Travelling or going somewhere for the holidays with dogs is always an adventure and it has its ups and downs.

For starters, like almost anything else you do with dogs, it is great fun.

However, it also requires quite a bit of preparation — you need to take care of all of your pet’s needs while you’re on the move, as well as while you're staying at one of the best dog-friendly holiday cottages.

This means that if you are going to a hotel, resort, apartment, or cottage, you need to be certain that they accept dogs.

You also have to ensure that they have everything your pet might need while you are there.

And, all that is only if you are traveling inside the country.

Traveling abroad will also force you to deal with pet import laws and rules of the country you are going to.

These can be troublesome, as some countries have more rules and regulations than others.

For this article, however, let’s delve deeper into the United Kingdom in particular.

The UK is a very popular tourist destination for everyone, including dog owners, so below, we will list the best dog-friendly holiday cottages and accommodations in the UK.

The United Kingdom, however, is also a “Category 1 country” as far as pet import is concerned.

This means that it is one of the 4 countries in the world with the toughest pet import rules and regulations (the other 3 being Australia, New Zealand, and the Republic of Ireland).

Don’t get discouraged, though; these rules are perfectly achievable, and if you research and follow them correctly, you’ll have no trouble getting in the UK with your four-legged pal.

We’ll mention the basics here for your convenience before we proceed with our list of dog-friendly holiday cottages; however, make sure that you do your own extensive research before you travel.

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Best Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottages and Accommodation in the UK

dog friendly holiday cottages

Pet Import Rules for the United Kingdom

Summarized as briefly as possible, the United Kingdom’s pet import rules listed on the website include:

  1. Your dog needs to be microchipped.
  2. Your dog needs to have a pet passport or an official third-country veterinary certificate.
  3. Your dog needs to have been vaccinated against rabies.
  4. If coming from outside the EU or from an unlisted country, your dog also needs a blood test.
  5. Your dog will also likely need to undergo a tapeworm treatment.

If you fail to comply with any of these rules, your pet may be denied entry or have to stay in quarantine on the border for up to 4 months.

Since none of these rules are that hard to follow, however, you should be all right. And again — this is just a quick summary of the basics you need to be aware of in order to enter the UK together with your dog.

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32 Most Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottages in the UK

Once you are in the UK, however, it is time to pick the perfect destination for you and your pet.

As a very dog-friendly country, the UK is a great tourist destination for dog owners.

The National Rail system is open for dogs, so traveling inside the UK with your pet will be a breeze.

Most restaurants, tourist attractions, and other public spaces are also very dog-friendly.

But most importantly, the United Kingdom has thousands of fantastic resorts, hotels, apartments, houses, dog-friendly holiday cottages, and more.

We can’t possibly fit them all in one article (new ones will be created by the time we finish).

To give you some ideas and suggestions, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog-friendly holiday cottages and accommodations that we could find in the United Kingdom.

So, let’s not waste any more time and delve into our list:

1. The Close Hotel

In Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England, this hotel doesn’t just have an interesting name but is much more than just that.

It is a charming townhouse, and it dates all the way back to 1535. The Close Hotel has individually styled rooms and an amazing restaurant.

And yes, it is very welcoming towards dogs.

2. Keldy & Cropton Cabins

Located deep into the woods, these cabins offer excellent accommodations down to the hot tubs and an amazing surrounding area that’s great for hiking and trekking for both you and your dog.

3. Railway Cottage

If you are not just a dog owner but also a train enthusiast, chances are that you will love the Railway Cottage in Somerset.

It houses up to 6 people and is located near a steam train track.

If you are not a train enthusiast, the cottage also has a great yard with awesome scenery and the added bonus of a hot tub.

4. Raven's Retreat

For the dog owners who are looking for a shepherd’s hut in Wales, we’d recommend Raven’s Retreat.

Located near Powys, Wales, it offers a unique glamping experience with an amazing forest view. And yes, your dog is more than welcome, too.

