Maine Coon Cat Breed

Many people may not take a liking to cats because of their indifference to humans, but the Maine Coon cat is different.

If you're a cat lover, this breed is familiar to you.  They are known as the “dogs of the cat world” because of their doglike disposition.

Maine Coon is the third of the most popular cat breeds in the US. And despite their hefty appearance, these cats are friendly and warm.

As a result, they earned their nickname “Gentle Giants.”

If you're opting to adopt one, this article will tell their history, characteristics, traits, and more.

And I assure you, these sweet and shaggy creatures will surely capture your heart.

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Maine Coon, A Raccoony History

The Raccoony History

Contrary to popular belief, the Maine Coon isn't the result of cross-breeding between cat and raccoon.

These cats highly resemble Turkish Angora and the Norwegian-Forest Cat and are brought over by the Vikings. 

Maine Coon served as barn cats and mousers throughout England but was first shown publicly in Maine, France, during the late 1860s.

 As a result, they were named after the said place and declared Maine's official cat in 1985.

In 1895, they held their first North American cat show at Madison Square Garden. There, a female Maine Coon named Cosey was awarded the title Best in Show.

In addition, their popularity skyrocketed when Maine Coons hailed the Guinness Book of World Record's longest cat in 2017.

They are measured 48 ½ inches from the tip of their nose to their tails.

However, this five-decade prominence ended after the glamorous Persian and exotic Siamese invaded. Today, these big beautiful cats are the world's popular cat breeds.

A Maine Coon's Appearance

A Maine Coon's Appearance

Maine Coons are naturally big felines that allow their muscle and bone structure to grow larger. Unlike most domesticated cats, their size can come up 10-16 inches tall and 40 inches in length.

As a result, these Maine Coons are heavier than regular cats. An adult female weighs 9 to 18 pounds, whereas an adult male can almost weigh 20 pounds.

Due to their size, almost every part of their body can also be “big,” such as their tail, paws, ears, and eyes.

A Maine Coon's large but long bushy tails highly resemble a raccoon. Thus, earning the tattle of the town that they are part raccoon.

Furthermore, Maine Coons have large paws that are significantly bigger than regular cats. It helps them propel to new heights and regulate their body temperature.

Subsequently, most Maine Coons have ear tufts or “lynx tips.” This characteristic is also common among American curl and Pixiebob.

On the other hand, Maine Coons have large but wide oblique-shaped eyes. Initially, they are born with blue eyes; however, they will turn into gold or green, or both as they age.

In addition to their other nicknames, Maine Coon also earned “the little lion” because of their long thick fur. Most especially around their neck.

Overall, they have a total of three coats. Two shorter undercoats, while the third one sits atop of the former.

Based on their coat's pattern and color, Maine Coons are classified into groups. 

Maine Coon Pattern Classifications

  • Solids are the Maine Coons that have no stripes, patches, or any other color combination. You can see them in black, white, brown, cream, blue, or shades of blue-gray.
  • Tabbies are the most known type of Maine Coons. They are divided into three classifications: Classic Tabby, Mackerel Tabby, or Patched Tabby. 
  • Smoke is often confused with Solid because of its color. The difference is, they omit a “fading” illusion that comes from the Maine Coon's undercoat.
  • You will be able to see through this “illusion” by dipping your hands in their coat. It can be seen on the Maine Coon's neck, chest, or the bottom area.
  • Lastly, tortoiseshells are often called torties. They are black on the base with stripes or patches of cream and red.

A Maine Coon's Personality and Traits

A Maine Coon's Personality and Traits

The friendly Maine Coon suits a wide range of lifestyles and dispositions. 

Unlike other cats, they enjoy being with their people. Thus, once you adopt a Maine Coon, don't be surprised if they keep on following you around.

But no, not to the point where you can call them “needy.” Maine Coons are the type of cats that knows their “boundaries.”

Although they love the attention you give them, they will also respect your personal space and time.

On the other hand, Maine Coons also have excellent hunting skills due to their love for catching vermins. That makes you safe from getting crawled on by these pests. 

Furthermore, Maine Coons are clever but intelligent. They usually learn tricks by using puzzles or other mental games. 

A Maine Coon also likes to fetch and gets tiny balls, toys, or wadded paper pieces. They can ascend as any cat but typically stay on the ground. 

They are also quite clever, happy to learn tricks or play puzzle toys, which test their intellect.

Maine Coons are also good with kids and can even play with them. Plus, they get along well with other breeds of cats and dogs. 

These traits make them the perfect cat for your household. 

How To Groom Them

How To Groom A Maine Coon

Maine Coons have long, thick coats. Although quite eyecatching, the primary purpose of it is to protect them from cold.

However, depending on the climate they are living in, Maine Coons can shed multiple times at different rates. As a result, keeping their fur intact and good-looking might be a handful to some owners. 

Thus, we would like to share some of the tips we have.

  • Maine Coon grooming should start while they’re still young. Introduce it slowly to them by combing their hair every now and then.
  • Schedule your grooming routine at least 2 to 3 times per week, this will surely remove all those dead hairs from your cat and helps in keeping their coat clean and free of knots. 
  • To reduce your cat's shedding, use the de-shedding tool once a week.
  • Allow your Maine Coon to have their own scratching post to maintain the health of its paws. 
  • If their claws get too long, don’t hesitate to clip them or ask your local veterinarian to do so.
  • When washing your Maine Coon, don’t forget to use their shampoo and conditioner at least once a month. It will their fur from getting unnecessary ticks.
  • A Maine Coon’s diet plays a huge role in keeping its fur beautiful. Thus, you must bear in mind to feed them with food that is high in protein.

