There are pieces of evidence of CBD as a treatment for dog seizures and other neurological conditions. Seizures in dogs can go from twitching to uncontrollable shaking and can last up to several minutes.

Dog seizures and epilepsy are both difficult to treat because of the many reasons that cause them. The discovery of cannabidiol has made a big difference to these conditions.

Many pet owners have been using hemp oil as a natural medication for all types of dog seizures, and it shows promising results.

CBD for Dogs

Why Use CBD for Dogs With Seizures?

Cannabidiol can be a therapeutic medicine for pain management, arthritis, anxiety, seizures, and cancer.

But the researches involved in CBD as a treatment for dog seizures are still limited. For dogs, episodes exist because of many underlying conditions.

Specifically for idiopathic epilepsy for dogs, some research suggests that CBD could help reduce seizure attacks. However, these positive results are on dogs who take traditional anti-seizure medications simultaneously.

Symptoms of Dog Seizure

Types of Dog Seizures

Idiopathic Epilepsy – There is no identifiable cause for this seizure.

This epilepsy is also the most common type of seizure and usually occurs between 6 months to 6 years of age.

Multiple seizures over a long period may cause brain damage in dogs and possibly more frequent and worst seizure attacks. This type is often inherited by the Boxers and Bully type breeds.

Structural Epilepsy – Because of the damage in the brain from an illness or an injury. Other behavioral changes in the motor-coordination may also occur.

Seizures that appear in dogs between less than a year to 5 years of age are more likely to have structural epilepsy than idiopathic epilepsy. Blood work or MRI in the brain is essential to identify the cause of the seizures.

Reactive Seizures – A seizure caused by a trigger to a particular type of food or poison.

This type of seizure can signify a severe underlying medical condition like hypoglycemia, electrolyte imbalance, or hepatic encephalopathy. Treatment for reactive seizures is possible.

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The causes of epilepsy involve:

  • Ingesting poison
  • Liver disease
  • Inconsistent blood sugar
  • Fever
  • Strokes
  • Brain cancer
  • Anemia
  • Electrolyte problems
  • Head injury

Seizures are also due to the excess of electrical energy in the dog's brain.

What Are Its Symptoms?

Seizure is the most common neurological condition in dogs due to the dysfunction of the brain. Epilepsy is another term used to describe repeated seizure activity.

The symptoms include:

  • Jerking
  • Convulsing
  • Stiffening
  • Collapsing
  • Muscle twitching
  • Drooling
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Tongue-chewing
  • Chomping
  • Foaming of the mouth
  • Bladder release
  • Paddling motion of the dog's legs

How CBD Works

How Does CBD Works in Reducing Dog Seizures?

A dog experiences seizures because its brain has an electrical activity that interferes with the brain's normal function.

Inflammation and immune responses are responsible for these episodes.

Cannabidiol interacts with the dog's endocannabinoid system (ECS), the primary operator of the immune system and homeostasis.

The endocannabinoid system regulates and controls many of the most critical bodily functions, e.g., pain control, inflammatory and immune responses.

Scientists still don't have any concrete explanation of how CBD works with the ECS receptors.

They believe that stopping the seizures activates CB1 receptors that centralize the nervous system and the brain.

CBD reduces seizures in dogs with epilepsy syndromes because the cannabidiol calms overactive neurons.

Hemp oil for dogs may help protect brain cells against damage by seizures.


Because dogs with seizures only require a unique quantity appropriate to their body weight, they don't need the same dose of cannabidiol as the other dogs.

Aside from the frequent seizures, the CBD dosage will also depend on the existing health condition of the dog.

So to reduce the severity and frequency of seizures, regularly give your dog hemp oil. It would be best if done twice daily.

Dogs with a higher frequency of seizures may need up to 3 doses per day, while dogs with minor seizures may only need one amount per day.

You can either put oils directly into the dog's mouth using the dropper bottle, add it to his food, put on a treat, rub it into his bare skin, or put a drop on his paws for him to lick.

You can also avail of hemp biscuits, hemp capsules, honey with CBD, and topical hemp ointments.

Note: dogs should be at least 12 weeks before taking CBD treats or any products.

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Side Effects

Some possible side effects include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Lowered blood pressure

The most reported side effect is diarrhea because issues with the dog's digestion happen when the dog ingests too much.

If diarrhea starts, reduce the dosage or skip giving for a day or two until diarrhea subsides.

When diarrhea already settles, start again by giving at a lower dose. It takes a while for dogs to adjust to the hemp oil in their body.

Cannabidiol also treats anxiety since anxiety has physical contributions that trigger side effects or seizures.

So, adding CBD as part of the treatment for dog seizures may help alleviate anxiety stemming from epilepsy!

Dog Seizures: Benefits of CBD

Pet owners turn to hemp products because of their all-natural contents.

Cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant. Hemp is different from cannabis because it does not contain THC that causes psychotropic side effects.

The benefits of using hemp are:

  • Treats pain from a head injury
  • Offers relief from seizures
  • Provides a way to manage dog seizures

It's common knowledge for dog owners that dogs' body contains internal processes that allow them to consume hemp oil for dog seizures.

CB1 receptors play a vital role in making cannabidiol effective for seizures and give relief from seizure discomforts.

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Best CBD Products for Dog Seizures

Honest Paws CBD Oil

This hemp oil is recommended for dogs with seizures because you can adjust the dosage according to the dog's weight.

You can choose for additional benefits like mobility, anxiety relief, or immune support.

Not only are their products organic and natural, but they are laboratory-approved to ensure safety and efficacy.

Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats

Some pet owners have a hard time measuring doses for CBD oil.

These treats from Honest Paws provide a simple solution to the problem.

You can feed one to three treats daily according to your dog's body weight.

The treats contain organic and full-spectrum hemp oil. It also offers additional benefits for anxiety, mobility, or general wellness issues.

Joy Organics CBD Tincture for Pets

This tincture is pure, broad-spectrum hemp oil. It is laboratory-tested for its safety.

This product came from the hemp plant and had two different concentrations: 225 mg and 450 mg.

Both concentrations are free from THC!

CBD Pure CBD Pet 100

This oil CBD is easy to give to your dog. Only add a few drops to your dog's food, and he can already enjoy the benefits of hemp seed oil.

CBD Pet 100 only contains less than 0.3% THC by weight. So, no need to worry about your dog getting high.

CBDFx CBD Oil for Pets

CBDFx is a full-spectrum, all-natural hemp seed oil.

The pros of having a wide variety of cannabidiol products are you don't have to worry about the dosage.

You may also want to choose the CBDFx products for specific dog breed sizes and adjust the dose from the recommendation in the label.

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Is CBD The Right Option for Dog Seizures?

The best way to find out if cannabidiol is the right choice for dog seizures is to start with a low dose and monitor your dog's reaction to it.

Aside from giving CBD as a treatment for dog seizures, it's best to pair it with a healthy diet to prevent any types of liver disease and electrolyte problems that cause seizures.

By learning how to prevent the causes of seizures, you can then avoid all other health-related issues associated with it. Always follow your veterinarian's recommendations on how to give CBD to your dog.