Seeing Siberian Huskies in summer may look counterintuitive–I mean, they're Huskies! Aren't they supposed to be up in the north, happily rolling around 3 feet of snow?

How can they tolerate playing outside in the hot weather, especially with that thick coat of fur?

If you had the same questions as I did before writing this article, you'd be surprised too as I was.

Because apparently, Huskies have exceptional temperature tolerance! But don't get too excited ‘coz that doesn't mean they can always be under the sun.

Let me share with you what I learned on how to keep huskies cool in summer and how to make sure that the warm climate ain't getting the best of our cool huskies.


Huskies in Summer: How Much Heat is Okay?

Siberian Huskies are historically and genetically built for cold weather. It's literally in their name–they're from Siberia aka one of the coldest geographical regions in Asia.

But depending on their exposure, they can actually tolerate heat quite well.

If you're living in the warmer parts of the country (I'm looking at you, Florida!), chances are, your husky has learned to adapt to the warm environment too.

And if you want to talk about numbers, well, experts say most huskies in the country can go by just fine around 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18-23 degree Celsius).

Anything more than that, they'd definitely need our assistance!

How do Huskies deal with Summer?

Well, thank their coat for that!

As thick as a husky's coat appears to be, they're actually responsible for your dog's heat tolerance.

Siberian Huskies have two coats–the undercoat and the topcoat. Apart from making them look fluffy and cuddly, these coats also act as their insulators (and are responsible for why they shed a ton!)

Their topcoat is responsible for protecting them from the current weather–whether it be from the UV rays of the sun, rainwater, or the harsh winter wind. The topcoat also supports the moving air to cool off their skins.

The undercoat, on the other hand, is like the T-shirt underneath their topcoat. Whatever heat their topcoat absorbs, the undercoat further insulates it.

So however hot you think they look like, never, ever cut or shave those coats!

What happens if my Husky got too hot?

If your cool husky got too hot, they get overheated and dehydrated. In extreme cases, they may pass out and experience Canine Hyperthermia.

Canine Hyperthermia, also known as heat stroke or heat exhaustion, happens when your dog's internal temperature reaches a dangerous level.

As with humans, heat stroke in dogs can be fatal. And as long as the weather's too hot, it can happen any time of the day.

Luckily, there are early signs that you can check to prevent the possible overheating and dehydration of your dogs as soon as it happens. Look out for these signs:

  • Extreme panting
  • Thick saliva
  • Bright pink/red gums or tongue
  • Dry nose
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness/ Stumbling around
  • Sunken dry eyes
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Disorientation

As soon as you see any of these indicators, make sure to immediately help your huskies rest and cool down.

How can I help my overheated and dehydrated Husky?Dehydrated-husky-in-summer

Thankfully, first aid is available for overheated and dehydrated Husky.

Once you spot that your dog may be suffering from too much heat, the next best thing to do is lay them down in a cool spot.

Pour cool water on them to help them lower their temperature. Note, however, that it should be cool water, and not cold (especially ice cold!) We don't want their bodies to go into shock from being too hot to suddenly being too cold.

Pay extra attention to wetting their ears and paws to help reduce their internal heat. Allow them to dry in front of a fan until their body temperature goes back to normal at 101-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (38-39 degrees Celsius)

And while they're cooling down, let them sip cool water (again, not cold or ice-cold!)

After a couple of minutes or hours, they may look like they're recovering. But don't get too relieved yet!

Have them checked by your vet to make sure that no complications actually happened because of their heat exhaustion.

Now, in case of severe symptoms, vomiting, seizure, or fainting, go to the vet hospital immediately!

As they say in medicine, prevention is always better than cure. It's still best to prevent this life-threatening emergency for our beloved pets.

So the question remains… how can I prevent my Husky from getting too overheated?

Ways to Help our Huskies in Summer

Essentially, we are just like our pet Huskies.

What's too hot for us will definitely be too hot for them, too. But what's cool and refreshing for us is also the same for them!

That's why it shouldn't be too complicated to assist our dogs in warmer climates.

Here are the best ways we can help our Huskies beat the summer heat.

1. Provide plenty of water

There's nothing like gulping down ice-cold water on a hot, summer day. It's the easiest thing we can do to cool down!

And the same goes for our fur babies.

Always make sure that there's available fresh water around the house or during your outdoor walks to keep them from being dehydrated.

Drink your water, bud!

2. Avoid the midday sun

Of course, Huskies need exercise. They're built for physical activities, after all.

But don't let them play outside during the hottest times of the day. It's best to walk them out before sunrise or after sunset. In fact, let them exercise indoors if possible!

If it can't be helped, just don't let them walk on hot surfaces because those paws are extremely sensitive, especially to heat.

