While some cats have gained popularity due to their appearances in movies, television shows, or positive experiences, here's our choice of 9 of the most popular cat breeds.

It's essential to understand the breed's personality and temperament before you decide to add a new feline to your home. A cat can be purebred, hybrid, or domestic, depending on the pedigree or lineage.

A hybrid can is often crossbred with wild feline varieties, remaining relatively uncommon in most households.

Physical attributes like fur patterns, personality, and playfulness are often common desirable characteristics among owners.

These characteristics vary, depending on the breed, but they should always be carefully considered before bringing one into your family.

According to the Cat Fanciers' Association, there are 44 distinct purebred cat breeds currently.

So if you're looking to adopt, rescue, or purchase a new feline for your family, consider the following top ten cat breeds among owners.

Siamese Cat popular cat breeds1) The Siamese Cat #1 Most Popular Cat Breed 

Known for its beautiful blue eyes and incredible markings, the Siamese cat has been around since the 19th century.

The breed originated in Thailand and was initially known as Siam. Most Siamese cats are known for the unique pattern and markings on their fur (also called points) that sit across the face, feet, ears, and tail.

The coat is short hair and will come in lilac, blue, seal, and chocolate coloring. They are on the smaller side of the scale, weighing between six to fourteen pounds as adults.

This breed gained popularity when Disney pictured them in the film Lady and the Tramp. 

An affectionate breed, the Siamese cat, is known for vocalizing how they feel. In fact, it's not uncommon to have conversations with them if the mood strikes them.

They are an active breed, enjoying play-time with toys, humans, or finding their trouble to get into. As an intelligent breed, this cat is opinionated and will let you know exactly what they think.

They enjoy spending time with their owners, whether it's sitting in your lap or curled up in bed with you at night.

They don't enjoy being left alone for extended periods of time, enjoying company rather than an isolated day as social cats.

So it's not a bad idea to get two Siamese cats if you plan on leaving throughout the day for work.

These cats can become destructive if bored, finding their entertainment among toilet paper or a stack of books. 

Maine Coon Cat

2) The Maine Coon Cat

Weighing in at a massive nine to seventeen pounds, the Maine Coon is known for its thick coat and large stature.

The typical coloring of the Maine Coon is a brown tabby, but they can often come in other markings or colors.

Originating in the state of Maine, this cat is nothing more than a gentle giant. These cats are great hunters, making them excellent mousers within any home.

If your home is rodent-free, consider purchasing a few play mice so that they can pounce and practice their hunting skills.

The Maine Coon cat isn't known for being a lap cat, although they enjoy being around their human family. They will typically follow you around, but they aren't a breed that demands attention.  

This breed does keep a kitten-like love of playing throughout the years, well into adulthood. They may be pretty silly and often enjoy a good game of chase.

These cats aren't known for being vocal, but they can make chirping or trill sounds occasionally.

It's important to remember that Maine Coons are often known for polydactylism (a condition where they will have extra toes).

The cat does enjoy hunting in the snow, with their large, wide feet acting as snowshoes. 

Bengal Cat

3) The Bengal Cat Is One of The Most Beautiful Popular Cat Breeds

These beautiful-looking cats look like they have walked right out of the wild. Their appearance makes them seem closer to a wild animal than a domesticated pet with stripes and spots throughout.

These cats are pretty talkative and enjoy being vocal. On top of being vocal, the Bengal is also known for its robust and muscular body.

They love being active, with a strong need for exercise. The Bengal loves playing games (including fetch and learning new tricks).

Their brilliant nature can prove difficult for novice owners. Many learn unique skills or habits that may not amuse their owners.

This includes plucking fish from their aquarium, turning on light switches, and pulling out the seals from drains. 

 These cats are definitely fans of water, enjoying a quick dip in the tub with their owners or playing in the water from your sink while you wash the dishes.

They want climbing too – which may result in your Bengal scaling to the highest point of your home. This breed requires a cat tree to entertain himself. 

popular cat breeds Ragdoll Cat

4) The Ragdoll Cat Is My Favorite of The Popular Cat Breeds

This breed earned its name from a docile temperament and its tendency to go limp when picked up.

However, this cat is intelligent and can learn tricks and habits using positive reinforcement. They get along well with almost anyone but prefer their human families (including children).

In fact, many cats insist on running to the door to greet their families when they return home for the day.

They tend to act like a shadow with their family, following them from room to room. The Ragdoll is a happy, docile breed that is always available for a cuddle.

This breed isn't a fan of heights, preferring to live closer to the ground (a couch is as high as they'll climb).

They would much rather stay at the same height as their people than climb high and look down on them.

These cats can be playful, enjoying activities with their family, or using a scratching post. 

Oriental Shorthair

5) The Oriental Shorthair a Unique But Popular Cat Breeds

These popular cat breeds are known for captivating green eyes. The Oriental Shorthair looks strikingly similar to the Siamese cat.

These cats are not the same but are known for maintaining beautiful markings and colorings.

Due to their short hair, it's not uncommon to need sweaters during colder months for your cat. These cats do have large, distinctive ears, making their appearance genuinely captivating.

This cat has a similar personality to the parent breed (the Siamese cat), making them a vocal and social breed.

