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Review: Pet Craft Supply Hide-n-Seek Dog Toys


It's important to provide your dog with a variety of toys that will pique his interest and keep him entertained. These Hide-n-Seek Dog Toys from Pet Craft Supply will provide hours of fun, as long as your dog isn't a destructive chewer.

These toys caught my eye as soon as I saw them! They come in four adorable (and funny) designs. As you'll see in the following review, I got the Pickled Chewcumbers and the Shredder Gym Bag.

Many visitors in our home have commented on these toys, and our dogs love sniffing and pawing at the toys to find the smaller squeaky toys inside. These types of toys are especially great for puppies and hyperactive dogs. Quite often a dog with excessive energy or behavior challenges is just bored from lack of mental stimulation. Providing mentally stimulating dog toys and adequate exercise may be all you need to solve the problem.

Pet Craft Supply Hide-n-Seek Dog Toys

Hide-n-Seek Dog ToysThese hide-n-seek dog toys are available in four designs:

  • Chewy Burrito
  • Pizza Mutt
  • Pickled Chewcumbers
  • Shredder Gym Bag

All of the toys have crinkle material inside, and the small hidden toys have squeakers to entice your pup. There are 3 small toys inside the larger shell. You could hide additional treats inside the shell to make the game even more stimulating.

The larger toys measure 9″ long, and the smaller toys inside measure 2″-4″ long. For this reason, I would only recommend these hide-n-seek dog toys for small and medium breeds. In my video review above, you can see my Labrador using one of our toys. She can use it, but it's difficult for her to get the smaller toys out and her snout doesn't fit into the holes very well.

I love these cute and whimsical dog toys. They would be really great to use during a photo shoot or to give as a unique gift. They are also affordable on any budget. At the time of this review, Pet Craft Supply Hide-n-Seek Dog Toys are selling for $10.79 on Amazon.

I wouldn't recommend these toys for aggressive chewers or large breeds. If you're looking for a toy for a small or medium breed that will provide entertainment and mental stimulation, I think these would be a great value for the cost.

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