Why fight the crowds on Black Friday when you can get Cyber Monday deals on dog supplies while sitting at home in your pajamas? Cyber Monday is the perfect time to find great deals on dog supplies online. From major retailers to big box pet stores to unique online stores, you’ll be able to stock up on everything everything your dog will need with amazing Cyber Monday deals on dog supplies.

As long as you know where to look, you'll be able to get all your dog supplies without stepping foot in a store. Prepare in advance so you’ll be able to take advantage of the many sales going on in the days leading up to and after Cyber Monday. Many have already begun, so you won’t want to wait to check out flyers, compare prices, and decide what you’ll need in the months to come.

Online retailers like Amazon (check out their huge Cyber Monday Deals page), or even superstores like Petsmart will have tons of amazing deals on Cyber Monday where most of us can get deals and discounts on dog supplies. Not all of them are good, but some can save you hundreds of dollars if you shop in advance.

Before logging onto the internet, you'll need to get prepared. Make two lists – one of the dog supplies that you need and one of the supplies that you want. You'll also want to decide what your budget is for Cyber Monday shopping. This will help you prioritize the supplies you purchase without spending too much money.

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Here are 8 Tips on Finding Best Cyber Monday Deals on Dog Supplies and Save Money

Cyber Monday Deals on Dog Supplies

1. Check out your favorite pet store

Do you regularly pick up items that your dog needs from a major pet retail location like Petsmart, Petco, or Pet Supplies Plus? While they’re sure to have great deals in the store during the days leading up to and after Thanksgiving, they offer special promotions online as well just for Cyber Monday.

In addition to low prices on many items you already purchase for your dog, Petco is also offering a $5 gift card with the purchase of any $50 gift card, online or in store (it doubles as a scratch card that could be worth $100). Petsmart is starting early this year, offering discounts on more than 8,000 items starting at 7AM on Thanksgiving day.

2. Check out Amazon’s daily deals throughout the month

Cyber Monday Deals on Dog SuppliesIn the days leading up to Cyber Monday, Amazon is offering hundreds of amazing deals on their new page. The new deals on dog supplies become available every few minutes to hours, so you’ll want to check out their website right now to look at all of the discounts they’re currently offering and in the days to come.

Many of them will be sure to sell out minutes after they go live, so set an alarm on your phone for a few minutes before the ones you want to take advantage of will be available.

Amazon’s return policy and speed of delivery is unbeatable, especially if you have Amazon Prime. They almost definitely have the widest selection when it comes to most products as well. Another advantage of purchasing through Amazon is the commitment of their reviewers so you can know in advance if the product you want will work for your dog.

3. Look for unique dog gifts from small retailers

Popular pet supply retailers aren’t the only ones offering Cyber Monday deals on dog supplies on the weekend following Thanksgiving. Just like last year with plenty of deals on dog supplies coming up all the way till Christmas, there are many other options.

If you want to buy something special for your dog for Christmas, now’s the right time to get spa products, collars and leads, dog treats and chews, strollers, clothing, costumes, and a variety of other unique items from small pet retailers that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

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Cyber Monday Deals on Dog Supplies

4. Don’t forget superstores like Walmart, Costco & Target

While they may not be offering a promotion on dog food or beds, they’ll likely have incredibly low prices on other items that you can use for your dog. For example, on Cyber Monday, Costco is offering deep discounts on high-end vacuum cleaners, which can help you remove pet hair from your home.

Target is offering great deals on snap-tight containers which you could use to store homemade dog treats. Think outside the box and select items that can help you care for your dog year-round while getting the best prices now.

You can also look to online retailers like Overstock.com, which is running a pre-Black Friday sale offering up to 40% off pet supplies. This is a great place to find pet beds, houses, crates and kennels – many of which may no longer be offered or have been discontinued, but may be the perfect option for your dog, and at an excellent price.

5. Consider discounted training, grooming, or daycare

In addition to getting great Cyber Monday deals on dog supplies, you can find incredible discounts on classes for your pup. On Black Friday and Saturday, Petco will give you 50% off on any “Positive Dog Training” puppy or adult Level 1 class. At Petsmart, from Cyber Monday through the Wednesday following Thanksgiving you can buy a pass for Doggy Daycare or Pawdicure Plus for 50% off.

While you may not need to use it right away, when the time comes to go to the groomers or send your dog to a training class, you’ll already have gotten half off the cost. In the long run, this will save you tons of money.

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Cyber Monday Deals on Dog Supplies

6. Find deals on specialized items you wouldn’t usually buy

Maybe you’ve wanted to get a premium, heavy-duty seat cover or cargo liner for your vehicle, but it’s always seemed like too much of an expense. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can purchase one at incredible savings, so it’s easier to travel with your best friend. You'll find amazing Cyber Monday deals on dog supplies on every tech gadget and canine accessory you can imagine.

If you love the idea of being able to communicate with and reassure your pet while you’re at work or away from home for the day, you’ll want to take advantage of the 30% off sale that Pet Chatz is offering on the Pet Chatz 1.0 Videophone and the Pet Chatz Starter Bundle (this includes both the Videophone and a 4-month supply of treats and scents). This promotion will only be going on from Cyber Monday to the Wednesday following Thanksgiving, so look into it now if you’d like to take advantage.

7. Think about what your dog will need in 3-6 months

Cyber Monday Deals on Dog SuppliesTo make sure that you’re taking advantage of the best price on items you use regularly, make a list of items that you go through frequently (think dog food, rope toys, dog treats, and so on) and calculate how much you’ll use for the next few months.

Then look over the Cyber Monday deals to figure out where you can get the best prices on the items you use the most.

You may spend a little more than usual right now, but stocking up on these items at a lower price now means you’ll pay less overall. To eliminate any buyer’s regret, make sure that any items you purchase with an expiration date will be used up before they are no longer good.

8. Look for free shipping

This year, Petco is offering free shipping on all orders with a $49 minimum through December 20th. Petsmart is also offering free shipping with no minimum on the nearly 1,500 items just for dogs included in their selection of Cyber Monday products (which you’ll already be getting a 30% discount on).

This promotion has already begun and lasts through November 21st, so don’t wait to save. Consider this when you’re comparing prices with other retailers like Walmart and Target. Depending on the size and quantity of items you’re purchasing, the cost of shipping could play into a final decision on where you’ll buy.

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