They aren't afraid to speak their mind, often demanding attention if they feel in need. They need regular and frequent interaction from their families, becoming depressed if left alone for extended periods of time.

As an active and agile breed, the Oriental Shorthair is full of energy and not afraid to use it. They enjoy climbing, jumping, and finding new mischief whenever the opportunity presents itself.

With a big personality, this breed will walk on a leash with you, play fetch, or try to figure out how to break into the treat cupboard.

They are considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds, making them easy to trick train.

Sphynx Cat6) The Sphynx Cat Is An Allergy Suffers Most Popular Cat Breeds

The Sphynx cat is known for its lack of fur (affectionately called hairless cats), but make no mistake, he's not a suitable match for allergy sufferers.

They have a unique appearance, with wrinkly down-covered skin instead of thick fur. The Sphynx has a warm and soft touch, thanks to their suede-like coat.

Unfortunately, despite the lack of hair, these cats still have allergens.

These cats are known for their highly social nature, thriving with human interaction and encouragement.

They are playful and goofy, often using their toes to investigate anything of interest (whether he's meant to play with it or not).

The Sphynx breed enjoys spending time with his humans, spending his afternoons in a sunny window, or sleeping under the covers.

This cat is known for being the family's clown, so enjoy the show that often comes with owning a Sphynx. 

American Shorthair

7) The American Shorthair  

Known originally as an agile hunter, the American Shorthair now prefers the company of his human family over the outdoors.

These cats are adaptable and good-natured, with a loving personality. They enjoy being calm and affectionate without being overly demanding of attention.

The American Shorthair is a working-class breed, meaning they enjoy having mental stimulation and physical exertion periodically.

As such, it's essential to have several puzzles or interactive toys available for him to use.

This cat doesn't shy away from group functions, socializing well with family members or strangers alike.

He's likely to visit and interact on his own time but doesn't enjoy being coddled or carried. This cat isn't always super cuddly but does enjoy snuggling on a bed or sofa nearby if given a chance.

The American Shorthair is available in many different colors or markings but is stocky, strong, and muscular. He does well with stalking and enjoys pouncing and climbing on occasion. 

Devon Rex Popular Cat Breeds

8) The Devon Rex

 A rather unique-looking cat, the Devon Rex has short, wavy hair and a slender body. Most notably, however, is his incredibly prominent ears.

This cat has a friendly and affectionate personality, preferring to sit on his owner's shoulder whenever possible.

He is definitely nosey and attentive to his world around him but wants to stay as close to you as possible.

The Devon Rex loves people and wants to make friends with friends, family, or strangers alike. 

Although this cat doesn't have an excessive activity level, he is brilliant and enjoys playing fetch or learning tricks.

Interactive toys are a fabulous solution to keep him occupied throughout the day. This cat struggles with personal boundaries, sitting with the rest of the family, even if this means the kitchen table.

He can steal food occasionally, making monitoring his food intake important for Devon's overall health. This mischievous side of him can be a pain but also makes owning a Devon Rex entertaining.

Popular Cat Breeds Persian Cat

9) The Persian Cat Made Our List of Popular Cat Breeds

Known for its docile temperament and affectionate nature, the Persian cat is easy-going and calm. They are well known for their beautiful, long coats and the “smushed-in” face.

This breed has been featured in commercials, movies, and artwork, an Iranian cat, building popularity among families.

Their coats demand a lot of attention, so be aware of the daily brushing requirement if you own this breed. 

This cat is known for getting attention wherever she goes, but she prefers her family's affection above all else.

She doesn't mind children but prefers calmer activities over rambunctious play-time. Loud environments cause havoc for the Persians, preferring a quiet and serene home.

But be warned, being docile doesn't mean she won't make her needs known – she's no stranger to letting you know when it's dinner time.

Unlike other breeds, the Persian prefers living life lower to the ground, wanting access to a couch or chair, over climbing onto the counters or curtains. 

The Persian may be a decent breed if you work outside the home, as she doesn't mind being left alone.

However, it's important to keep a Persian cat inside due to her personality, as she isn't a scrapper. She wouldn't be able to fight off predators, and her coat would suffer in the outdoor elements.


Final Thoughts About Most Popular Cat Breeds

Although the physical appearance of your cat is important, knowing the breed's personality should take top priority in your selection process.

Many cats have varying energy levels, mischief, and affection. If you're looking for a loving, low-energy breed, you'll likely want to stay away from Bengal, for example. 

Make sure you take your family dynamic, energy, attention to the animal (if you're working outside of the home), and children within the home into consideration before purchasing or rescuing a cat.

These breeds can adapt well to most home environments, but some breeds would thrive in a family dynamic more so than others.

By being honest about what you're looking for, instead of simply trying to find a cat that looks pretty, both you and the animal have a better chance of successful integration.

The last thing you want to do is bring a new cat into the home and find out it's a bad personality match for both parties.

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Katherine is certified in Domestic Animal Sciences and Animal Grooming with primary focus on dogs. She has had her pet canine, Anastasia, for two years now, who is also her ESA service dog. Katherine has written multiple articles about pets and their grooming, and has knowledge on multiple specialty pet grooming products for dogs.