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The Fifth Paw Helps Owners Clean Up After Their Dog

The Fifth Paw Helps Owners Clean Up After Their Dog
Photo: youtube.com / The Fifth Paw

Every pet owner knows all too well the disgusting job of cleaning up after their pet in public areas. Not only do you have to scoop the poop, but then you’re forced to walk around holding onto it until you come to a proper receptacle or until you make it back home. Not anymore!

The Fifth Paw is a company that was created with pet owners in mind. Stephen Longo, creator of The Fifth Paw, is the proud pet parent of two Great Danes. Obviously dogs as large as Great Danes leave quite a pile of doody when they go, and cleaning up after two of them is quite a chore.

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Longo realized that juggling these bags of feces was not only unhygienic, but also unsafe. It was hard to keep a firm grip on the leash while he was constantly rearranging the bags of waste. He decided to create the Fifth Paw to make walks more safe and enjoyable for him and his entire family, including his pooches.

It is the responsibility of the dog owner to clean up after their pets, but not all owners take that task seriously. Longo hopes that his product will make doing the right thing easier and less stressful for owners that dread the task.

The Fifth Paw Helps Owners Clean Up After Their Dog
Photo: Amazon.com

With the help of The Fifth Paw, dog owners no longer have to constantly wash stinking pouches and pockets, and it has enough space for 3 or four bags of waste. Whether consumers have one dog, or a whole pack, this product will take all that dog waste off their hands, literally.

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The Fifth Paw easily attaches right to the leash with a rotating mechanism that keeps the bags from getting tangled or ripping. It fits most standard flat style leashes that are between .5-inch and 1-inch wide. You can also adjust it to fit both 1 ply and 2 ply leashes.

The device can adjust to fit anywhere on the leash, but for the best results Longo recommends attaching it closer to where you hold the leash so it is easier to clip the bags on and remove them. It works with any plastic bags, from actual dog waste disposal bags to plastic grocery bags.

Another great benefit of The Fifth Paw is that it can also be used to hold other things besides doody bags. Owners could clip house keys, treat pouches, or other small items to the device as well. The bags are available online and through local retailers. A list of retailers can be found on their website.

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