Before the internet, hiring a dog sitter likely involved asking your neighbor or family member for a favor.

Searching through the phone book for a reputable business was another reliable method, but it proved time-consuming.

Thankfully, integration into the online realm has connected numerous online platforms. These websites are all dedicated to helping pet owners find the perfect caregiver for their four-legged friend.

When trying to find someone, you'll likely need a trustworthy candidate that gets along well with your dog.

If you're unsure where to start, consider these dog sitter websites.

Best Dog Sitter Websites


best pet sitter website rover
Credit: Courtesy of Rover

Rover is arguably one of the best dog sitter websites in the pet industry, and for a good reason.

The platform is straightforward to use, functioning as an Uber for pet sitters.

Whether you need a dog walker to take your puppy for a stroll when you get caught in meetings or book a week-long getaway, the process is simple.

Rover has many services, including house sitting, boarding, dog walking, drop-in visits, and daycare services.

All sitters on the website must pass a background check, with manual approval from Rover's team of specialists.

This approval helps improve pet owners' trust and security when booking online.

Finally, Rover allows users to filter the results according to services offered, rates, and general memberships (like APSE or PetsitUSA).

Users can even check whether the individual has their pet first aid certification.


best pet sitter website petsitter
Credit: Courtesy of PetSitter

If you're trying to find multiple experienced, qualified sitters with a few clicks, can help you find an ideal match.

This platform will allow users to find a sitter within the same geographical area, allowing users to “shortlist” the favorites to uncover the best match.

Being one of the best dog sitter websites, Petsitter also allows users with negotiable rates, bringing a unique budget-friendly option for those needing pet care.

The Petsitter platform also indicates whether an account is an individual membership or a more prominent agency within the area.

Users can access feeding, grooming, overnight care, training, and dog walking outside of dog sitting.

It's potentially one of the most integrated platforms for pet services currently available. Finally, Petsitter works beyond dog sitting.

They also include horses, cats, dogs, reptiles, and other exotic pets. If you need someone to watch your Chihuahua and your Iguana, Petsitter is an ideal match.


best pet sitter website fetch
Credit: Courtesy of Fetch!

When visiting the website for the first time, it's easy to see how similar Fetch Pet Care is to Rover (one of the major competitors).

Simply set the requirements, scroll through your providers, and connect with anyone who matches your needs.

While some pet-sitting websites will offer services and not much more, this platform works to recruit and train anyone on the site.

Fetch users are highly experienced and locally based people who recruit and train sitters registered with the platform.

They offer a strong differentiator for anyone hesitant to leave their puppy with a stranger.

This website offers pet sitting, dog walking, and overnight booking, with specialty options like medical management and transportation.

Earning a spot in the best dog sitter websites, Fetch also combines high customer service levels with feedback initiatives for every user.

Finally, Fetch offers an automatic backup plan if your sitter needs to cancel.

best pet sitter app care dot com

Although many platforms seem to cater exclusively to pets, is a broader service that integrates caregivers of all kinds into one comprehensive network. has plenty of pet-sitting options, with integrated search functionality that makes it easy to find and connect with different sitters in your area.

There are a few core differences between this platform and the membership functionality with

Users can register online and create a new job without a paid membership, but many features only work with a monthly fee.

With a premium membership, users can schedule interviews with potential candidates, reply to applications, and request background checks.

As offers a larger focus than just pet-specific services, interested candidates will also include other task qualifications like cleaning, laundry, or grocery shopping.

PetsHotel Pet Boarding

best dog sitting website petshotel pet boarding

This facility is owned and operated by the infamous pet store PetSmart. There are boarding facilities available all over the country.

This pet-sitting option works well when you need to leave your pet behind or hope to find a location while out of town.

This dog-sitting option offers plenty of packages for your cat or dog, with additional add-ons according to need.

Add-ons can include extra playtime, grooming options, a private suite, and more. With large chain establishments, facilities include 24/7 staffing and on-call veterinarian services.

The daily rates for PetsHotel will vary by location, but most offer discounts for seniors, students, military, and first responders.

The establishment offers the first night free of charge, giving pet owners a chance to try the play before spending excessive money on the sitting services.

A few locations also offer training services for pet owners while they stay at the boarding facility.

D Pet Hotels

best dog sitter websites dpethotels

When trying to find a modern boarding experience with multiple locations around the United States, investigate D Pet Hotels.

With locations available in Arizona, California, and Texas, this dog-sitting center has everything your dog needs.

D Pet Hotels currently offers three levels of suite boarding for your dogs.

The luxury suites include a private room, flat-screen television, and either a twin, queen, or Kuranda dog bed.

The luxury boarding facility is perfect for nervous pups who may not handle being alone well while you're away.

Every dog that stays within the center will have the opportunity to play within the daycare, allowing your pup to burn off excess energy and sleep through the night.

The D Pet Hotel is a fabulous option if you're local to one of the five locations. Unfortunately, they don't offer in-home boarding, which may be the best option for nervous or anxious dogs.


best dog sitter website house carers

This nationwide database is ideal for anyone wanting to find a local individual to watch over the home and your dog while you're away.

