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15 Useful Christmas Presents for Dogs


Looking for something unique to gift your dog this year for Christmas? Then you’re in luck because today we’re talking about some of the most original Christmas presents for dogs and where you can get them. What? You weren't thinking about getting Christmas presents for dogs?!

The Most Original Christmas Presents for DogsDogs are man's best friend, and we should treat them as such. They can sense all of the excitement around the holiday season, and giving them a gift will make them fee like they're part of the festivities.

You don't need to go overboard with Christmas presents for dogs, either. Many of the gifts on this list are affordable for pet owners on any budget.

Whether you're shopping for your own furry friend or another canine on your list, just think about the type of dog you're shopping for an what they're interested in. For example, an older dog may enjoy a new comfy bed while a young, energetic pup may be more interested in a fun toy than a place to sleep.

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Most Original Christmas Presents for Dogs

Christmas presents for dogs

Doggy Furniture

Furniture might be a peculiar way to describe something your dog will use, but what would you call it? Check out some of our favorite unique furniture finds for the pampered pooch in your life. They may be extravagant Christmas presents for dogs, but your pet is sure to love them!

1. A House with a Rooftop Deck

Merry Products Wood Pet HomeDoes your dog enjoy looking out of the window? Then this house with a rooftop deck (pictured above) is the perfect piece of furniture to keep them happy while you’re not home. A comfortable bed below offers a safe and cozy space while the rooftop deck serves as a lookout.

Made from cedar, the Merry Products Wood Pet Home is treated for indoor and outdoor use. Measuring 21″ x 29″ x 26″, this build is best for small dogs and can be taken apart for cleaning. The price tag on this house is a reasonable $69.99 with free shipping.


Christmas presents for dogs

2. Deluxe Crate

For some pups, a crate is a necessity, but isn’t it about time that you upgraded that plain metal cage for something a little more tasteful? Made from solid wood, this crate is sturdy and roomy and can be upgraded with any number of add-ons.

This handmade deluxe crate is constructed in Florida and is made to order. Available in sizes small to extra-large, Artsy Reclaimed offers various finishes and designs on these unique hideaways. The price tag on this design begins at $700 and shipping is around $200, but if you live near Sarasota, you can pick it up yourself. Pricey? Sure, but doesn’t your pup deserve more than a metal cage?


Handmade Raised Feeder

3. Handmade Raised Feeder

An elevated dog feeder is perfect for older pups with arthritis and this handmade cottage chic piece is in a class of its own. With a delicate flourish and vintage white paint, this elevated wooden feeder holds two 2-quart stainless steel bowls.

Measuring 12 tall x 20 long x 10 wide, this feeder is made from solid wood and is handmade to order. A waterproof finish protects from water damage and if this design doesn’t appeal, don’t worry, there’s plenty of variety from this ETSY seller.

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Dog Toys

Every dog enjoys a good toy, and we’ve scoured through thousands to bring you some of our favorite original toys to give as Christmas presents for dogs.

4. Tito’s Taco

Do you start feeling bad when you indulge in Taco Tuesday and leave your dog out in the cold? Well, feel bad no more because this Christmas you can give them their very own taco! Okay, it’s a plush taco from the Bark Shop, but it’s still a taco!

This plush taco comes with all the trimmings Velcroed inside and is a good choice for small to medium sized dogs. The taco measures 6” x 4” and carries a $14 price tag.


Pet Qwerks Babble Ball

5. Pet Qwerks Babble Ball

The Pet Qwerks Babble Ball isn’t a well-publicized toy or a toy for those of you who like to keep the house quiet, but it’s a winner among dogs! A hard plastic ball, the Babble Ball comes in a few different varieties, one that says phrases and one that makes animal noises.

Each time your pet rolls or bats the ball across the floor, it will come out with a phrase that encourages them to chase it! The only drawback? The ball can’t tell the difference between your pet playing with it or you kicking it in the middle of the night when you go to fetch a glass of water.

The Babble Ball comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large and ranges in size from 2.125” to 3.125”. Expect to pay around $5.50 for one Babble Ball or pick up a couple on DoggyLoot on sale.


Moody Pet Humunga Tongue Junior Toy

6. Moody Pet Humunga Tongue Junior Toy

It’s not a new toy on the market, but the Humunga Tongue toy continue to amuse pet owners and their pets worldwide. Designed for games of fetch, the Humunga Tongue is made from non-toxic natural rubber and bounces like a ball. Then you have to try to keep a straight face as your dog comes lumbering back with a huge red tongue lolling out of their mouth.

Available in a variety of sizes depending on the size of your dog, you can even compliment this toy with a matching Humunga Stache toy. The price tag on this toy is a breezy $13.78 and shipping is free!


Dog Beds

Dog beds…I can’t tell you how many dog beds I’ve bought in my lifetime, but rest assured, it’s too many! That said, I might be tempted to buy one of these top dog as one of the Christmas presents for dogs that are on my shopping list.

7. The Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Wine Barrel Dog BedLove wine and your dog? Then this wine barrel dog bed is made for you…well, not YOU, but your dog. Made from a reclaimed wine barrel, this bed is handcrafted in Texas and had a unique wood grain pattern on each bed. Great for dogs that like to nest or need a little more security, these beds are an art piece as well as functional piece of furniture.

