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how long do cats live

How Long Do Cats Live? – Feline Average Life Expectancy 

Are you planning to adopt a cat but have been wondering how long do cats live? Perhaps you’re in a dilemma of choosing between...
cat behavior

21 Strange Cat Behavior – What It Means and How to Respond

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and saw your cat taking a sip from the faucet? This cat behavior may look strange and...
Cat Pregnancy 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Pregnant Cats

Cat Pregnancy 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Pregnant Cats

Have you noticed something strange in your cat? Do they sleep more often and are clingier than usual? Or do they eat more than they...
The Persian Cat Breed: A Whiskerrific Overview

The Persian Cat Breed: A Whiskerrific Overview

Like dogs, there are many different variations of cats out there. Take the Persian Cat, for example, one of the oldest purebreds in existence. Cats...

Siamese Cat Breed – Characteristics, Grooming Tips and Interesting Facts

You’re browsing through the internet for a beautiful feline pet and came across a Siamese cat breed. Its magical blue eyes, elegant white fur with...
The Ragdoll Cat Breed: An Overview

The Ragdoll Cat Breed: An Overview

Did you know that the Ragdoll is the most paw-pular cat breed of 2020? So if you want a fluffy companion who vibes along,...

Best Cat Tree 2021 – A Buying Guide and Our Top Picks For Felines

Does your feline companion love climbing and scratching on everything? Why not gift him with a multilevel cat tree? It will not just keep him...
american shorhaired cat breed

American Shorthair Cat Breed: Characteristics, Behavior, Diet and Grooming Tips

The American Shorthair Cat Breed is among the most famous felines in the US, which shows that it’s a well-loved breed.  But it isn’t that...
Burmese Cat Breed

Burmese Cat Breed : Characteristics, History, and Grooming Tips

The first time you see a Burmese Cat Breed, we bet you'll get lost on its charming, golden eyes.  If not, its friendly and affectionate...
Introduce Your Cat and Dog Successfully: Important Tips To Remember 

Introduce Your Cat and Dog Successfully: Important Tips To Remember 

To introduce a cat and dog to each other is no ordinary task. Cats and dogs have a long-standing reputation as archenemies. They have an...
Homemade Cat Food Recipevideo

Homemade Cat Food Recipe: Quick and Easy

Homemade meals with high quality ingredients are much healthier for humans than commercial food products made with artificial ingredients, chemicals and preservatives. The same can be said for our furry family members. A homemade cat food recipe can be the healthiest option for our pets, as long as it's done right.
How To Clip Cat Nailsvideo

How To Clip Cat Nails: A Step-By-Step Guide

It is a common misconception that cats groom themselves and do not need their humans to help in this area. The fact is, cats still require regular grooming and knowing how to clip cat nails is part of that. Nail care is an important part of your cat's overall health and well-being.


cavachon dog breed

Cavachon Dog Breed Profile

The Cavachon is a relatively new but increasingly popular hybrid pup that combines the characteristics and traits of two popular dogs into a beautiful...
Best Flooring for Dogs

7 Types of Best Flooring for Dogs

Whether you’re considering purchasing a new home or remodeling an existing house or apartment, the choice of which floor to use is important if...
jug dog breed

Jug Dog Breed Profile

Despite the immense popularity, the Jug isn't a purebred dog but is an adorable mix of two popular breeds. An equal blend of the spunky...
gps tracker for dogs

Why Do You Need a GPS Tracker for Dogs

Handling our pets is our duty. When it comes to safety, a GPS tracker for dogs comes in handy to help us in all...
Different types of dog temperaments featured

Different Types of Dog Temperaments

Dogs sprung from their wild dog ancestry. The closest similarity of each breed is that their domesticated and have been bred to work alongside...
Portuguese water dog featured

Portuguese Water Dog Breed Profile

Residing on the warm coast of Portugal, the Portuguese Water Dog Breed helped fishermen in their labor day to night. These loyal, mighty, and...
Alternative to GPS Trackers Featured

Alternatives To GPS Trackers For Dogs

Is your pup a bit of a troublemaker? Does he like to hide? Does he tend to run away at some point and GPS trackers...
cockapoo dog breed profile

Cockapoo Dog Breed Profile

The cockapoo holds the intelligence of a poodle and the sweet, loving nature of a cocker spaniel. It's no surprise that this breed is considered...
labradoodle dog breed

Labradoodle Dog Breed Profile

It shouldn't be surprising that a Labradoodle gained a lot of popularity quickly. These dogs were initially bred as hypoallergenic guide dogs, as the...
How to deal with puppy separation anxiety featured

How To Deal With Puppy Separation Anxiety

When adopting a new pup, it's essential to know that some puppies can develop separation anxiety. In this article, we'll tackle everything you need...