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Best Selling Dog Supplies in December 2014

With 2022 approaching, I decided to introduce a new category to this website – a monthly review of best-selling dog supplies and any dog products on Amazon. I chose Amazon because it's the biggest retailer of pet supplies, and has the widest variety and best tracking of sales.

We're also commissioned by Amazon, and even though it's impossible to be biased on dog supplies round-up from a different platform's statistics, please do remember that.

October has been a busy month for most dog supplies retailers with all the Pre-Christmas shopping and pretty much a whole month full of deals, savings, and active online purchases.

Nonetheless, the numbers are in (without include today's day), and here's what we have on the list of top 10 best-selling dog supplies in October 2021z

Most Popular Dog Supplies in October 2021

#1 in Dog Supplies: Nylabone Puppy Chew Gentle Chewing Dura Chew 

Nylabone is still competing for first place in the dog supplies market everywhere. I have previously talked and discussed their toys in my Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur review, where I concluded that it's not the safest choice but also not the worst.

However, I might have been wrong in my evaluation as the people seem to love this product, and I guess dogs love chewing on it as well. See more details on Amazon's website by clicking the link below.


#1 in Dog Accessories: Deluxe Naturals Elk Antler Dog Chew

Dog chew toys and chew accessories are the hot sellers yet again pretty much across the board in most pet supplies online stores. The Deluxe Naturals chewing stick for dogs will be a good source of calcium, protein, and phosphorus for your pooch. It's appropriate for puppies, adult dogs, and even older canines. This antler chew will keep your pet busy for hours and they will certainly enjoy themselves while at it. It's been on best selling dog supplies list for a while now. See more details on Amazon.


#1 in Dog Furniture: MidWest Homes for Pets Plush Dog Bed

This dog bed from Midwest is perfect to use inside crates, cars, carriers, and even dog houses. It's very cheap retailing at $6.99 on Amazon and will keep your pooch warm in winter and cool in summer. The fabric is soft and made out of synthetic sheepskin, while the color of this pet bed for dogs will conceal your dog's shedding. Most importantly, you can wash it simply by throwing it into the machine. More details about it on the product's page on Amazon.


#1 in Dog Carriers: MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Midwest Homes for Pets continues to dominate the metal dog crate niche. Their Life Stages crate remains one of a kind and ultra-popular among dog owners. So far, with close to 1,000 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars, this dog carrier provides a versatile front door with an adjustable divider panel. For the safety and security of your dog, it has slide-bolt latches and rounded corners. As per my own Midwest Metal dog crate review, these carriers provide great portability and a very easy setup. I love them!


#1 in Dog Tags: GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

Cheap but super awesome pet ID tags for dogs retail at $3.45 on Amazon, and can be chosen from 4 different shapes. The quality is superior to most other ones you can find online, and they will literally last forever (unless your pooch loses it). I especially love the fact that I can choose it from bone, heart, paw and other forms – I've previously ordered more than one just for the kicks. You can also make it a gift and have the message engraved on them, but see more details about this on the product's page on Amazon.


#1 in Dog Gates:  Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

Although not on my list of best pet gates for dogs, these are definitely worth looking into if not for anything but the price. Currently, at $32.00 on Amazon, this is the cheapest dog gate you will find that also works very well. They're easy to install and are pressure mounted (learn how to choose dog gates). Mostly perfect for standard hallways, staircases, and doorways, but they can be used pretty much anywhere as long as the length fits. Make sure to take a look at measures on the product's page on Amazon.


#1 in Dog Feeding: PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

What an amazing item! Thanks to the day and age we live in, our dogs can enjoy things like Drinkwell's pet fountain. This product has been shown to encourage cats and dogs to drink even more water, which is beneficial for their overall health. The fountain holds 168 ounces of fluids and will keep you lazy by not having to replace water bowls that often anymore. It even came with a replaceable charcoal filter that should keep the water clean. At $39.00, this is certainly something to look into.


#1 in Dog Food: Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Hi Prairie Grain Free

As expected and as always, the best-selling dry dog food item is always my well-rated Tase of the Wild. I love this stuff and have even previously reviewed their dog foods, which is why you should also look into at least trying them. The price is decent – not too expensive but also not the cheapest; however, the value is much greater. Dogs love the food, and the company has a perfect track record. They seem to know very well their ingredients and the process of making it one of the best dog foods today.