One effective way of checking if the concrete is too hot is by placing your hand on the ground. If it's uncomfortably hot for your palm, then it's definitely too hot for their precious paws!

3. Create a cool and shady place

During the hot season, it can still be too warm even indoors. So make sure that your Husky has a cool and shady place to chill out in the house!

If you have a backyard, make sure that there are enough shady spots for them to hang around. Also, keeping cooling pads inside the house will help your Huskies rest a bit more comfortably.

But if you want to take it up a notch, why not have a cool room, instead? It could be just anywhere inside the house where you can keep the AC running during the hottest times of the day.

If AC may seem a bit too much, a couple of strong fans can do the trick too. Trust me, your Husky will definitely thank you for this.

4. Give them ice-cold treats

Nothing beats eating popsicles during summer!

During this hot weather, you can replace your dog's usual snacks with frozen dog treats to help them cool down inside and out.

You can just make a quick run to the grocery or if you can, why not make them yourself?

They'll surely love this classic peanut butter and banana frozen treat that's just a breeze to make. Or if they prefer meat, then this frozen cheeseburger treat will surely be a hit!


5. Have a puppy pool bath

Another refreshing and fun way to cool down your dogs is to have them splash in their own puppy pool.

You can set it up in your own bathtub. Or if you have plenty of space outside (‘coz they'll surely gonna do the zoomies while soaking wet!), why not invest in an inflatable or foldable puppy pool?

Bonus points too if you can fill it with ice!

A nearby lake or a dog-friendly public pool will work too, just anywhere they can happily soak and shake that heat off.

6. Never leave them in a car

This is a no-brainer.

There's not a reasonable explanation on why dogs should be left alone inside the car, especially one that's locked with engines off!

And this doesn't only apply during summer time. Do you know how hot it could get inside the car? Experts say up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit just in an hour (and that's on top of the temperature outside!)

So if you're planning to bring your dog for a car ride where they would have to be left alone even just for a couple of minutes, just do them a favor and leave them at home.

7. Don't shave their fur

As mentioned earlier, a Husky's double-coat fur is their natural insulator.

I know how it looks hot and itchy for us (‘coz it's fur, after all, and a thick one at that!) and that makes it tempting to shave it off, thinking we are helping them.

But we are not!

Shaving those furs could be more dangerous for them than helpful because it will make them prone to sunburn and to heat stroke.

If you feel the need to groom them, just brush their coats regularly. It helps reduce their shedding and makes them look better.


Huskies in Summer: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Huskies okay in the summer?

The simplest and straightforward answer is… Yes!

Huskies are a very adaptable breed. They can do well in different climates and temperatures.

They will especially do well during summertime if they have lived all their life in a generally warmer place.

But this doesn't mean they can sunbathe all summer day long.

Just like any other dogs (and humans too!) they can get dehydrated or overheated from too much exposure. Worst, they can experience Canine Hyperthermia (aka heatstroke or heat exhaustion).

Should I walk my Husky in the summer?

Sure, why not?

Huskies need their daily exercise so walking them during summer should be okay.

However, you have to take several precautions to make sure that your daily walks won't lead to something dangerous for your dog.

Schedule your daily walks early in the morning or in the evening, when the day isn't too hot outside!

Or if you have the space in your backyard (one that's shaded), just play fetch with your Husky to give them that daily dose of physical activity that they need even during warm weather.

What do you do with a Husky in the summer?

You'd be surprised because there are still a lot of summer activities you can do with your Husky during summertime!

Just make sure that these activities will keep them refreshed and active at the same time.

Swimming could be one activity you enjoy with them. If the lakes or dog-friendly public pools are too far, you can set up your Husky's own puppy pool!

You can even add in crushed ice as a bonus.

And if your Husky has been a good boy (which I'm sure he is!), give him frozen treats and he'll surely ask for some more!

But whatever you guys do, just make sure you both are properly hydrated especially during the hot weather.

Should I shave my Husky in the summer?

No, definitely not!

However you think hot your Husky is underneath that thick double-coat fur, don't ever shave them or even trim them.

Your husky's coat is actually their natural protection against extreme climates–be it too cold or too hot outside.

Their topcoat helps them filter the harmful UV rays from the sun and somehow cushion the extreme heat before it reaches their undercoat.

So if you can't even imagine wearing fur in the summer, just let your Huskies wear theirs!

Huskies in Summer – Summary

Taking care of Huskies in summer may be quite worrisome when the warmer climate is too much to handle even for us.

But don't worry because Huskies are quite adaptable and are good with their temperature tolerance.

I hope the easy summer care tips for your Husky that we listed above helps keep you and your fur baby cool in this hot weather.

Try to follow them all, because I'm pretty sure you will also enjoy yourself doing these activities with your Husky!

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