The wine barrel dog bed (pictured above) measures 12 inches tall, 26 inches wide at the top and tapers down to 24 inches wide at the base. It comes with a 24” round bed in the base making it a good choice for small to medium dogs. You have the choice of stain colors and whether to engrave your dog’s bed when you purchase. This bed comes with a price tag of $375.


Christmas presents for dog

8. Canopy Dog Bed

Are you looking for a bed that’s just right for your pampered pooch? Then this handmade fourposter canopy bed is a great option! Draped in red and white fabric, this canopy dog bed has lace top and bottom canopies, four legs to keep the bed off the floor, and a fabric top.

This canopy bed measures 27 1/2” Tall X 21 1/2” Wide X 24” Deep and a great choice for the spoiled little dog in your life. The price tag on this custom-made piece is $400 and shipping will tack on another $199 or so depending where you are located.


9. Teepee Dog Bed

Dog teepees are all the rage and you certainly don’t want your dog left out of this years most wanted dog bed craze! These are one of the hottest Christmas presents for dogs, and we've picked one of the best options available. A snug little hideaway, a teepee gives your pup a place to retreat to and hide all those treasures where you can’t find them.

Made from cotton canvas and eucalyptus hardwood, this durable teepee folds up easily and can be stashed anywhere. Available in medium and large, this teepee dog bed offers up to 39.96 square feet of sleeping space. The price tag on this one starts at $65.99.


Doggy Edibles

Dogs and food go together like… well, dogs and food! Check out these unusual and tasty snacks that make the best Christmas presents for dogs. These options are much more affordable than many of the other gift ideas on our list.

10. Ostrich Jerky

Whether you have a dog who is sensitive to certain proteins or are just looking for something new, ostrich jerky is a great choice! Hormone and antibiotic free, this jerky (pictured above) is made from humanely raised ostrich that were bred, born, raised, and butchered in Idaho.

With nothing but lean ostrich meat, American Ostrich Farms brand jerky is sustainable, low calorie, and fresh! A 4-ounce bag will set you back $12.95 but includes free shipping.


Dog Bark Naturals Roo Bark

11. Roo Bark

If ostrich doesn’t sound appealing, why not try a little Roo Bark? You guessed it, Roo Bark is made from kangaroo! With just one ingredient, Roo Bark is hypoallergenic and made with no additives or preservatives or by-products. Best of all, Roo Bark from Dog Bark Naturals is human grade meat, so you can be sure your dog is getting the best of the best.

A 4-ounce bag of Roo Bark from Dog Bark Naturals comes with a price tag of $11.99 with free shipping. Plus, buying from this brand will send a portion of the profits to dogs in need!


Awesome Possum Treats

12. Awesome Possum Treats

Looking for something even more unusual than ostrich and kangaroo? How about brushtail possum? A unique protein that’s great for your dog’s skin and coat, possum is perfect for allergy dogs and great for the New Zealand environment. Made in New Zealand, Awesome Possum Treats conserve native plant life by reducing the population of the pest species, brushtail possum.

Just keep in mind, this isn’t the same kind of possum found in your backyard! These grain-free treats are all natural and don’t have any ingredients from China. You can snag an 8-ounce bag of Awesome Possum treats for $22.36 with free shipping.


The Unusual Doggy Stuff

There really isn’t a category to put these unique and unusual Christmas presents for dogs, but if your pup is a little different, he might enjoy one of these gift ideas this year. These would also make great gifts for the pet owner who has everything.

13. The Pet Peek

The Pet PeekDesigned to fit into backyard fences, the Pet Peek gives your pup a sense of freedom despite being confined to your yard. Whether they want to watch the world go by or pretend they’re a spaceman, the Pet Peek can make their fantasies come true.

The Pet Peek measures 9 ½” in diameter and comes with everything you need to install the window into your fence. It’s made from durable acrylic and comes with a price tag of $38.99.


Scooby Shack Dog Camper

14. A Canine Camper

If you’re really looking to spoil your pooch, why not invest in their very own camper? Handmade in Colorado, these campers can be made to size, have color changing porch lights, recessed bowls, and a carpeted floor. Even the sides of the camper can be painted to a theme that matches your pup.

This canine camper isn’t DOT approved, so you can’t take it on the road (please tell me you weren’t considering it), but you can get a bike attachment fitted if you like. Sizes of the Scooby Shack Canine Camper vary depending on your needs, but the one pictured above is 40″L x 22″W x 27″H and comes with a price tag of $550 plus $250 shipping.


CleverPet Hub

15. CleverPet Hub

Is your dog secretly a genius? The CleverPet Hub is designed by neuroscientists and intended to keep your pup’s brain stimulated. Rewarding your dog with their normal everyday kibble, the CleverPet Hub asks your dog to solve interactive puzzles that adjust based on your dog’s skill level. Successfully solve the puzzle and your dog gets their kibble reward. It's stimulating for the dog's brain like many other interactive toys, just for a much steeper price tag.

The CleverPet Hub is a new to the market product and perfect for the easily bored dog or dog who inhales their food. The price tag on this new gadget is $299.99 and it comes with free shipping.

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