5. Forest of Dean Cabins

Located in Gloucestershire, England, the Forest of Dean Cabins are high luxury cabins and treehouses amidst amazing woods and meadows.

You and your pup are going to have a ton of exploring to do and have a lot of fun.

6. Bagshaw Hall

Almost at the center of Bakewell, Derbyshire, England, the Bagshaw Hall is a Grand period Hall with its own private gardens and a ton of luxurious accommodations.

It will offer a rest at a gorgeous place and a lot of play and run options for your dog.

7. Old Swan & Minster Mill

Are you looking for a 600-year-old Victorian inn that can offer you and your dog excellent accommodations and food in a gorgeous area?

Well, the Old Swan & Minster Mill in Oxfordshire, England, is exactly that!

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8. Riverside at Gara Mill

Located in Devon, England, this awesome riverside chalet houses up to 4 people and their dogs.

Needless to say, the Riverside at Gara Mill has an amazing riverside view and an open forest area nearby that is great for walking and hiking with your dog.

9. Chapel Studio

For some more dog friendly holiday cottages in Somerset, England, the Chapel Studio is a great romantic couples’ retreat that will give both you, your partner, and your four-legged pal a great time.

It’s located at Mendip Hills, near Frome, and it dates back to 1836.

10. Camelot Castle Hotel

That’s right, King Arthur’s castle is open for dogs!

Brought to us by Cornwall Hotels, this amazing castle hotel has a great seaside view, perfect accommodations, and lovely open spaces for hiking, trekking, and just playtime for you and your dog.

11. Beach Cove Coastal Retreat

If you are looking for beachside dog-friendly holiday cottages instead of a forest or meadow view, the Beach Cove Coastal Retreat offers beach huts for 2.

The huts include hot tubs and are located on the idyllic coastline of Ilfracombe, Devon, England. At Beach Cove Coastal Retreat, you, your partner, and your dog can enjoy endless sand beaches.

12. Corrugated Cottage WWII

A 1940s cottage with 2 bedrooms, the Corrugated Cottage is more than welcoming for dogs and an authentic World War 2 feel, down to the Anderson air-raid shelter outside. It is located near Glastonbury.

13. Teapot Lane Glamping

Another option for luxury glamping, this time in Tawley, Country Leitrim, England, the Teapot Lane Glamping offers yurts, cottages, a treehouse, and a vintage caravan.

It also has an on-site spa and is, of course, open for your dog as well.

14. Yealm Cabin

For the seekers of a more secluded option, this traditional timber log cabin has a great countryside view and a private hot tub — the best of both worlds.

It is located near Plymouth and Dartmoor in Devon, England. Yealm Cabin sleeps up to 4 people, plus a dog or two.

15. Thorpe Forest Cabins

Treehouses and luxury cabins in a riverside forest area – it sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It is.

The Thorpe Forest Cabins in Norfolk, England, house between 2 and 10 guests and can offer an amazing experience inside the Norfolk forests to both you and your four-legged friend.

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16. Luxury Waterside Lodge

You can find this stylish lodge in Herefordshire, England.

It houses 2-4 people with their dogs and has a special waterside-decked dining area. The Luxury Waterside Lodge is also near a fishing area for the fishing enthusiasts among you.

17. Dale Farm Cabins

If you are looking for some woodland charm, the Dale Farm Cabins have a ton of it and more.

Located in North Yorkshire, England, they are not only charming but also offer great accommodations for couples and families alike. The cabins house up to 23 guests and are open for dogs as well.

18. Tinwood Estate Lodge

For the seekers of luxurious lodges with a great interior and stunning outside view, the Tinwood Estate Lodge offers exactly that.

The lodges also include a Jacuzzi, a sauna, and a view towards a gorgeous vineyard. Of course, they are also open for dogs.

19. Applegarth Villa and Restaurant

Ideal for couples, this luxury villa in the heart of Windermere, Cumbria, England, is also very welcoming towards dogs.

