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Fidobiotics Help Your Dog’s Digestive System Function Properly

Fidobiotics Help Your Dog's Digestive System Function Properly
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We love them dearly, but dogs are gross. There is no way around it. They eat garbage, old shoes, cat poop, and so many other disgusting things. We know our dog’s digestive tracts are terrifying, but probiotics are a great way to help their bellies feel better, even when they eat disgusting things that may not agree with their system. That’s just what Fidobiotics is all about.

The Wheelwright family had a very special dog, Pledge, who they adopted shortly after their youngest daughter left for college. Like many dogs, Pledge quickly became a furry child to the Wheelwrights, who wanted nothing but the best for him.

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Pledge developed knee problems when he got older and eventually had to have knee surgery. After the surgery he had to take a round of antibiotics which upset his belly. The Wheelwrights are health conscious people who took probiotics to help their own digestion, so they figured probiotics may help Pledge too.

Pledge was back to his old self in no time, and that gave the family the idea to start Fidobiotics, a company that specializes in probiotics made specifically for canines. Many other companies offer probiotics mixed in with other supplements, but that’s not how Fidobiotics does it.

Fidobiotics Help Your Dog's Digestive System Function Properly
Photo: fidobiotics.com

They are the only company that uses a high quality manufacturing process that allows their supplements to deliver beneficial microorganisms all the way to your dog’s stomach. Their products are specially engineered and guaranteed to deliver the full dosage of probiotics to your pup’s belly.

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The Wheelwrights believe that preventative health practices can lead to a better quality of life for your dog, and that’s why they started Fidobiotics. About 65% of a canine’s immune system is found in his digestive tract, and that’s why the family wanted to create a product specifically designed to help with digestion.

Right now the company has products for digestive health, oral hygiene, and anxiety; all with added probiotics. One supplement every day is enough to fortify your pet with all the healthy probiotics he needs to be fit and happy.

Their Good Guts capsules are designed to suppress the causes of your dog’s gas. They also have a Puppy Breath Crusher supplement, and their Relaxin’ Rover anxiety packet that can be sprinkled on your pet’s food. All the products not only do the job they are formulated to do, but they also provide Fido with the necessary probiotics that his digestive tract requires.

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