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Can Children Help Reduce Dog Anxiety? Watch This Incredible Video

Can Children Help Reduce Dog Anxiety

This dog was scared to come near adults, and then when a seven year old walks up, she is like a new dog. How can it be? Shouldn't dogs have more anxiety around children, because they are unpredictable? We can’t be certain why Nala, this rescued pit bull, was so afraid of adults, but she spent two days in the corner, scared and growling.

Nala was new to the shelter, and the owner did everything she could to help coax the dog to come to her. The poor dog may have been abused by an adult, it’s hard to say. Clearly she had some trust issues with humans…or so they thought. Her issues were connected to all humans – just the big ones.

Can Children Help Reduce Dog Anxiety

Nala was brought into a shelter in New Zealand, called Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue. She was trembling for two days, and the owner, Abbie, was worried she might not come around. But then, as you can see in the video below, something incredible happened.

The dog’s anxiety seems to dissipate as soon as  Abbie’s son, a seven year old boy, walks up to the cage.

Watch how Nala get’s up and stretches and then greets Abbie, FINALLY. The boy had some sort of calming effect on the dog. The dog was suddenly friendly and comfortable with both the boy and Abbie. Abbie, decided to offer a foster home to Nala while she overcomes some of her people shyness.

For now, Nala is most comfortable hanging out with her two boys. It seems the dog has had a strong connection with another child in the past. It’s amazing how the non-threatening energy of a small kid was able to calm her nerves. It’s true that many children do seem to have a lighter energy, and sometimes sensitive dogs may feel more comfortable with them.

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When you think about it, children don’t yet have the stress of work and bills. For the most part, they are still just playing and having fun. Have you heard of any similar stories like this one? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

Can Children Help Reduce Dog Anxiety

While Abbie’s family is providing a good home for Nala right now, once she has healed from her trauma, she will be ready to move on to another family. Keep an eye on her and watch her progress. Don’t forget to share her story because you never know what family you know might fall in love with her!

Who knows, maybe someone you know has young kids that would help Nala feel safe, comfortable and happy. For now, she will continue to hang out at the Van Der Plax house and sleep peacefully between Zach and his brother’s beds.

As you watch the video, notice the moment when Nala suddenly opens up. It really makes you feel good doesn’t it? When we witness these types of loving interactions, it really does help create positive feelings.

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As we help rescue dogs and they progress, it also improves the quality of our own lives. Dogs with anxiety are able to learn how to overcome it with assistance from a loving owner. Imagine if you were able to help a battered dog find it’s inner playfulness again.

This story is getting a lot of attention online because it highlights a very important issue that our children can also help the rescued animals. Imagine how proud your son or daughter would be as they watch the progress of a rescue dog and see her improve.

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