The Applegarth Villa and Restaurant offers great accommodations and a lot of luxury, including hot tubs.

20. Holiday Resort Unity

This holiday park has a little something for everyone. Located at Brean Sands, Somerset, England, it offers Premier Safari tents, pods yurts, lakeside cabins, Euro tents, and more.

The Holiday Resort Unity is also dog-friendly and has a ton of open spaces for you and your pooch to explore and play.

21. Air Pods

For some luxury glamping near Edinburgh, the Air Pods on the Scottish Borders in Scotland offer a fantastic getaway.

There is a hot tub, BBQ, and a ton of open space just 20 minutes away from Edinburgh. They are also more than welcome for your pooch.

22. Low Parkamoor

If you are looking for something that’s even more off the grid, the Low Parkamoor farmhouse dates back to the 16th It houses 7 sleeping guests and has a barn that can house up to 12 more.

It’s close to the east shore of Lake Coniston in the Lake District.

23. Wall Eden Farm

These luxury log cabins and glamping pods (as well as an amazing yurt) are located near Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, England.

The Wall Eden Farm offers a ton of hiking and adventure opportunities for both you and your dog. And yes, they have a hot tub as well.

24. Barnutopia

For some high-luxury glamping in Shropshire, England, Barnutopia offers glamping, camping, and a party barn for up to 120 people.

It has power, real beds, light, heating, Wi-Fi, and excellent facilities. It is located in a wonderful, open area with a lot of space and air for you and your pooch to enjoy.

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25. The Coo Shed

The Coo Shed in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, is an 18th-century stone cow shed with a hot tub!

And no, the hot tub is not from the 18th century,

Not only that, however, but The Coo Shed also has an amazing view towards the Scottish mountainside, it’s very welcoming towards dogs, and it houses up to 4 people.

26. Crabadon

The Crabadon Manor House has its origins date all the way back to medieval times.

It has over 100 acres of ground and is located in the heart of the South Hams countryside.

It houses up to 10 people and is very welcoming towards dogs.

27. Duck Hut at Church Farm

The Duck Hut at Church Farm is a gorgeously crafted shepherd’s hut that can house no more than 2 people.

It has an awesome and cute interior and its own private garden.

It is more than welcome to pets and is located 10 minutes away from Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

28. Mulino Pods

For dog owners who love pods with amazing views, the Mulino Pods might be just the thing for you.

Located on a working animal farm on the edge of the Peak district and near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England, these pods offer an amazing view and welcome dogs.

29. Storrs Hall

Located in Cumbria, England, this grade II Georgian Mansion has a luxurious old English style and is sitting right on the bank of Lake Windermere.

Storrs Hall will offer both you and your pet a great experience and a lot of outdoor space for play and activities.

30. The Old Coach House at Windsworth

Even more off the grid than most of the cottages listed here, the Old Coach House at Windsworth houses up to 8 guests and is located on the Cornish coast near Looe.

It is dog-friendly and has a great area around it that is perfect for hiking and playing.

31. Coll Storm Pods

If you want to go to the Isle of Coll, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, you can visit these awesome eco-friendly pods located amidst miles and miles of beautiful beaches.

You’ll enjoy the amazing scenery, and your pooch will enjoy running through more grass and sand than he or she has ever seen before.

32. Hop Pickers Cabin

The Hop Pickers Cabin in Worcestershire, England, is a luxury wooden cabin that houses 4 people.

It has a hot tub and a private orchard in the Teme Valley, and it shares the use of a tennis court, a games room, and a summer pool. And it is more than welcoming towards dogs, of course.

Before You Go…

Of course, the UK offers thousands of other options for dog-friendly holiday cottages, but we couldn’t possibly list them all.

If any of the amazing dog-friendly holiday cottages above capture your interest, we’d be very happy.

If not, we hope we’ve at least piqued your interest!

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Top Best Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages and Accommodation in the UK

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