of the best air purifiers for small to medium-sized rooms, Levoit LV-PUR131 can clean air in rooms up to 900 square feet, although it performs best in rooms up to 360 square feet. It is great at removing dog hair, but also dander, dust, pollen and other allergens.

This model is easy to use – you just have to plug it in and turn it on. This is a multi-stage unit with multiple filters, including pre-filter, true HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter. That being said, this unit doesn’t have advanced filters like some other models, such as Ionizer or Antibacterial filter.

This purifier has a feature that automatically adjusts between the three available fan speed settings based on real-time readings of air quality. Additionally, this model is noticeably quiet and you can toggle the light of the LED display. This makes it great for uninterrupted sleep at night. And for a few dollars more, you can get a newer model, Levoit LV-PUR131S, which has Wi-Fi capabilities and can work with Alexa.

However, some users complained about receiving a used unit based on suspicious packaging. There were also reports of motor becoming loud after a few weeks and filters needing a change after only a couple of months.

Pros: Easy to Use, Multi-Stage, Low Noise Levels, Coverage Area Up to 900 Square Feet, LED Display, Smart Auto Mode, Available with Wi-Fi Capabilities

Cons: A Bit Expensive, No Advanced Filters, Reports of Receiving a Used Unit, Some Reports of Loud Motor, Filters May Need Change after a Short While

Hamilton Beach TrueAir

3. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Pet Air Purifier

Amazon: Find It Here

This is one of the most affordable options on the market and probably the most compact air purifier that is quite easy to move from one room to another. It is designed to stand either vertically or horizontally, which makes it even easier to find a convenient place for this air purifier. However, this unit comes with a coverage area of just 160 square feet, so it’s only ideal for small rooms.

If you are worried about dog hair and bad smells, this air purifier is quite effective. It has a set of activated carbon filters for odors. Additionally, this unit has a permanent HEPA filter that can be cleaned with a vacuum. However, the activated carbon filter has to be replaced occasionally.

It also comes with various settings to make it more convenient or efficient, like the Extra Quiet Operation at Night.

While most of the reviews of this product are great, some users didn’t seem happy with the results. There were also some complaints about the unit being loud on higher settings.

Pros: Affordable, Easy to Use, Extremely Portable, Multi-Stage, Low Noise Mode, Permanent HEPA Filter, 3 Fan Speeds

Cons: Coverage Area Just 160 Square Feet, No Advanced Filters, Some Reports of Loud Noise, Some Users Found It Ineffective

Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter

4. Germ Guardian AC5350

Amazon: Find It Here

If you are looking for an air purifier that will provide the most versatile protection from harmful particles, Germ Guardian AC5350 should be your choice. This model is lightweight and extremely portable, as well as easy to use.

This multi-stage unit has 4 different types of filters that increase the effectiveness against particles. It comes with a pre-filter that traps dust and dog hair, a true HEPA filter for pollen, mold spores, and other small particles. It uses UV-C light which removes airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi. It's also equipped with an Activated Charcoal filter that reduces odors from pets, smoke, etc.

Although highly effective, this model has a maximum area coverage of 167 square feet. The filters on this unit have to be replaced, but they will last 6-8 months. This unit also offers a Quiet Mode that reduces the noise and cleans the air while you sleep.

On the downside, we did find this model to be a bit noisy, as did other users. There are also reports of this air purifier breaking after a while, so it may not be as durable as you would expect.

Pros: Easy to Use, Extremely Portable, Multi-Stage, Quiet Mode, Advanced Filters, Versatile

Cons: A Bit Expensive, Coverage Area Just 167 Square Feet, A Bit Loud, Not Very Durable

Coway Airmega 400S

5. Coway Airmega 400S

Amazon: Find It Here

If you are looking for an air purifier for a large area, you should try Airmega 400S since it can handle up to 1,560 square feet of air. This is a large air purifier, so it’s not as portable as some other on our list. Also, it is the most expensive one due to the huge coverage area and other great features.

This air purifier has a multi-stage filtration system that consists of true HEPA filters and Activated Carbon filters, as well as washable pre-filters. Together, these filters can clean up to 99.97% of harmful particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. There is also the pollution sensor that controls indoor air quality and a brightly colored LED ring that displays this in real-time.

This model allows connects to your WiFi and is compatible with your Alexa device.

Unfortunately, there were a handful of reviews complaining about WiFi connectivity issues and issues with the app that comes with it.

Pros: Easy to Use, Coverage Area of 1,560 Square Feet, Multi-Stage, 5 Fan Modes, Low Noise at Lower Speeds, Wi-Fi Capabilities, Can Be Controlled by Mobile App, Works with Alexa

Cons: Very Expensive, No Advanced Filters, Potential Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues and Problems with the App


Since more households are getting dogs every year, people need something to keep their air clear of dog hair, allergens, and odors. 

Air purifiers can do just that and can also protect you from germs, bacteria, viruses and other harmful particles found in the air.

We hope that our guide was useful and that you have found our reviews of the best air purifiers for dog hair helpful.

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5 Best Air Purifiers for Dog Hair

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