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So you have researched, looked at the pros and cons, and decided. You are ready to start cooking for your dog.

But wait, are you sure whatever you're cooking can provide your dog's daily nutritional needs?

Whether you aren’t creative in the kitchen or just don’t want to worry if Fido can safely eat the ingredients you added, I suggest you start looking at the great homemade dog food recipe sites on the internet.

Get your ideas from those who have made it their business to ensure your four-legged family member gets the best home-cooked meals.

So, without further ado, here are the best websites for healthy, tasty dog food recipes. Don't be surprised which site got the top spot on our list!

15 Great Homemade Dog Food Recipe Sites

1. Top Dog Tips

Top Dog Tips - Dog Food Recipes, Care Tips & Best Dog Supplies Reviews

Coming in at number one: Surprise! It's us! This goes without saying: here on Top Dog Tips, we have literally hundreds of dog food recipes with videos and photos – the largest database on the internet.

Our long-time editor, Samantha, personally cooks these meals for her dogs so you can be assured that they are generally safe and well-received by our furry friends.

The variety of recipes includes well-balanced meals for daily feeding, special homecooked meals for holidays, random treats to feed your pet, recipes good for different dog health conditions, and a bunch more.

You can also check out our YouTube videos to learn more about how Samantha prepares these recipes, like the one below!

2. Whole Dog Journal WholeDog Journal Logo - great homemade dog food recipe site

Coming in at the second spot is the Whole Dog Journal.

Not only does this site provide you with great recipes for dogs, but it also provides you with nutrition information in case you still want to make some of your own original recipes.

Deciding to go back to store-bought food? This website will tell you which processed foods are the best.

3. The Little Foxes

Go to the website and tell me what you see. I know what you think.

This site may not be “professionally” put together, but that is no reason to overlook it. This is, in fact, a wealth of information.

It has many recipes with different ingredients if you want to give your pooch variety.

They also focused on canines that suffer from food allergies. If your fur baby is sick, don’t worry; The Little Foxes has a recipe for that as well.

4. The BARK The Bark logo - great homemade dog food recipes site

Pull up this site, and you will get tons of recipes – pages and pages of them.

They have different contributors, so you are sure to find a variety.

This site has treats recipes, snack recipes, and full crock-pot meals.

And the cherry on top? The Bark has meal guides you can cook that you and your dog can enjoy!

5. Sojos

Sojos icon logo

If you want all the benefits of homemade dog food without the hassle, stop by this site.

They have complete freeze-dried meals they sell, but they also have kits that you can buy where you add the meat or other ingredients that you can get cheaper.

Don’t want to go all in? They also have all-natural snacks.

6. Fias Co Farm Fias Co Farm logo - great homemade dog food recipe site

Also known as Molly’s Herbals, this site has a lot of natural and herbal remedies for dogs. These remedies and recipes have been tested on the site owner’s own dog, Mable.

Not only will you find nutritious recipes but a wealth of other information as well, like natural flea repellants and the caloric needs of dogs.

CHECK THIS OUT: 17 Herbal Remedies for Dogs: Most Effective and Recommended by Vets

7. Money Crashers

Don't get confused.

I know this is a site about saving money and not about dogs. But hear me out!

Money Crashers make it to our list because they write articles on how we, pet owners, can save money making dog food and treats at home.

Switching to homemade dog food doesn’t have to be expensive – this website shows you how. And I don't know about you, but I sure want to learn that!

Having trouble navigating their site? Start here!

8. Food.com

Not only can you find recipes for people on this site, but you can also get canine recipes.

This site is based on user submissions, so you will find various foods to try cooking.

Along with that variety are tons of comments about how it worked for everyday dogs like yours.

If people ran into trouble, they also commented on the substitutions they made.

Food.com is a great site not only for recipes but for reviews, too.

9. Dog Time

This site has so much information. And just between you and me, I often use it when researching for articles.

The editors of this site allow reader submissions, so their recipe list is constantly growing.

Your four-legged family member will never get bored with the variety of meals and treats you can find on this site.

Homemade Dog Food The Complete Guide

10. Recipes 4 Gourmet Dogs


As you can easily tell by the site name, this is the place for recipes.

It also has lots of useful information about what foods are good and bad, nutritional needs, and serving sizes.

This is a go-to sight if you eventually want to make your own homemade dog food recipes.

11. All Recipes

When you click this link, you will really see “all recipes,” even for dogs.

They have tons of user-reviewed recipes for meals and treats.

The All Recipes website is similar to Pinterest, but just for food.

That means new things are being shared daily. This site is great for finding fun food like doggie birthday cakes, frozen treats, and delicious meals.

12. Damn Delicious Damn Delicious Logo

Another people's food site that has branched into canine nutrition, this place has lots of simple recipes for your pet.

Whether you prefer the “crock-pot and freeze” method or daily cooking, there is something on this site for everyone.

Like other sites, this one also has a helpful comments section where people have posted their results.

13. My Sweet Puppy Everything you need to know about raising a happy pup

Here, you will find everything you need for your puppy, even “name” guides.

It is a site with nutrition, healthcare, training, and just fun things.

If you need some recipes for dogs of any age, they have them here. This website even has nutrition advice for certain breeds of dogs.

14. Organic Pet Digest Organic Pet Digest

This site is not just concerned with diet; it is for anyone who wants to practice holistic healing on their fur baby.

They even have a list of vets who practice holistic care.

They can help you decide what foods are best even if you don’t want to cook daily.

Not to mention, they have the first canine “symptom checker” I have ever seen on any site.

15. Meal Mix meal mix logo

Got ingredients in the fridge and pantry, yet don't know what to cook for Fido? Then check out this website.

Meal Mix allows you to create your own recipe based on the meats and vegetables you have on hand.

They also have quite a selection of meal ideas you can cook for your dog, depending on the meat protein source you have.

And mind you, they're not restricted to the common chicken-beef-turkey selection. They also have recipes for bison, elk, goat, rabbit, and more!

In Conclusion

Yes, cooking for your dog may take longer than filling a food bowl, but the benefits are there.

If you decide to try it, these websites can help you get started and get you through any roadblocks you may encounter.

Our dogs are definitely a member of our families. And what better way to show them our love than by cooking for them, right?

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