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Homeless Veteran Creates a Hands Free Way to Walk Your Dog

Homeless Veteran Creates a Hands Free Way to Walk Your Dog
Photo: Liz Rizzo-Dubois

A Navy veteran named Bill Feldman was tired of his dog pulling on his leash every time the pair went for a walk. It made Feldman nervous to take his canine companion, Henry on walks because he had gotten loose multiple times and had almost gotten himself lost on more than one occasion. Feldman has now created a hands free way to walk your dog without ever having to fear him pulling on the leash again.

The Liberty Wristband was created after Feldman got tired of wrapping Henry’s leash around his wrist and having one hand constantly full whenever they went for a walk. He used his experience in the Navy to come up with an idea to fix his problem. He sewed a snap shackle onto a sailing glove to make the first Liberty Wristband prototype.

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Now the Liberty Wristband has evolved into an easy to use, comfortable wristband that is equipped with a quick release latch that holds your dog’s leash securely, and allows the dog owner to release the leash swiftly if need be. It allows anyone walking their dog to have both hands free and be able to enjoy their walk without the constant pull of their dog tugging on the leash.

Homeless Veteran Creates a Hands Free Way to Walk Your Dog
Photo: libertywristband.com

Feldman is asking other dog lovers to support his idea on Indiegogo, a crowd-funding site similar to Kickstarter. His product isn’t just for recreational dog walkers either. He believes it will be a huge help to veterans and people with disabilities that want to walk their dog, but have a hard time handling them on a leash.

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Production of the device has been very expensive, and Feldman says he is now homeless and hoping that his invention takes off quickly. He says that representatives from the hit ABC show Shark Tank have asked him to apply, but he has yet to do so. He is so sure of his product that he feels he needs to do whatever it takes to make it work.

Interestingly, the Liberty Wristband’s sister company is literally a sister company. Feldman’s sister owns the company that makes Walk-E-Woo leashes. She has been making dog products since 2002 when she was unable to find affordable dog collars and leashes that were stylish and unique. Feldman’s sister, Wendy Jones, began sewing collars by hand and selling them in local boutiques around Denver, Colorado.

Now Jones has paired with Feldman to help him earn the funding he needs to make his dream a reality. Walk-E-Woo leashes work perfectly with the Liberty Wristband and she has agreed to give her products away to backers of her brother’s business venture. The brother-sister duo is hoping the Liberty Wristband will be available to consumers later this year.

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