Getting a dog is a big commitment, and most future owners – rightfully so – are looking to find a pet that would fit their current lifestyle. Similar to symptom checkers, there are now websites called online dog breed selector quizzes.

Some of the best dog breed quiz online sites will help get you on the right track.

With the hundreds of dog breeds in the canine kingdom, how do you find the right match? Fortunately, there are websites that help you match your preferences to the right breed.

Whether it is a ‘best dog for me' quiz or more systematized tests like the dog breed selector from AKC, it will give you an idea of the kind of pooch you'd welcome into your home in the future.

IAMS Dog Breed Selector

Some websites have an interactive quiz for choosing a dog which makes the experience both fun and insightful.

On a more serious note, a dog breed selector is an easy way to choose a pooch, but you still need to check with yourself what breed types best resonate with you.

When it comes to choosing the right dog for you and your family, many things will need to be considered: breed's personality, temperament, health at different ages, predisposition to serious conditions, costs of grooming and care, how they get along with kids or other pets and much more.

A good dog breed quiz, when done right, can help with this.

The Best Online Dog Breed Selector Quizzes

IAMS Dog Breed Selector

1 Iams Online Dog Breed Choice Quiz

Find it here

Iams, a pet food company, maintains their own websites that focuses on pet nutrition and health care.

They have a dog breed selector to help you find a new family member. Three categories of questions focus on appearance, behaviors, care, and activity level.

Iams has one of the most comprehensive quizzes available online, and once you finish answering the questions, a large list of breeds is available.

Each breed has a percentage of how compatible they might be with you. This allows you to get a few different ideas before you start looking for a pup.

DogTime Dog Breed Selector Quiz

2 Dogtime Dog Breed Quiz

Find it here

Dogtime dog breed selector quiz goes beyond the usual questions and delves into your personality in order to give you a very specific result.

For example, it has a few questions asking how you'd respond in certain situations.

In addition to the 21 questions, the Dogtime website also features some unique tips and facts on the side, giving you more insight into dogs as a whole.

Pedigree Dog Breed Selector Quiz

3Pedigree Dog Breed Selector Quiz

Find it here

The Pedigree Dog Breed Selector quiz is nice and fun, with only 17 questions to complete.

This quiz asks you more about your activities and energy levels along with how much commitment you can do for your future pooch.

That said, it does ask you some questions about your time management and how long you'll have to play with and exercise a potential pup.

AKC Dog Breed Selector

4 AKC Dog Breed Selector

Find it here

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a very well-recognized group that specializes in dog breeds and their recognition in the country.

They have a dog breed quiz with 6 questions that ask some general questions about your lifestyle.

It then gives you a few different breeds to consider. If you don't agree with any of those breeds, you can select the breed you had in mind from a drop-down list, allowing you to see how that dog fits in with your quiz results.

What is an Online Dog Breed Quiz

Online Dog Breed Selector Quizzes and What They Are

A dog breed quiz is a questionnaire, usually done online, that gives future pet owners some insight as to what dog breed might be best for their home, what personality to expect from the breed and how it can fit their lifestyle.

When making such considerations, a dog selector quiz will take a few different details into account.

Expect to answer questions about the following:

  • Where you live (apartment/home)
  • Activities and energy level
  • How often you are away from home
  • Number of members in the family
  • How many children you have, if any
  • The size of your yard
  • Your budget
  • Other pets in the home
  • Your dog training experience
  • The climate where you reside
  • Any allergies you have

Why Questions from a Dog Breed Selector Quiz Are Important

These dog breed quizzes ask many questions, but every single one is important in order to figure out what dog is going to be best for you and your family.

For example, knowing where you live is going to determine what dog will be comfortable with your climate, space available, and more.

Fit for Families and its Members 

You wouldn't want to get a sled dog, like a Malamute, if you live in the deep heat of the south. The same idea applies to your family size.

Some dog breeds are better suited to single people, while others are great with children. Other pets may also play a factor.

Certain dog breeds might get along well with other dogs of their size, but might hate cats.

Match your Lifestyle

Some questions are pretty straightforward. For example, the quiz may ask how active you are which is going to help you figure out if a very energetic and active dog breed is best for you, or if a more relaxed lazy potato pup is right for the family.

Asking about your allergies can help determine if a long-haired breed that sheds a lot can be considered, or if allergy-friendly dogs are your only option.

Dog owning and training experience is also an obvious question: if you don't have prior experience with dogs and their training, a stubborn breed is probably not right for you.

How Much You're Willing to Spend

Finally, your budget is another big consideration when getting a dog. Some dogs have common health issues that can crop up as they age, and this can put a burden on your wallet.

Other dogs may require more investment in their regular grooming. Then there are dog breeds that are low-cost and more affordable for any pet owner.

Dog Breed Selector: Key Factors in Choosing the Right Dog

If you have tried out the “best dog for me” quiz above, you might have noticed that there are similar things asked of you. A dog breed selector quiz would vary depending on the website you're checking.

Some quizzes would focus more on the dog owners rather than on the breed. There is also an interactive quiz for choosing a dog that requires multiple pages but can be very engaging. 

Either way, these dog breed selector quizzes would most likely focus on these key factors:


The size of your preferred pooch should match your living space. There are breeds that live comfortably in a corner of a house, while other dogs thrive in wide, open spaces. 

Energy Level

You should choose breed types that have energy levels like yours. That way, you can meet the needs of your canine without changing your lifestyle that much.

Affectionate With Family

It's very important to choose a dog that feels comfortable among different family members, especially if you're used to having people around. However, there are also some breeds that are quite clingy only to their owners.


If you plan to enter your pooch in shows or help you with a few tasks, then you ought to look for dog breeds with high intelligence. Still, there are some dogs that are easy to train where you can simply teach them basic tricks.


Some dogs shed more than others do. If you're a neat freak, you might consider pooches that shed less.

But if dog fur doesn't bother you, the shedding can still be managed by a quality de-shedding tool.

Best Online Dog Breed Selector Quizzes: In Summary

All of the questions in a dog breed selector quiz are meant to help you find the type of dog breed and even an individual dog that will seamlessly fit into your family and lifestyle.

People who adopt dogs on a whim and find them a poor match will be forced to bring the dog back to the shelter or worse – abandon them. You can avoid that by checking with a dog breed selector about the right kind of pooch for you.

These best dog breed quiz sites should be your first go-to place. Getting a dog is a big step for any family, so don't treat it lightly.

Do your research and come up with a few different breeds to consider before you start looking at adding a dog to your home.

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