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Betsy Farms Debuts New Made in the USA Dog Treats

Betsy Farms Debuts New Made in the USA Dog Treats
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Betsy Farms is a dog treat manufacturing company that is known for providing their customers with healthy treats that are manufactured and sourced in the United States. Earlier this week they launched their new line of Jerky Infusions and Creamy & Crunchy dog treats.

There has been a growing concern in recent years about jerky treats, especially those made and sourced in China. Betsy Farms understands the concern of pet parents, and that’s why they created their brand. The company’s goal is to provide dog owners with a safe and healthy jerky treat option and, of course, to provide them with other tasty and healthy dog treats as well.

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Betsy Farms headquarters are located in Eagle, Idaho and their products are manufactured in the company’s facility in Springville, Utah. The company is so confident about the taste and safety of their products that they offer their customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If unsatisfied, consumers can return any of their products to the store they purchased them from for a full refund.

Betsy Farms Debuts New Made in the USA Dog Treats
Photo: betsyfarms.com

Betsy Farms jerky treats are made with real chicken, and they use a unique dual heating process to cook the meat, which eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria. First the chicken is cooked at a high temperature, and then it is pulverized and mixed with other ingredients and cooked again. This process helps assure product safety and avoids the use of harmful ingredients at the same time.

The Jerky Infusions treats are wheat and artificial preservative free. There are four jerky treat recipe varieties: chicken, turkey, duck, and now the Natural Chicken Jerky Recipe Infusions. They come with three filling flavors: bacon, bacon cheeseburger, and sweet potato. Betsy Farms does not use any artificial colors or flavorings.

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The protein source is the number one ingredient in these jerky treats, and the feeding recommendations are based on your pet’s weight. For dogs weighing 5-10 pounds the company recommends ½-1 treat per day, for dogs 11-25 pounds they recommend 1-2 treats per day, for dogs 26-50 pounds 2-3 treats per day, and for dogs weighing over 50 pounds Betsy Farms recommend they receive 3-4 treats a day.

The brands Creamy & Crunchy treats are composed of a crispy cereal shell that is filled with either a barbeque chicken or peanut butter flavored creamy center. These treats are 3.52 calories each and are held to the same high standards as the company’s jerky treats.

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