To maintain your Maine Coon's great-looking fur, contact your local cat groomer for assistance. 

Although they are quite high maintenance, always know that your Maine cats appreciate you. And will surely reciprocate it with love and affection.

A Maine Coon's Diet

A Maine Coon's Diet

Maine coon cats require no special diet except for keeping them healthy. 

Most experts believe that choosing dry food or wet food is preferable. Although feeding part of the two types of cat food may help you achieve the appropriate balance. 

Maine coon cats should continue with their kitten food until they are nine months old as they take longer to get mature. 

Be cautious to see whether your cat gets overweight because obesity might reduce the lifetime of your pet. Talk to your veterinarian about any nutritional needs to receive advice.


A Maine Coon's Common Health Problems

A Maine Coon's Common Health Problems

Technically, a healthy Maine Coon has a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. However, even the healthiest breed of animals can be vulnerable to any health problem.

Despite receiving vaccinations and preventive veterinary treatments, Maine Coons are still vulnerable to several diseases such as:

  • Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is an inherited condition of an enlarged heart that may lead to heart failures and blood clots;
  • Spinal muscular atrophy is an inherited condition leading to muscle atrophy and weakness;
  • Hip dysplasia is a deterioration of the hip joints;
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease is a slowly progressive kidney disease that may result in renal failures; and
  • Maine Coons can suffer from different forms of allergies too. Some examples of these allergies are Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Essential Oil Allergy, Mold Allergy, Gluten Allergy, and Dairy Allergy.

Additionally, in England, Maine Coons are known to have extra toes. This is called polydactylism; it is a physical defect in their gene.

But fret not; it does not affect the cat’s health in any way. 

Reasons Why Maine Coons Are The Best

Reasons Why Maine Coons Are The Best

There’s no doubt that Maine Coons are one of the sweetest cats ever.

And if you plan to adopt, let me give you a few more things to read and add up to why you should have one.

Maine Coons Are Communicative

Maine Coon Fact #1: Maine Coons Are Communicative

Meowing is a way for cats to communicate with each other as well as with their humans. So far, the most talkative cat ever known is the Maine Coons. 

Living with them also means understanding the difference in how they meow, chirp, and trill. Let me explain the difference between these three sounds.

Meowing is essentially the familiar meow sounds you hear from the other cats.

While the chirp is an open mouth sound that Maine Coons use when they spot prey, whereas the trill is a soft closed mouth rolling of the Rs.

In addition, Maine Coons also purr the loudest, and there’s nothing more satisfying than having a purring cat on your lap.

They can also make one-syllable noises that are very cute and endearing.

Maine Coons? More like Maine Clowns

Maine Coon Fact #2: Maine Coons? More like Maine Clowns

Not only are Maine Coons great conversationalist, but they are also a joker.

There are probably thousands of online videos that show how funny they are, especially when they prefer sleeping in boxes half of their size to on their actual cozy bed.

They are often clumsy and will always act as if nothing had happened often.

Maine Coons can sleep anywhere, and can even get comfortable inside your dishwasher!

Gentle Giants

Maine Coon Fact #3: Gentle Giants

As long as you raise your Maine Coons in a peaceful environment, they will grow up to be like one. They would never attack you unless, of course, they are provoked or frightened.

When you plan on getting a cat, it is always crucial for you and your family members to remember these things.

They're intelligent.

Maine Coon Fact #4: Maine Coons Are Intelligent

Maine Coon cats learn things rapidly, like how humans do. They proved it several times by using their cunning wit through their exceptional solving and hunting skills.

Furthermore, their ability to communicate with humans by quickly picking up their emotions can also affirm this.

On the other hand, Maine Coons are incredibly nosey and curious cats. They will always pull a Sherlock Holmes to almost anything new you bring home. 

You won't even have the chance to try the new pair of socks or stockings you just bought because they will probably start gnawing it.

They will even wiggle into the smallest of spaces to see and know what's in there. That's why a random delivery box or a kitchen cupboard is not safe from them.

They're clean.

Maine Coon Fact #5: Maine Coons Are Clean

It is rare for a cat to love water as they hate taking baths. But Maine Coons are different.

They love water; thus, they prefer having baths as much as possible. The reason for this is their dense and water-resistant coats.

However, a rumor tells us that their love for water comes from their history of being kept and raised by Vikings.

Don't believe me? Get a giant bowl of water or show them where the shower is.

Watch what your Maine Coon does.

In addition, they also love it when you give them a helping hand with their grooming. Maine Coons don't necessarily like vomiting hairballs.

Keeping a Maine Coon's clean tray in a quiet location is also very important. However, they are always keen when it comes to sharing their litter tray.


Have you learned something new about Maine Coons? Well, I sure hope so.

There are many things you have to know about Maine Coons. However, the most important thing to know is that they are the best cat in the neighborhood.

Although a regular house cat can be as friendly and affectionate as a Maine Coon, these cats are just on another level.

I can guarantee you that they are the easiest and laid-back cats you can hang out with. They are just naturally adorable and caring, thus earning the nickname “dog of cats.” 

The fact that almost every Maine Coon cat owner says that they would never get any other cat breed says it all.

If you get a Maine Coon, you are not just a human slave. They will treat you equally or even as their master, unlike most cats that you encounter.

So save some money and have a healthy Maine Coon kitten. Make sure to get them from a respected breeder or, better yet, adopt one. You won´t regret it.


Maine Coon Cat Breed

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