This service is perfect for anyone wanting to keep the house safe while still having a companion for their pets while you're away.

This platform allows users to search through house sitters, read profiles, and see reviews from past jobs. The company specializes in connecting sitters with specialized skills, including dog care.

A few providers on the network also offer a comprehensive background check, adding a layer of security.

Although this platform is primarily based in Australia, there are registered profiles globally.

The pricing model largely depends on the individual, the stay length, and the pet type. If you're interested in watching other dogs, registration is effortless.

This method is the perfect option if you need someone trustworthy to stay in your home while enjoying time away.

Pet Sitters International

best dog sitter website pet sitter international

As the world's leading organization dedicated to pet sitting, this network is the perfect option for anyone wanting qualified services.

The website aims at connecting pet sitters and parents wanting care in their hometown.

All registered sitters can receive certification classes, learning everything from pet sitting to animal first aid.

The nonprofit website also helps pet parents learn how to hire a qualified sitter and what to do while you're away.

To get started, use the Pet Sitters International database to find a qualified individual in your region.

After locating the professional, you'd like to hire, contact them directly to discuss your trip details, timing, pricing, and more.

This platform only connects individuals and doesn't offer any assurances or guarantees.

dog sitter

Should I Tip the Dog Sitter I Hire?

A dog sitter offers a professional service similar to a handyman, groomer, or hairstylist. Although it's never mandatory, it's always a nice gesture to tip your dog sitter.

Tipping the provider between 10 and 20 percent is appreciated, especially if you're using a larger company.

Whether you tip or not depends on your comfort level, the service received, and whether you'd like to show a token of gratitude.

If you're working with an agency or organization, ask about the protocol for working with the company.

A few locations and sitters will refuse bonuses for their services. Remember, you're never obligated to tip a dog sitter.

Will a Dog Sitter Stay Overnight?

Occasionally, a dog sitter will stay on the premises overnight, but a few professionals will only check in and walk the dog throughout the day.

If you're looking for an overnight sitter, choose someone that stays at home with your pet or ask if they provide care in their residence.

It's critical to remember that dog sitters may leave your residence throughout the day to offer other services to different clients.

Ultimately, plenty of different pet sitters are available, and you'll likely find the right one if you know how to vet the individual.

dog sitter individuals

What Questions Should I Ask My Dog Sitter?

Many pet sitters will have an itemized list of services available for your dog during their stay.

These services may occur on-site (meaning at their residence or business) or in-home. Each option comes with distinct benefits and drawbacks, depending on your needs.

Always ask your pet sitter what's included with the rate, including potty breaks, playtime, and interaction.

Confirm any other clients they will be seeing during your vacation and how that influences the care your dog might receive.

If your dog is staying somewhere else, ask the sitter how they manage different food requirements (whether they feed your dog's brand during the stay or if transitioning the dog to a new kibble ahead of time is required).

Finally, ask the dog sitter about the rules, regulations, and guidelines they have for dogs in their care.

Do they require vaccinations? What is the emergency procedure for dogs needing a vet during their stay? What skills do they offer outside of pet minding?

The more you know about the individual, the more comfortable you'll feel with this person caring for your dog.

dog sitter questions to ask

How to Choose Between a Facility or Individual Caregiver

Before committing to a pet sitter, determine which options are essential to your dog's well-being.

Friends, family, local Facebook groups, and your veterinarian are all valuable resources when sourcing a new pet sitter.

If socialization is necessary, ask the caregiver how they might encourage that.

Ask to tour any business facility before booking and look at the current dogs on site, the atmosphere, and the cleanliness.

Whenever possible, ask around for reviews and recommendations.

In-home sitters come with significantly more risk when vetting the applicant but often secure a personalized approach to care.

Having someone stay in your home reduces the stress and anxiety your dog might feel. Likewise, their routine and home comforts remain long after you've left for your vacation.

If using an individual sitter, ask them to confirm how many clients they take on simultaneously.

Tell them how many pets you have in the home and any special requirements (like medical issues) the pet requires during their stay.

If there are any unique routines or dietary requirements, let them know.

Finally, ask anyone watching your dog for a list of references that have recently used their services.

Ask all professional references for specifics about the animal and the timeline and services rendered. Also, ask how often they've reused the pet-sitting services.

Best Dog Sitter Websites: Conclusion

A pet sitter isn't just responsible for keeping your dog alive while you're gone; they're also in charge of your pet's emotional and mental well-being.

Anxiety and stress can negatively impact an animal, including physical and psychological changes.

Ensure your dog is comfortable with the caregiver before leaving the pet behind. If your dog doesn't seem to warm up to the center or individual, shop around.

Both individuals and boarding facilities will have benefits and drawbacks to their use.

When in doubt, follow your gut instinct and choose someone you feel confident using while you're away.

A dog is more than just a pet; they're an extended family member. Choosing a reliable, safe, experienced sitter is the easiest way to protect them while you're away.

Although the price may be an essential component for your dog sitter, make sure that any critical components are taken care of before signing up with a provider.

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