#1 in Dog Chews: Greenies Original Regular Natural Dental Dog Treats

Another best selling dog supplies item that refuses to leave top positions on Amazon and many other online retailers of pet supplies (yes, I checked!) Most dog owners know who Greenies are, and their famous dental chews for dogs. I have even wrote a very in-depth review of Greenies Dental Chews quite a while ago (I guess it deserves an update), and personally, my dogs also love these things. I would take these over the Nylabone dinosaur any day. See more details on Amazon!


#1 in Dog Toys: KONG Duck Dog Toy

KONG has been manufacturing some amazing things for my dogs, and one of their most popular dog products is the Duck toy. Everybody loves the Duck toy! The filling is not as messy as some other ones on the market, and if the squeaker is broken or lost, you can easily replace it. Completely non-toxic and available in two different sizes: for smaller dogs and larger breeds. Make sure not to give it to very small dogs (toy breeds), and I suggest you skimp through customer reviews on Amazon just in case.


#1 in Dog Health: Wisdom Panel Premium, New and Improved Dog DNA Test

Wisdom Panel's second edition DNA test kit is finally getting traction, having gained the #1 position for a third month in a row. Previously, their first edition was dominating the dog DNA market, and I have even reviewed their dog DNA test kit a while ago, and in my 2014 review I concluded Wisdom Panel to be the best manufacturer of DNA test kits. If you're very curious about your dog's true genes, what breed it is or what breed is the most dominant, I suggest you try their test – it works! See their Amazon page for details.


#1 in Dog Houses: Merry Pet Wood Room with a View Pet House

Always cute-looking dog house from Merry Pet is finally in the first position as the best selling dog house on the market today. I have previously included this house for dogs in my review of top 10 best of them, and it doesn't seem like it's about to give away the position. For an affordable price, why not get this awesome looking dog house? Other dog owners have rated it an average of 4.4 stars out of 5, with almost 300 reviews at the time of this writing. Pretty impressive!


#1 in Dog Housebreaking: All-absorb Training Pads 100-count

If you're looking for the best solution to soak up your puppy's work, then this case of 100 training pads will help you out immensely. These are best for pet proofing your home and training your dog how to go potty. At 4.6 stars and almost 600 reviews, most dog owners are absolutely right – they are very quick-drying and prevent tracking, and the absorbent core turns urine into gel immediately. One pad can hold up to 3 cups of fluids! See more details on the product's page on Amazon.


#1 in Dog Medicine: Nutri-Vet K-9 Aspirin Chewables

Nutri-Vet's dog painkillers seem to be the most often bought item by dog owners in October 2021. The medicine works and provides temporary relief for your canine from inflammations and similar pains. It even has a tasty flavor so that your dog wouldn't complain. Remember not to give it to dogs under 50 pounds and consult with your veterinarian before purchasing. Also, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and other human alternatives are not appropriate for dogs! Please remember that.


#1 in Dog Memorials: Always in My Heart” Memorial Urn Locket-Filigree

For those who lost their pets, Cathedral Art's memorials are currently the most often bought item. It's a solid brass container to ensure the safety of the ashes, or your dog's hair, or any other items of your choice. It's all about treasuring the memento, and this great-looking dog memorial urn will do the job very well. The engraving reads “Always in my heart” and it comes boxed as a gift. The chain is included as well. See more pictures of it on Amazon.


#1 in Dog Training: 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities

Yes, it is a book, and it has been the most popular dog training item among the best-selling dog supplies in October 2021. I have previously mentioned this book as one of the best dog training books, and I will also include it in my upcoming list of ultimate dog books for truly loving pet owners. I loved this book a lot, and it deserves to be featured in the first position. The book provides valuable, in-depth, and very germane advice on how to train your puppy and keep them obedient at all times.


#1 in Dog Treats: Zuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats

Who else would it be if not the Zuke's natural dog treats? I don't think there's still a company out there that manufactures better-tasting and healthier dog treats than Zuke's does. A long time ago I even wrote an extensive review of Zuke's dog treats (I probably need to revisit it again). If you're looking to spoil your pooch in 2015, then get a few bags of these: you'll be surprised how much dogs love them, and even more so about how healthy these treats are. Read all the details on Amazon's product page.


And that completes our list of best-selling dog supplies in October 2021. I hope this was helpful and you found something interesting for your pooch as well!

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Most Popular Dog Supplies

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